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Mansion Restaurant & Bar (Derby)

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Address: 6-7 Midland Road / Derby DE1 2SN / Tel: 01332 343 665

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    1 Review
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      06.05.2011 12:05
      Very helpful



      Smart modern European restaurant cocktail bar near the station in Derby

      Mansion Restaurant and Bar
      * 6/7 Midland Road, Derby DE1 2SN, England
      * 01332 343665
      * www.mansionderby.com

      This is a fairly new restaurant in Derby and I recently bought a Groupon deal for a Sunday Brunch Champagne breakfast for £12 a person. We bought four and took two friends along as it was the wife's birthday and we always like to do something together on our birthdays. I did explain to our guests that I had these vouchers so they were aware of the deal.

      As with all Groupon deals you phone the actual place where you will be going in order to book and then tell them the code number of the voucher. When you have four this does take a little time. I booked for about 11.30am as I thought this would be closer to lunch time and I could just about see us lasting till then without food.

      When we arrived I was very impressed with the very stylish, modern décor which was fresh and chic. The bar was shiny and black and was towards the back to the right of the restaurant. Opposite the bar on the left of the restaurant were a couple of circular banquettes and tables which is where we were shown when we first arrived. We had the breakfast deal explained to us by the waiter and were given the menus. The very charming waiter offered to take our coats and hang them in the cloakroom at the back which saved us fussing with them. At this stage we were also asked if we preferred champagne or Bucks Fizz. The drinks came pretty quickly after we had ordered them in lovely long champagne flutes looking very elegant.

      After we had been there enjoying our drink for about 10 minutes maximum we were invited to come across to the table which was with about ten other tables near the front of the restaurant. The tables were nicely laid with modern, chunky stainless steel cutlery and proper white cloth napkins. The chairs were wooden and very heavy to move backwards and forwards to get in and out of the table.

      The offer I had bought was a three course breakfast. The first course was a choice of three or four items; I think all of us chose the granola with fruit yogurt. I believe the other options were fruit, pancakes with maple syrup or porridge. The next course offered variations on the cooked breakfast theme but as I am not mad on eggs and sausages I asked if I could go for a really 'healthy' option of the pancakes as my second course and I was told this would be no problem at all. We were able to choose from a variety of teas or coffee to accompany our meal but top ups were charged extra we discovered when we ordered seconds!

      The food was very well presented in the modern style and everyone enjoyed their food. There was nothing sent back from our table. The last course was a choice of freshly cooked Danish pastries or toast with a selection of spreads or fruit salad. As there were four of us we opted for two of each choice except the healthy option which in hindsight I wish I had chosen but we shared the spoils of the other two choices. I have to admit this course did defeat us as we were pretty full from the other dishes.

      This deal should have cost £30 a head and I am not sure I would have paid that but for £12 a head it was a very good deal. We had a look at the menu that was offered for other times and it looked very nice. As much as they can they say they source their food locally. The menu had a limited selection of about five started including, soup, moules marinière, Rillette of Slow Roasted Confit duck, then two veggie options Asparagus and Artichoke Tart and Warm Goats Cheese Bruschetta . These ranged in price from £3.95 to £6.25 so reasonable prices. All side dishes were around £2 and the mains ranged from a veggie pasta bake at £9 through to a ribeye steak at about £15. Puddings looked very tasty and were around £4 each. So prices were pretty average for a nice restaurant in my opinion.

      If you are eating in the evening and the order is in the kitchen before 7pm then you get 25% discount which is a good deal for us as we don't really like to eat too late. I think we might give the evening menu a try one day but before that we have another Groupon deal and restaurant to try this Thursday!

      This restaurant in about a two minute walk from Derby station and so might get people arriving by train as customers. It is a little out of the main city centre but having said that there are a few restaurants down this end of town so it is reasonably lively at night. It did go through a fairly dingy time but it has improved in the last few years and we have been to at least six of the restaurants down this end of town.

      I would say this one is a good one and will be here for a while provided the current economic climate doesn't kill it. The service was excellent and the food freshly cooked and well presented. The restaurant was chic and will appeal to the younger bar and cocktail set.

      I did go to the toilets here and they were so clean and very modern definitely 5* toilets. We collected our coats and noticed as we walked back through the restaurant that w could leave through the back where there is a small outside eating area for when the weather is fine. We chose to go out that way as our car was parked on the street behind.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.



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