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Miller & Carter (Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham)

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Address: Boldmere Gate, Sutton Park, Sutton Coldfield, B73 6LH.

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    1 Review
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      16.10.2011 14:59
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      A lovely meal with a lovely view

      Miller and Carter, Birmingham.

      After a recent visit from my partner who lives in Poland I felt rather sad after a tearful goodbye in the airport, so my uncle and aunt were kind enough to take me to our local Miller and Carter Restaurant for a 'distraction meal' which I have to admit worked because I am a sucker for this place with its beautiful views and yummy food, I think I can safely say that it is one of my favourite restaurants in the Birmingham area.

      *** Location ***
      The Miller and Carter, Birmingham is actually located around 6 miles outside the city centre in the Boldmere Gate entrance to Sutton Coldfield's famous Sutton Park.

      The address for those of you using sat nav to find this is:
      Miller and Carter.
      Boldmere Gate,
      Sutton Park,
      Sutton Coldfield,
      West Midlands
      B73 6LH

      *** Car Parking ***
      There is a large car park at the Miller and Carter, but be aware it is often used by people visiting the Sutton Park as well as Miller and Carter customers so it can get quite busy and harder to park especially at the weekends. Luckily for us we live within walking distance so this isn't too much of an issue unless it is raining and we feel lazy!

      *** Bar Area ***
      As you enter the Miller and Carter you will walk into the bar area. This is large and very welcoming. There is a wide variety of seating including my personal favourite big comfortable sofas as well as leather chairs, normal chairs and bar stools.

      There are a few gambling machines and of course the magic 50p machine that I always end up addicted to the games that I know I will never win!

      The bar itself is long and there are usually around 3 or 4 bar staff working so we've never had to wait for longer than a couple of minutes to be served.

      The bar staff are always very friendly and polite as well as fast and efficient with their service. They are also smartly dressed in their Miller and Carter uniforms and really do give a service with a smile.

      *** The Balcony ***
      While you are waiting in the bar area to be seated for your meal there is also a small outdoor balcony area to sit and relax with a view overlooking the lake. There is around 6 or 7 wooden tables with chairs on the balcony and the balcony itself is made of decking, so my word of advice here is be careful when it has been raining as its very slippy!

      I enjoy sitting on the balcony area and do sometimes go there in the summer evenings to just sit and relax the days stresses away watching the ducks on the lake.

      *** The Restaurant ***
      The restaurant area itself is very large. There are lots of tables catering for anything from large groups right through to couples.

      The decor in the restaurant is similar to the bar area, it is very warm and welcoming and also themed in tune with the lake views, so lots of boat pictures and old photos of scenes from the park and the lake.

      The lighting is dimmed but not so dark that you cannot see what you are eating and not too bright to take away the warm atmosphere.

      *** Getting Seated ***
      As you walk through the main doors to the bar area there is a small table where you go to request your table. During quieter times you will usually be seated straight away, however during busy times you may have to wait a little while. If you do have to wait then you will be given a little plastic buzzer, take this with you and when your table is ready for you it will start vibrating to alert you. I think this is much more professional than having random voices shouting "table in the name of...." every 5 minutes. The longest we have had to wait was 40 minutes but to be honest this flew by as we were comfortable and happy on the balcony as it was a lovely spring evening.

      When you are being seated you will be taken to your table by one of the many waiters or waitresses. Once seated they will usually politely introduce themselves and hand you the menus while asking if you require any drinks.

      *** Menu ***
      The Menu in the Miller and Carter is actually rather small, although the variety is still available.

      For starters there is a choice of around 6 different items including garlic bread, breaded mushrooms and my personal favourite buffalo chicken wings with BBQ dip.

      The main meals are mainly steak. There is a large choice of different steaks and different sizes. If steak isn't your thing though you can choose from other meals such as chicken and bacon BBQ melt, fish meals and a couple of vegetarian choices.

      At the bottom of the menu there is a list of drinks available including different coffees.

      When you are seated you will also be offered a wine menu, which to me looks like it has more choice than the food menu... I'm not complaining though as this can only be a good thing ;)

      After your main meal if you feel that you can possibly fit a little more food in then you will be offered the pudding menu. At the beginning of the meal I always say that I am having pudding, however I usually have to give in and give the pudding a miss or I will never survive the walk home. There is a wide selection of puddings, everything from brownies, waffles and profitter roles to the simple ice cream or cheese board selection.

