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Las Iguanas Latin Restaurant (Birmingham)

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2 Reviews

Address: Arcadian Centre / 70 Hurst Street / Digbeth / Birmingham / B5 4TD / England

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    2 Reviews
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      17.04.2009 11:28
      Very helpful



      great food and atmosphere

      Las Iguanas is a chain of Latin restaurants across the country. They dont have an outlet in every town just some of the bigger towns and cities. They serve a range of food all in a latin style and some lovely cocktails.

      Very bright and colourful. Usually large and open. They are usually city centre so parking is limited. I have to say i enjoyed my experience of this restaurant. The atmosphere was good - and it was only a sun night. I would really like to revisit on a sat or sun night.

      All our table enjoyed their starters and mains. I would personally recommend the chimmichangers which were lovely. Food was averagely priced and very reasonable for the standard recieved.

      Great cocktails on 2 4 1 some nights (not fri/sat) I can recommend the tequila sunrises which are beautiful. You can buy drinks by the glass or pitcher, both types are buy one get one free.

      Very young and friendly. In our experience they could give good information about the food and took the order without writing anything down! (it was all correct when it arrived aswell!)

      A great restaurant if you like latin food. I would definately return as a group on a fri or sat night when i think it will be even more lively.


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        27.08.2008 20:09
        Very helpful



        A yummy place to eat, I'm a fan!!

        I was very fortunate recently to meet a nice guy (well I thought he was nice at the time but it didn't work out cos he was MARRIED GRRRRRR) but on our date I was whisked away to Birmingham and one of the things we did while we were there of course was eat out (needs must and all that lol)

        We actually stayed in the Arcadia Apartments and Arcadia is the name of the area we stayed in Birmingham right opposite the Hipprodrome cos we went there as well to see The Mary Poppins Musical but that's another review! So we never roamed far from the area as we never had to as it had everything on offer lol

        The Vital Details....

        Las Iguanas
        Arcadian Centre
        Hurst Street
        B5 4td
        Can't find a phone number but there is a website LasIguanas.co.uk

        Where Las Iguanas is situated there are bars and other restaurants such as Chinese, Indian and bars that serve food. The bars are really chilled and trendy and the area is somewhere where the over 30s, trendy rich people seem to want to be seen in. It's quite lively with it's late night bars and Arcadia is on two levels, this restaurant is on the top level. It's all open and outdoors and not unlike a shopping centre in appearance. If you know the mailbox area it's similar to that in style and that area is 5 minutes away from this one.

        It's a very attractive area with lots of water features and the place isn't that big but has lots crammed into it. Your five minutes away from New Street Station by foot and if you come out of Arcadia then your on a main road where you are greeted with more ordinary traditional pubs and cafes and of course Selfridges and the bull ring etc. It's a really great location and I loved it there.

        We didn't know what to eat but me and my date both have fairly exotic tastes and like to be experimental. We were going to go to the Italian but by the time we came out the theatre it was closed so we walked into Las Iguanas at gone 10pm to ask if they were still serving food and I was surprised they still were! Personally I thought it was gonna be a kebab night lol

        The Restaurant....

        Big yellow building with some outside seating, chairs and tables under huge brollies and lots of greenery giving a private and intimate look.

        Once inside it's dimly lit but well lit enough to see it really was quite swish in a contemporary way. Windows to the front and lots of them draped with coloured voile to give a bit of privacy and this is where we sat. Lots of tables in different sizes and chairs in light wood and around the edges dark burgundy built in sofas. Lots of greenery and interesting pictures on the walls against bright yellow painted walls gives this a really Latin American feel to the proceedings!

        The bar as you walk in is fully stocked with every drink imaginable and behind that there is like an island where they prepare the coffees and teas and things if you want them.

        When we arrived the place was very busy and had a nice vibe and Latin music played in the background giving a nice relaxed feel to the place. We didn't have to wait for a table more than 2 minutes but it shows the place really does some trade as this restaurant can seat 160 people a time and our table had to be set up for us! There is no dress code for the place but I would say dress smart everyone else did but you had a mix of families (kid friendly restaurant), couples and people going nightclubbing and people like us wanting a bite to eat after a theatre performance so no one was in there in their scruffs! lol Booking is advisable if making a special effort to come here I would think just to make sure they have room for you.

        We were greeted as soon as we arrived and almost immediately seated (as I said) and presented with huge menus. Not conventional ones. No these really impressed me they were huge paper ones! The selection of food was amazing and really confused me! Starters, things to share, mains, side orders, desserts, coffees and cocktails I didn't know where to look and it took me ages to decide on what to have. Luckily my date was patient lol Our waitress was very pleasant and I clocked that all the staff were dressed in black and looked very clean and tidy and mostly European. We were asked if it was a special occasion for either of us of course it wasn't but I have a feeling we should have said yes lol So no idea what that what about lol

        We weren't rushed by the staff, they actually left us till we put menus down which again impressed me because it was getting late and most places would want you to eat up and get out but we never felt that at all and I felt very comfortable there but was enjoying the company (at the time lol) .

