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Minhs of Shifnal (Shropshire)

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Address: 20 Bradford Street / Shifnal / Shropshire / England / TF11 8AU / Tel: 01952 463323

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    1 Review
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      12.03.2010 17:27
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      Tasty food and plenty of tables, but be warned that at holiday times your takeway might take forever

      Minhs is a Cantonese restaurant in the small market town of Shifnal. It sits almost in the middle of the busy high street and is quite deceptive, looking much smaller from the outside than it actually is. The restaurant goes back quite a way and can seat up to 120 at full capacity.

      The front section of the restaurant as you walk in, has a seating area for people either waiting to pick up takeaway or waiting for a table. This place gets pretty busy at weekends and it is in no way unusual for people to sit in this section when they have not booked, on the off chance of getting a table quite quickly. It is very advisable to book for weekends or if you are part of a large group.

      They do provide frequent baskets of complimentary prawn crackers to the waiting area which is nice but very dangerous as it is so easy to fill yourself up on these and put yourself off the main event (or at least I manage to anyway!). In this seating area there is also a large coat rail for you to hang up jackets etc which is nice and saves you taking everything to the table.

      The service in here is very good and incredibly attentive, eating in I have never had a single reason to complain. The staff are efficient, drinks come quickly and they do make sure you have everything you need and are happy.

      The food is pretty good and some dishes are pretty stand out - for me their sizzling chicken in satay sauce is one of my favourite cantonese dishes ever and tastes miles better than similar dishes I have tried elsewhere.

      Prices are quite reasonable, mains range from the £7-9 mark for chicken dishes, £8-11 for beef, £8-9 for pork and £9-10.5 for duck, they do have some speciality fish dishes on the menu such as dover sole and sea bass in various sauces which come in at £18-22 and all king prawn dishes are around the £9.50 mark.

      One other very useful thing about this restaurant is that they make a number of dishes with their own version of quorn made from soya protein which means a better selection for veggies than you might get in a standard cantonese restaurant. They also offer a range of tofu dishes priced very reasonably around £6.50.

      The menu is split into general sections for each meat with the various sauces and styles listed therein, the options are pretty much the same for each meat but there is plenty of choice and all the old favourites like black bean sauce, with cashews, satay and pepper sauce are catered for.

      Rice can either be fancy or plain here with steamed and egg fried at around £2-2.50 per portion and then much more elaborate dishes such as chicken, vegetable or singapore style rice at around £5-6 a portion.

      We have never had a bad meal eating in at Minhs, the food is always piping hot and tastes very fresh.

      We do also use their takeaway service and 9 times out of 10 it has been fine although we have had a coupe of issues with it and New Years Eve last year we had what really amounted to a shambles of an experience with them.

      Basically NYE is my birthday and due to family illnesses last year my birthday meal was cancelled at the last moment so my husband and I were at a loose end for what to do. A quiet takeaway and a bottle of champagne was a nice alternative and so at 7pm we phoned Minhs to place an order.

      Now we knew they might well be busy and so we were not surprised when they said there was a two hour wait on takeaways and so would we mind waiting until 9pm. Not at all we said because we had nowhere else to be and live only 5 mins from them.

      So at 9pm we sauntered down to Minhs to find a scene of absolute chaos, the whole of the seating area was jam packed with people waiting for takeaways and tables and the bar was also crowded with overspill and people were looking a little annoyed. It soon became clear that there was a massive and very serious delay going on and a lot of people had already been waiting ages for their takeaway.

      A very harrassed member of staff finally came and asked our name, consulted an incredibly long list and told us it would be another 30 minutes before our food was ready. We figured by now we might as well just wait for it so we stood with everybody else just waiting.

      What actually happened was that our food took until 10pm to be ready but we kept being told it was next on the list so we didnt cancel (which in retrospect I really wish we had done - I have better ways to spend my birthday / new years eve). At 10pm we finally got our food (without any real apology) and left. 3 hours for a very basic (two curries and some rice and chips) takeaway.

      To be honest we were so hungry by the time we got it that we would have eaten anything but it was still slightly annoying given the time we had waited that when we got home and opened it everything needed microwaving to get it back to a decent temperature.

      I appreciate that they were absolutely run off their feet and it was new years eve and they had a massive set menu deal on for their fully booked restaurant. But if they had just been honest when we called or had phoned us back and told us what was going on, I would have been much happier to just get our food elsewhere, the lack of apology or any offer of compensation, discount or even a free drink while we stood there for an hour was a bit disappointing.

      Anyway, this aside, the food is generally very good, I will never use them for takeaway again on a day when I know they may be busy as it very much angered us and I do not trust that the same will not happen again. But for eating in I am certain we will eat there again because the food and the service has historically been very good in the restaurant itself.


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