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Me 2 Raj (Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire)

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Address: 47 Market Street / Cleethorpes DN35 8LY / North Lincolnshire

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    1 Review
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      05.08.2012 00:36
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      perfect date to be taken on.

      === First Impressions ===
      Before me and my partner were together he asked if he could take me on a dinner date, being very nervous I asked where but he wouldn't let on but I needed to know how to dress, he said it doesn't matter what I wear but he's wearing a suit. OOOH DEAR. I'm not a girly girl or the type of girl that dresses up but for this date I had no choice. He told me he was taking me to an Indian restaurant because I had said that I've never really tried any food. Walking inside the restaurant sheepishly looking around the restaurant is very narrow but long seating less than a hundred people making it seem very hard to book a table, ours of course was booked as well but I don't know if you need to do this all the time. We were eagerly greeted by a staff member who showed us to our table. My first impressions were that I wasn't good enough to be in there, that the restaurant is too upper class for me to be in but I soon chilled out and settled in. Eventually I realised that it was nice to have a more grown up and private place to eat real food and enjoy a couple glasses of wine.

      === What to choose and ordering===
      Looking through the menu I had no clue what to choose what with me being so uneducated in the curry side of food I didn't know what anything was, what to expect or if it was going to be too spicy. I haven't really had too much Indian food and I'm not too good with spicy food, as soon as I smell spicy food I start getting the sweats! because I'm uneducated in Indian food I let the wife choose what to have. He ordered himself one of the hottest curries he said, I can't remember which one he had and me being a sissy he ordered me a chicken Korma, the mildest curry on the planet. He then ordered us a pot of rice to share. He ordered us a bottle of Rose wine

      === Scrumptious food ===
      Sipping our wine while mindlessly chatting our curries arrives along with the rice and pita breads. Everything arrived in it's own pot and these are large portions big enough to share between two people. Being a messy pup I let him put the food on my plate because I would of only embarrassed myself otherwise. I only had half the curry and a couple of spoon full's of rice on my plate. The rice was fluffy and had a lemony zest flavour to it which was really different and refreshing, something I never thought I'd eat but it was lovely, the curry was definitely me. Extremely mild it was as if there was no spices in it at all, it was really creamy and smooth and the taste of coconut was definitely there, mixed with the lemon rice it was a really flavourful and delicious dish. According to the wife his curry was very spicy but he loved it and finished the lot even what I couldn't eat which was most of it because the portions were large.

      After the main meal despite neither of us being hungry the wife went ahead and ordered up tow deserts which were coconut ice creams. These arrived in hollowed out coconut shells which were filled to the top with vanilla ice cream and in the ice cream were flakes of coconut, the full thing had a chocolate middle. This was refreshing and lovely but was a little bit hard but we managed to dig it out and finish them both.

      === Service ===
      From the moment we arrived we were greeted with a welcoming smile and given top service and waited on by the same staff member throughout the night when taking our orders and bringing our food to even clearing the table. Throughout our time there we were asked how the meal is, asked if we need more drinks, would we like some water and he offered us some desserts. I can't knock the service we were given, when we were given the bill we left a £6 tip which hopefully went to the man who waited on us.

      === Price and offers ===
      I never got a chance to look at any of the menus or to even browse the prices however we ordered two curries, a portion of rice to share, a bottle of rose wine with two coconut desserts and this came to £44. To me this was shocking because I only usually go on dinner dates with mates and for pub lunches which will usually come to around £6 each including a drink so this is quite a difference to me which I felt really bad about but he refused to let me pay for anything.

      === Location and details ===
      This is located in the Market place Cleethorpes, it's close to the seafront so if you are on a date it's nice to go for a walk before or after having a meal or it's close to the cinema if that's something to be included on the date.
      Website: 47 Market Street, Cleethorpes, South Humberside
      Phone: 01472 319952


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