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McMonagles Fish Restaurant (Clydebank)

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Forth & Clyde Canal / Argyll Rd / Clydebank / Dunbartonshire / G81 1QA / Tel: 0141 951 1333.

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    1 Review
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      23.07.2007 13:35
      Very helpful



      A dining experience with a difference!

      On a recent shopping expedition to Clydebank with my mum and my daughter, we decided to forego the usual McDonalds crap for lunch as we all wanted something a little more filling and substantial. My mum had visited McMonagles before but only the chip shop takeaway part and she said they did lovely fish and chips. My 6 yr old daughter said Mmmmm and so it was decided that we would go there for lunch.

      McMonagles Fish Restaurant is a restaurant with a difference though; it is in the shape of a boat called the Debra Rose, situated on the Forth and Clyde Canal (although not actually floating) It is opposite Clydebank Shopping Centre and Asda…across the car park. (Argyll Rd, Clydebank. G81 1QA)

      I had a good look on the internet to try find some history behind the boat but unfortunately cannot seem to find out anything about it. All I could find out was that is a custom built ship which is moored at the canal. Sorry!

      Anyway more importantly onto the actual restaurant. I can’t comment on the chip shop takeaway as I have yet to try that.

      First impressions

      I had noticed the boat many times on previous visits to the town but had never tried it before and so was a little excited at the thought of dining aboard a ship as was my daughter. It is a large white boat called “Debra Rose” and on arrival it had a ramp leading up to the entrance, however upon entering the ship, we were faced with a rather steep flight of winding stairs so would be virtually impossible for anyone with a wheelchair or pram to navigate their way up them. I am not sure if they have lifts anywhere on board, but if you’re interested in visiting and have a mobility problem there is a phone number you can contact to ask. (0141 951 1333) The stairway was very clean with the brass look banister very bright and shiny, looking like it got polished regularly.

      On entering the actual restaurant, we were quickly approached by a smiling waitress dressed all in black asking if it was a table for 3, which we replied yes and she seated us very quickly at a vacant table. (It was just past midday when we arrived and there were already a few other diners in) The décor was very pleasing to the eye, with nicely carpeted flooring and blinds on the windows. We sat down and browsed the menu, which included the typical fish (haddock) and chips dishes, but also featured pasta and pizza dishes to my delight. After about 5mins the waitress returned to ask if we had had a chance to view the menu and as we were all a bit famished we said we had, and that we were ready to order.

      My mum ordered a Steak Pie and chips dish (£4.45) My daughter had the kids meal of Pizza (choice of 2 toppings…she chose mushroom and pineapple) and chips. Her meal also included a drink and an ice cream for only £2.95 (only £1.95 for under 5s) And I had to have Lasagne with Garlic bread. (£4.95) Now I have to tell you that my mum is a very fussy eater and tends to have a good moan whenever we go anywhere to eat that they don’t have anything she likes. My mum and I both ordered soft drinks as did my daughter but the restaurant is licensed so alcohol was available too. Our drinks were served almost immediately along with a complimentary side platter of buttered bread; my mum (the fussy one) asked if it was possible to have a slice of unbuttered bread…which was also brought out very quickly with a smile and not a hint of annoyance on the face of the waitress.

      As we sat there the restaurant seemed to fill up before our eyes, the waitresses were always efficient though and there was no sign of delay in getting to any of the customers. Our own food was served quickly but not so quick for us to think it had not been freshly cooked. My mum’s steak pie dish was huge and came with a small dish of garden peas which was a nice touch….as my mum being the mum she is doesn’t like garden peas…and so it was easy to remove them from the plate. The chips were lovely (I stole one for the sake of research ahem) Mum said the steak pie was absolutely delicious and seemed to just melt in her mouth…now this is a great compliment coming from her lol so it must have been good!

      My daughter’s pizza arrived, a 5” or so deep pan pizza with a nice scattering of her toppings and I have to say she polished off the lot of it…and also ate a good few chips and some of my mum’s peas too! Skinny little monkey she is as well grrrrr. She smacked her tomato sauce covered lips when she was finished and said Mmmmhmmmmm that was yummy…very loudly!

      My own meal arrived on a large plate with a dish of lasagne bubbling away in the middle with 2 slices of lovely garlic bread on the side (I chose not to have chips thankfully) as the lasagne was very filling, it tasted delicious too. Anyway all 3 plates were almost licked clean they were that good…with the exception of my daughter’s who couldn’t quite finish all of her chips. (The kid’s meal was huge too; probably enough for some adults although I’m not sure that would be permitted as it does say 5-13 yrs on the menu)

      Soon after we finished the waitress appeared to ask my daughter if she was ready for her ice cream, and mum and I decided at that moment to order a dessert too…in for a penny in for a pound as they say! I ordered the hot chocolate fudgecake with ice cream, and mum asked for hot apple pie with ice cream too. (£2.65 and £2.50 respectively) This arrived in record time and was to die for! The ice cream itself was a lovely rich vanilla flavour and definitely not the cheap stuff. The apple pie appeared to be homemade and my hot choc fudgecake was absolutely orgasmic lol….who needs a man when you have chocolate ladies? Haha

      Anyway we asked for our bill and rolled out of our chairs and wobbled up to the pay point at the rear (stern?) of the ship, where the waitress appeared to take my money…under £20 for a 2 course meal for 3, now that’s what I call value for money!

      The waitress even gave my daughter a lollipop for being so well behaved and she said “Thank you very much, I like it here I’ll be back” She really is quite the little madam! Lol.

      All in all I wholly recommend the restaurant as the PLAICE (groan) to go for a hearty meal and pleasant atmosphere and makes a very welcome change from all of the usual fast food places we normally go when shopping.

      I found out when looking on the internet that this is actually a “sail through” fast food place as well….similar to a drive through but for boats! What a novel idea? It has a hatch over the water for passing boats to stop and order their fish and chips from. Sheer brilliance!

      Marks out of ten for this restaurant an amazing 9 and a half! They only lose the half mark because I’m not sure about the access for wheelchairs and Prams.

      Thanks for reading
      Michelle (July07)


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