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Maedah Grill Restaurant (London)

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2 Reviews

42 Fieldgate street, London, E1 1ES, Tel: 08717032740

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    2 Reviews
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      24.01.2011 23:43
      Very helpful



      A treat to visit!

      Last weekend to celebrate the birthday of a family member we had a meal at Maedah Grill in Aldgate, East London. The restaurant boasts the finest Turkish cuisine and having enjoyed a previous visit this seemed like a good choice.

      **Getting Seated**

      When we arrived we hadn't quite bargained on how popular this place is! We chose to visit on a Saturday evening, which is probably their busiest night! On arrival we were greeted by a staff member who explained that all the tables were currently in use and that we would have to wait around 15 minutes to be seated. He took our names and wrote it down behind a long list of other people!

      We were seated in the waiting area, which was actually quite pleasant with a couple of sofas so the wait was not too uncomfortable. In hindsight though we probably should have thought about booking a table and this is something I will bear in mind when visiting again. We were also kept informed on roughly how long we would have to wait which was useful. Meanwhile in the waiting area there was a large menu stand on display, which allowed us to decide which dishes to go for.

      **Getting into the restaurant**

      After waiting just over 10 minutes we were taken into the main restaurant and seated at a table for four. The waiter was polite and greeted us before bringing over the menus for us to browse through. I'd already decided what I wanted but the others needed a few more minutes to pore over the menu. The waiter politely gave us a few more minutes and given how busy they were we were not made to feel rushed in choosing our selection.

      Once we'd decided we called the waiter over and he diligently took our order. We had a question about one of the selections and he answered this with no problem at all. It was nice to see that the waiting staff were knowledgeable about the dishes being served.

      **The food **

      The menu has a wide selection of Turkish and Mediterranean style dishes. Although it is primarily a grill and so focuses on meat based dishes there is an interesting and varied range for vegetarians too. The restaurant serves only halal meat, which as a muslim was an important factor, and reassuringly it is approved by the Halal Monitoring Committee. The restaurant does not serve alcohol but has a range of interesting mocktails, juices and milkshakes. We decided to skip starters and head straight for the main course.

      I ordered the Maedah Special Sarma Kebab with lamb, which consists of a garlic lamb kebab wrapped in lavash bread (Turkish flat bread) on a bed of tomato sauce and creamy yogurt. My sister ordered the same but with chicken. One of the other diners ordered a dish called Tavuc Sis which consists of chunks of chicken meat which has been marinated and grilled over charcoals. This comes served with a side of rice and salad. The final diner ordered a chicken shawarma which consisted of shredded chicken breast with tomato and garlic sauce served with Lavash bread and rice. In terms of drinks we ordered tap water but one of the other diners decided to try a Strawbacana mocktail, which was a medley of strawberry, pineapple and banana - basically a smoothie!

      **The ambience**

      The restaurant is tastefully designed with beautiful and intricate middle-eastern looking lanterns hanging across the ceiling. This was the main source of light so it was quite dark in there but for an evening meal this was just right. To one side of the restaurant is an open kitchen where you can see the chef prepare the meals. This, I thought was quite nice as it was interesting to see the chefs at work. There was light middle-eastern music playing in the background which added to the atmosphere but did not get in the way of holding a conversation.

      **Our meal**

      It took around 15 minutes for our meals to arrive. In the meantime we were offered Turkish bread with dips to munch on. These arrived in a basket with a red chilli dip, a white creamy dip and a selection of olives and pickled vegetables. The bread was beautifully soft and flavoursome and was delicious with the dips. I found the chilli dip a little hot but the white one was creamy and tangy and really tasty. I'm a big olive eater but was disappointed with the selection on offer, which tasted a bit old and vinegary.

      When our meals arrived we were surprised to notice how generous they were with their portions. I could immediately see that I would struggle to finish what was on my plate. My dish was presented tastefully and looked very appetising. It consisted of two long kebabs rolled in a thin layer of bread, almost like a wrap, on a bed of yogurt and tomato sauce. Taking my first bite I noticed how flavoursome the meat was, with garlic, onions and spices. On its own it was a little on the chilli side for me but the yogurt sauce was quite cooling and complemented the dish perfectly. By the time I'd got to the second roll though I was struggling to finish off and did think that perhaps we should have ordered one dish to share.