        We chose a main meal and side dishes but there were alot of starters to choose from such as Peri-peri chicken which is crisp cassava coated chicken with Brazilian-style hot garlic, chilli & lemon sauce (£4.80), Pato taquito which is char-grilled tortilla filled with shredded duck & caramelised onion with sweet chilli jam (£4.90), Seviche which is yellowfin tuna & crayfish marinated with fresh mango, citrus juices, red chillies, diced cucumber & baby plum tomatoes with chicory & sweet shredded romaine (£5.00), Quesadilla which is char-grilled tortilla filled with portobello mushroom & melted brie, with homemade tomato, garlic & coriander salsa (£4.20) and there are lots more to choose from but you can get the general idea of the selection.

        For mains Sirloin steak from the Argentinean 'palidini'(simply seasoned & flame grilled served with cassava fries, salad baby plum tomatoes & argentinean pesto or peri-peri sauces,(13.00), Seabass, char-grilled & drizzled with lemon & basil oil (£13.50),Chicken enchilada which is a filled, rolled tortilla smothered in red chilli sauce, melted cheese & soured cream, with rice & refried beans, (£8.50), Roast butternut squash, zucchini & cheese chimichanga which is a crisp tortilla parcel served with salsa, soured cream, Guacamole, rice & crisp salad) (£7.90) again lots more to choose from and then there are desserts Aztec chocolate fudge cake (£4.50) Spiced orange cheesecake with mango & cachaça sauce £4.20 and more.

        I went for chicken Fajitas which were about £13.00 and my date had some kind of Argentinian lamb dish that came on a bed of rice. We ordered curly fries type things that came with a sour cream dip and some breads. Forgive me not knowing full names of what we had I also had a cocktail and had drank wine through out the date so was a bit sozzled and high from going to the theatre lol

        When the food came out I looked and though hmm not a lot of food there really. We hadn't eaten all day apart from some olives in bar earlier. However I'm a pig and I was heaving to the point of feeling rather ill when I'd eaten and was so relieved we never had starters or a dessert or anything and that was with giving my date one of my fajitas lol.

        My fajitas came as a do it your self job. On a skillet came my chicken with all the vegetables and then I had my pancake roll type things (4 of them) in a steamer then I had a plate of cheese, and pots of jalapeno peppers, sour cream, salsa and rolled me own. Wow they were delicious, really great. Hot sauce was on the table but I warn you there's nothing big and clever bout eating that at all I nearly took me tongue out me head with just a lick! The fries were seasoned well and served with a nice dip and the bread was yummy too and I think that was 'homemade'. I tried some of my dates lamb and his meal was lovely, the meat was tender, nice sauce it really was a gorgeous meal but as I say far too much food my belly hurt after! A waitress only came over once to check we were ok which course we were and tidied us up a bit as we went along because we had so many plates emptied and that but she was unobtrusive and very pleasant and had also helped me choose my meal when I couldn't pick between two dishes.

        We had a cocktail off the list each both were around £5.00 each and again I don't remember the names but I had a cream Bailey's one and my date went for a rum based one and both came out in nice glasses and were yummy. At the end of our meal we had a nice coffee and needed a lie down! No complaints at all. The food was hot and the drinks were cold (apart from the coffee of course lol)

        The Toilets....

        Men's, women's and I'm sure there was a disabled loo as well but if interested in going that needs to be checked and I cant find out that information anywhere. The loos were simply white and very clean and fresh. Nothing special about them but plenty of them and what was nice is they were clearly labelled so I didn't have to find staff and ask for them where they were. The restaurant being all on one level I'm sure is fine for disabled customers.

        The drawback...

        For smokers there is no designated area so your stuck outside the restaurant in the cold between a lot of pot plants like a living gnome. It's ok unless it's about 12pm and your wearing a dress and your stood like a muppet being leered at. Another problem with the area is that as it's quite affluent so you do get a lot of beggars asking for change. I was stood outside the restaurant having said fag when a guy came up and asked me for money but I didn't have my bag with me so I said no when a security guard came up to me soon as the beggar left me and asked me if he was asking for money to which I replied yes and they caught him and then god knows what happened lol So I'd say ladies watch ya bags just in case.

        The price....

        I didn't pick up the tab but I guess about £50.00 for the two of us which is rather pricey for a main meal each, 2 side dishes and a cocktail and a coffee but is it worth it as everything was perfect and the service was great, it was a pleasure to eat there...


        Although the restaurant is rather large I was rather keen on my date so therefore it felt intimate and special. The music was nice and not too loud, the food was amazing and the service was great, friendly and helpful. I can only say good things about this restaurant. I was surprised when looking for the address to this place that this is actually a chain of restaurants which again surprised me as it just didn't have that type of feel to the place.

        I would recommend this place for parties of people and people who want to go to an area that has it all. It is cheaper at lunchtimes and early evenings with mostly different to the a la carte menu being offered but it is £6.50 a main or two courses for £7.50 which I can only think looking at the menu choices is a fantastic deal. It isn't cheap food like burgers it's still authentic and has fish on there etc. I like the fact that they they provide allergy friendly dishes, all food is wheat and gluten free and they have an extensive vegetarian menu and wine list and kids are well catered for too it seems everyone is welcome (there is a kids menu in the daytime). This is a Latin restaurant with a difference! It's excellent! Oh and the restaurant accepts all major credit cards and there is a car park behind the place. What more could you want???

        Opening times...

        Mon - Thurs: 12.00pm - 11.00pm
        Fri & Sat: 12.00pm - 11:30pm
        Sun 12.00pm - 10:30pm


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