      If you have children you will be pleased to know there is a children's menu available on request which offers the kids favourites of burgers, chips, fish fingers and of course ice cream deserts.

      *** Prices ***
      The prices for the food are quite high. The steaks start at around £8 and go all the way up to around £18! The other meals such as my favourite chicken bacon and BBQ melt are all between the £8 - £10 mark. Puddings are all between £3.50 and £7 and the starters are also varying from £4.50 to around £9.

      Usually I would say no way to paying these prices, however the quality of the food makes all the difference and it is certainly worth the price...

      *** Food Quality ***
      To describe the food quality I will base this on my most recent visit and what I ate, and for once this will include pudding because I was comfort eating!

      For starters I ordered the Buffalo Chicken Wings with BBQ dip. They arrived in a white dish on a wooden serving board with two dips in little pots. I was given a small plate to eat from and also a bowl of sparkling water with two pieces of lime in it as a finger dip bowl. In the bowl there were five extremely hot chicken wings so to avoid burning myself I literally tipped them out onto my plate in hope that they would cool quicker. The wings we cooked to perfection and the meat was just falling off the bones. (apologies to any veggies for that description!) They tasted delicious and nice and juicy and extra nice when dipped in the BBQ sauce. They were very sticky so I made full use of the finger dip bowl.

      For my main meal I had the Chicken, Bacon and Cheese with BBQ sauce Melt. I was given the option of fries or jacket potato and chose fries. The meal also comes with a side salad and a slice on onion loaf. The chicken part of the meal was a generous sized piece of breast meat, on top of this was a big piece of bacon which contained hardly any fatty bits, this was topped off with melted cheese and BBQ sauce over the top. All parts were cooked lovely and taste mouth-wateringly delicious. I am very picky when it comes to chicken, I cant eat it when it is over cooked or too dry but I also cant stand it when it isn't cooked quite enough either, but this was in-between and just lovely. The fries that came with the meal were also nicely cooked and you get a very generous sized portion. They were not greasy at all and at the same time they were not so dry that you needed a drink after each one. They are proper fries, thin, long, golden and crispy.

      Now onto the pudding, I forget the real name of this pudding but it is something along the lines of Chocolate Orange Waffle Cake Indulgence and this is exactly as it sounds. Served on a long plate I was presented with what looked like a piece of chocolate orange cake with a scoop of ice cream on top with chocolate sauce drizzled all over. However on closer inspection, or in other words stuffing my face with this yummy pudding, I discovered that inside the cake part is a waffle that has been cooked inside the cake. On top of this waffle cake combination is a scoop of soft vanilla ice cream and two chocolate orange chocolate flaky sticks and chocolate orange sauce drizzled across the whole thing. I found the taste of this pudding to be very sickly and sweet, the orange flavour wasn't too overpowering but it was definitely in there. As I said earlier I was comfort eating so I actually managed to demolish the entire pudding and felt rather stuffed afterwards, it was worth it though!

      *** Service ***
      The service we received was second to none. All of the staff have always been incredibly polite when we have eaten here. They are very efficient with their service and always willing to bring you extra drinks or even just another napkin if you need it, nothing seems to be too much trouble for the staff here.

      *** Value for money? ***
      As I said earlier the prices here are quite expensive so personally for us this is a one off every now and again for birthdays and other special occasions. When it comes to value for money though I think that you do get this here, the meals may be expensive but they are cooked beautifully, taste delicious and you are always left feeling full up and content... and often very over fed! You definitely get what you pay for.

      *** Toilets ***
      The toilets are the only area of this establishment that I can criticize. They are well decorated and the toilets themselves are kept clean, however I often find that there is no soap and the floor area around the sinks is often untidy with paper from people drying their hands and missing the bin. There isn't an unpleasant smell in the toilets like you can often get in places, this is what tells me they are looked after well, they just need to be tidied and topped up with soap a little more often.

      *** Beautiful View ***
      My favourite part of eating and drinking here is the beautiful view you get from both the balcony area and the window seats in the restaurant which is overlooking the lake and in the early evening during the summer months many a beautiful sunset can be seen.

      *** Overall ***
      Overall I would highly recommend the Miller and Carter Birmingham in Sutton Park. The food quality and service you receive are both of excellent standard and cannot be faulted. I have had nothing but positive experiences dining here and I will certainly be a repeat customer. Of course if you do come and dine here then remember to ask for a window table or at least pay a visit to the balcony to take in that beautiful view!

      Thanks for reading :)


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