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Man Wah House Indian Take Away (Hull)

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Address: 106 Cottingham Road / Hull / HU6 7RZ / Tel: 01482 445 605

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    1 Review
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      22.12.2009 00:10
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      The area around the University in Hull/England is a Takeaway heaven; options go from Chinese to Fish&Chips to Thai and Middle East. It's perfect for lazy students and people looking for a delicious and not too expensive dinner.
      The Man Wah House is a student's favorite as it is the closest takeaway to the student house on Auckland and Cranbrook Avenue. Prices are ok but unfortunately the food is rather bland and 'vegetables' usually means onion and nothing else.


      The Man Wah Chinese Takeaway is located in the Student quarter of Hull around Beverley Road and Newland Avenue. That's roughly 20 min by bus from the main train station and although that I do realize that not many people are going to come that long way just for 'another' Chinese takeaway you should definitely give it try if you are in that area.
      If you are from around the University area than you can consider yourself lucky, Man Wah is on Cottingham Road only 300 meters from the University itself. It's located next to an Indian Takeaway and the Sun Café - hard to miss between all the student houses.


      The Man Wah House could not be in a better location for me, it's just 3 houses down the road and as soon as I get out of my front door I can smell promising curry flavours.
      Staff there is most of the time in a rush and not very friendly which is really a shame given all the competition they have around here. A little smile here and there would not hurt anyone but hey, it's there business. However unfriendly the service might be from time to time, it is certainly quick. 5min is the usual waiting time for one or two dishes and it never took longer than 10min even when we had a rather big order. Unfortunately this quick service often means that the taste suffers and many dishes just taste as if they would have been made from the same stock mix.


      Spring rolls - the spring rolls are much overpriced with 1.50pound for two greasy packs of old veg wrapped in pastry. They actually do taste and look the same as the ones you can by at Tesco's and I am quite sure that they are not homemade. They don't really taste of much apart from grease and the sourness of pickeled vegetables you can buy in glass jars as an 'asia mix'. What really surprised me is that I did not even get sauce with the spring rolls which would have been - given the quite high price - more than justified.

      Soups - the soups come in very small tubes and are even more overpriced than the spring rolls. Although the taste is alright they are certainly nothing special, a bit bland and not worth 1.50pound.

      Main courses - I have to admit that although this is certainly not one of my favourite takeaways I went there quite frequently simply because it is so close to my house. Main courses are usually 3.60 pound including rice which is a very good price give that the portions are of a decent size. Unfortunately they all taste pretty much the same; it is almost impossible to distinguish between the different flavours. The sauces are all rather bland and very greasy with only few vegetables and not always good quality meat. Especially the beef was always very chewy and the chicken had most of the time a rather undercooked feeling.
      It is really a shame when it is impossible for the customer to distinguish between a curry and a satay dish.

      Value for money

      I don't really like this Chinese Takeaway and would not really order there again. It is definitely in a very convenient position; however you can find way better Takeaways down Newland Av. or Beverley Road. If you are familiar with the student area in Hull than have a look at my ranking: Sawasdee Thai > Chilli Red > Man Wah House.
      I found the dishes to be mainly the same and equal tasting. My guess is that one or two basic stocks are used to mix the different sauces - unfortunately with little success. Even when I and my friends ordered 3 different main courses it was hard to taste any difference.
      The ingredients seem to be ok and fresh although meat is always very chewy and I had more than once chicken that was not properly cooked. The vegetable compound of the dishes is almost exclusively onion - sometimes a few bits of green pepper are thrown into the mix but nothing worth speaking of.

      I cannot really recommend the Man Wah Takeaway and I cannot understand why it has such a high reputation here. My guess is that it's more about the location than anything else. A shame really; this is the first time that I'm practically living next to a Takeaway and now it's not even a good one.
      It is only a 04/10 for me.

      Opening Times:
      Mon - Sun: 11.30am - 1.30pm and 4.30pm - 11pm
      Tuesday and Sunday morning closed
      Open all Bank Holidays

      Man Wah House Chinese Takeaway
      106 Cottingham Road
      Tel: (01482) 445605


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