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Meze Mangal (Lewisham)

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Address: 245 Lewisham Way / Lewisham / London / SE4 1XF

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    1 Review
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      11.03.2010 16:58
      Very helpful



      Great place to eat with anyone and everyone!

      Welll being a great lover in Turkish dishes (added to the fact that I am Turkish) and living in South London the number of places providing top notch Turkish grub is abit hard to find. Hence I used to travel all the way across the river to North London every weekend or so to satisfy myself and then popped this little beauty from under my nose!!!

      If you are from South/ Southeast London or familiar with the zone, this little restaurant is located on Lewisham Way, just before Lewisham College. The location of this restaurant is not very clear so you may drive past it without realising as I have done so many a time. The parking is also the same and you'll be very lucky if you find a space right infront of the restaurant which also makes it even more visible. Anywho back to the actual restaurant.

      As you can see from the picture (the best I could find, sorry), the exterior is wooden and looks abit worn off and in need of a touch up which doenst help the imagine. Upon entering you are greeted with a waiter who will ask how many people are dining and will talk you to your seat. As you enter you will get a very tongue waggling taste of the kebabs, lahmacuns (turkish pizza) in the air which is truly amazing. I'm salivating as I write.

      Once seated you will be given a menu to decide what you would like to eat. The menu consists of cold starters, hot starters or a mixture of the two. Then we have Pide which are like a turkish pizza but thicker and in the shape of a large leaf (WAS EYELID BUT CHANGED THANKS TO ROBERTANDALISON it has been changed) which can be filled in with lamb, turkish sausage (sucuk), cheese, egg, mince. You then have the main dishes and a large selection of kebabs, mixed grills and they also have a few fish dishes as well as a few vegetarian so pretty much everyone is catered for. There is also a drinks menu and consist of the usual soft drink, alcoholic drinks and hot drinks to.

      You ordered will then be taken and all you do is wait. Food will take around 10 minutes which is good. I had ordered the lahmacun (turkish pizza) as a starter along with cacik (tzatziki to some). What great about this place is that you actually see first hand how your food is cooked. I was placed rite next to the stove where the pizzas were being cooked and saw first hand the man preparing the dough, filling it with meat and placing it in the stove. The same goes with the main dishes as there is a huge grilling area where the chef will sit, prepare the meats and salads whilst the food is getting cooked, none of this hidden kitchen crap!

      The food here is amazing to say the least. The lahmacun were light and nice and crispy (salad is provided with this dish so you can wrap it up), the starters were full of flavour and tasted fresh and the main, well mindblowingly tasty. I opted for the adana (lamb kofte) for this occasion, the portion was very good and was provided with some salad (one of my 5 a day1). If you want rice or chips this can be requested but is an extra charge. The meat was succulant, full of flavour and I could of easily had another one. When you have finished you meal the waiters will clear your table and ask if you would like some turkish tea on the house and a dessert menu. I would highly recommend you have the tea as it settles the stomch very nicely but you will need some sugar as it is quite bitter.

      The dessert menu consists of baklava and I think ice cream as well. Baklava is a quite sweet pastry with crushed pistaccios nuts inside. Very tasty but VERY moreish.

      The price for that evening was very good as it cost me under £30. This was 2 lahmacuns, a cacik, one adana kebab and a mix of a lamb shish and a chicken shish. This was due to the fact that my girlfriend couldnt decide so we asked if you could have half and half and was done without a problem.

      All in all it is a great place to eat and to say it popular is an understatement. I rang up on a Wednesday to book a table on a Saturday only to be told they were fully booked for the evening and had a early 5pm slot, I grabbed it! So if your going to go, please ring and book in advance, the weekday shouldnt be that bad but do it just in case.

      If your looking to take a group of you there they also have a downstairs which can seat around 15 people. We have done this numerous times and the service was fantastic.

      If you happen to be down South or around the area stop by and you wont be disppointed, trust me. I'll bet my kebabs on it!. Read the reviews below.


      Meze Mangal
      245 Lewisham Way
      SE4 1XF

      Tel: 020 8694 8099


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