      We also sampled each others dishes. I found the chicken in the Tavuc Sis to be generous, chunky and succulent. It was nicely flavoured with a gentle blend of spices and garlic but was not too spicy. I wasn't too keen on the side order of rice though. This was just long-grain rice that had been boiled. I'm not the greatest fan of long-grained rice and I found this a bit bland. The Shawarma again was flavoured very nicely and the meat was not dry as I have found in other places that I have eaten in. As with the Tauvac Sis, I wasn't too keen on the rice and neither were the other two diners who left this on their plates. I also took a bite of the chicken version of my dish and although flavoured in exactly the same way I think I preferred the taste of the chicken version. None of us managed to finish our portions and unfortunately did not have room for desert even though the Baklava was calling out to me!

      After finishing we continued to chat and whilst our waiter could see we were finished there was no pressure on us to leave, which considering the queue still waiting to come in I was quite impressed with. When we were ready we called the waiter over to ask for our bill and asked them to pack the left-overs for us to take away. The bill came to around £45 for four of us which for the quality of the food and atmosphere I consider to be very good value. With the bill settled the waiter brought over some complimentary Turkish delight to round off our meal. It was nice to have something sweet to finish off with even though we couldn't handle desert!


      The restaurant is located on Fieldgate Street, just off Whitechapel High Street. The nearest tube stations are Aldgate East and Whitechapel both on the District and Hammersmith and City lines. Several buses also pass along the main road including the 25. We decided to drive there but as there is no dedicated car park we did have to wander around a bit to find space. As it was a weekend evening we were able to find free parking but I did notice that it was Permit holders only during the day.

      **Final Thoughts**

      Overall we had a lovely time at Maedah Grill. We were made to feel welcome and were not rushed in anyway. The food was very tasty, except for the side order of rice and the olives! In my view the portion sizes were a little too big and next time I visit I will consider sharing a dish between two people. For this reason I have taken off one star but still recommend this restaurant highly!


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        21.01.2009 15:14
        Very helpful



        Try it for the authentic Turkish taste, good-looking waiters and comfortable atmosphere

        I recently ate dinner at this restaurant with family. It was the first time any of us had eaten at Maeda Grill and I will definitely return. The food was delicious and having never eaten Turkish food before I was pleasantly surprised.

        ---The restaurant---

        The decor was nice with leather chairs and glass topped tables with tiny ornate carpets underneath. The lighting was bright and the tables were arranged in groups of four as well as long tables that seat up to 10 people and booths for groups.

        ---The bathrooms---

        You can often tell how good a restaurant is by the bathrooms! Maedah Grill's were immaculate and well lit but there were no extras such as perfume etc which you can find in some restaurants. Large mirrors to enable you to touch up your make-up. Ladies' bathroom relatively small- two stalls and two sinks.


        We had a "Maedah Mezze" as a starter. There was lots for the four of us and everything was tasty. The selection of hummous and yoghurts were served with triangles of pitta bread and olives. I regularly eat and enjoy hummous and Maedah Grill's was very tasty.

        ---Main course---

        (1) I ordered the "Maedah Pide". A Pide is basically a Turkish pizza. The base is a long thin bread and the toppings come in a variety of choices with cheese melted on top. The Maedah Pide came with a topping of chicken, minced lamb, peppers, onions, mushrooms and cheese. I love chicken, mushrooms and peppers anyway so I found this combination excellent. It was very tasty and the portion was generous, I struggled to finish it.

        (2) Diner 2 ordered a mixed shawarma which consisted of shredded chicken breast and shredded lamb with tomatoes and garlic sauce served with Lavash Bread and rice. Diner 2 substituted the rice for chips. It's not the most healthy meal as it's basically donor meat which is very fattening. I tried it and found it to be quite dry but tasted fine.

        (3) Diner 3 ordered a T-Bone Steak which consisted of a beef steak marinated in herbs and spices with comes with a choice of potatoes or steak chips, served with mixed veg and gravy. Diner 3 ordered chips which tasted good but complained that it was over salted (before it was brought to the table) and tough and chewy.

        (4) Diner 4 ordered a Lamb Steak called Kol Basti Grilled Lamb steak served with a choice of rice or steak chips and salad. Diner 4 ordered chips. Diner 4 found it difficult to cut the meat but it was seasoned well and I thought it was very succulent and juicy when I tried it.


        Very good. I can't say excellent but I give them 4/5. They were polite and friendly when serving the food and when taking our orders and very nice as we left. Very smiley and helpful but they did not go the extra mile or make much effort in terms of conversation to justify the extra mark. Overall lovely. I was told before visiting that the staff are apparently stunningly good looking- and now I've been I can assure you it's true!


        Payment was at the till, we paid cash and it was processed quickly.

        Our bill came to £50 approximately which is reasonable for London prices.

        ---Other info---

        All of the food is halal and HMC certified. The restaurant is located near East London Mosque

        ---Overall rating---


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      Fine Turkish cuisine.

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