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Latini's (Peterborough)

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Address: 36 New Road / Northminster / Peterborough PE1 1FJ / England

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    1 Review
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      04.02.2009 22:23
      Very helpful



      When you want something different, go to Latini's

      Latini's is a South American restaurant found on New Road in Peterborough. To the locals, it's behind the passport office, under the new hotel, opposite Chicago Rock.

      Now I say South American on purpose. It is NOT Mexican. It has dishes from all over the region and wines from the region as well. Oh yeah, and a fab cocktail list!

      I've been three times now. Valentine's last year was the first, and I was apprehensive. I'm not someone who's happy having their mouth set alite, and wasn't sure I'd find something on the 'special' menu to fit my tastes. I needed have worried. The Valentine's menu even included a cocktail course!

      The second time we visited, was just a normal saturday night. No special occasion, no special menu, but still it turned out to be a wonderfu evening. The staff are friendly, and seem to have an uncanny knack for knowing when to stay away.

      The latest visit was for New Years Eve. We took my parents. Now it's fair to say, Mother is not the most adventurous eater out there, but she was more than happy with the choice and her wraps. She was also rather taken with the big chips! Father had what sounded like a lovely burger, although he said it wasn't that special.

      Now, I should say that normally I can eat. However, I had that awful cold/flu thing that was going around, and really struggled! I had the BBQ steak wraps, and could only manage one (out of two) and not even half of my big chips (not that they got wasted, between Mother and my bloke)
      I can say, that the food I did manage was delicious. The presentation was great. The meat for the wraps came sizzling on a hot dish. the chips came in a seperate dish, the wraps and the accompaniments were on yet another. It was good because you got to make your wraps exactly as you wanted them. If you didnt want cheese, you didnt put it in. If you wanted onions or tomatos, you added them. You get the idea.

      I can't really give you an idea on the value for money side, as my bloke has a habit of having a bottle of wine, so i dont actually know what the bill would've been for the food! (I was ill remember)

      My overall summary of Latini's would be a great place to go when you fancy something different.


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    Latin South American menu.

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