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Moghul Palace Indian Restaurant (Milton Keynes)

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Address: 7 St Paul's Court / High Street / Stony Stratford / Milton Keynes / MK11 1LJ

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    1 Review
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      24.01.2008 19:15
      Very helpful



      Great restaurant to visit

      What I am reviewing is the indian restaurant "Moghul Palace"

      Moghul Palace
      Stony Stratford
      Milton Keynes

      I visited this wonderful restaurant a little while ago now when I was living in Milton Keynes and thought it was worth mentioning.
      It was my friends birthday and we wanted to go somewhere different. I had only been in stony Stratford a few times before and knew it was a nice area with lots of pubs and restaurants to try out.
      I had passed by this one a few times while driving around and it stands out very well as it used to be an old chapel.
      You are probably thinking what a bad idea it must have been to disfigure the old chapel, but you will be amazed.

      I didn't know really what to expect myself as I had heard mixed reactions about the place, but after hearing some really good comments I decided to book this one up.
      We arrived from about a twenty five minute journey from Leighton Buzzard to the outskirts of Milton Keynes venturing into the start of Northampton where the turn off to stony Stratford is.
      As we drove a bit further down the high street we saw two signs on the left directing us to the Moghul Palace as it's the most popular Indian restaurant in Milton Keynes. We followed the signs to off road parking and went in through the cast iron gates, it was then we noticed the lovely surroundings of the old chapel with lights beaming from it to cover the courtyard as well as the outside of the restaurant itself.

      We then drove past the big water fountain to the parking out the back of the restaurant.
      Quite impressed with the look so far we parked up and walked towards the front door.
      As we got closer we could see that the chapel had been well preserved and looked after. This did not look like any Indian restaurant we had seen before. We opened the big wooden doors to a big hallway and immediately saw some paintings fully preserved on the ceiling as it was so big inside (that was just the hallway !!)
      So inside we ventured past the next set of doors leading into the main restaurant.
      Well what a great sight this was inside, there were preserved paintings, bright colours, very good old fashioned lighting with candles on the tables and more modern ones on the walls, and this we never expected.

      As soon as we got inside a waiter was there straight away, he asked us if we wanted to go straight to the table or to the bar first to have a drink. We decided to have a drink.
      The bar was situated at the bottom of a set of steps, and this was sunk back so there appeared to be a lot more space.
      We sat down in the seats and admired the view (this may sound daft in an Indian restaurant, but they have done a remarkable job to keep the architecture and surroundings intact and preserved without taking too much out)
      The bar area was huge, you could see the top of the ceiling and look at all of the old paintings which were a delight to see, and there were candles lit on all of the tables as well as the modern lighting that had to be put on the walls for obvious reasons.

      After a little while a waiter brought a menu over for us to have a look at, there was no hurry but the service was excellent. He just got the drinks while we chatted away for a while.
      When he brought over the menu there was so much to choose from, and you really didn't know where to start. There were about twenty different starter dishes to choose from and that was without popadoms on the menu !
      There were dishes of prawn, duck, chicken, vegetable, lamb, of all different varieties.
      With the listings of the main courses there were about forty to choose from and you could have them as mild or spicy as you like.
      I ordered myself a duck schislack (spelling might not be correct on that) and for the main a tandoori mixed grill which consisted of all of the usual lamb, chicken, prawn, vegetables and also came with a nan bread and rice of your choice.

      Before we knew it our table was ready in the main restaurant and we went over. As we went down the stairs we entered a smaller more compact dining room, this was not overcrowded but just had enough tables to not make it looked packed out. I think there were about 25 tables in all bearing in mind that this was a lower level of an old chapel.
      The waiter was there in an instant with some popadoms, the sauces and our drinks.
      I won't go into describing the popadoms as they are pretty much the same everywhere.

      When the starters arrived I couldn't believe it, it looked like a main course ! My duck was covered in a lovely spicy sauce with lettuice, cucumber and lemon at the side. The sauce was not too hot that it would burn your mouth but just had a nice kick to it for that right taste.
      My friends tandoori chicken starter looked just as nice with helpings of vegetables and salad on the side. Again this was not too hot but just as the right spicy level.

      As we had finished the waiters let our stomachs to settle for a while before bringing up the main course...

      The waiter laid out three hot trays on the table for the meals for us as we paintiently waited.
      The atmosphere was just great in the restaurant as everybody was friendly, the staff and the customers. There were more couples than groups in the restaurant though.
      My friends chicken tikka bhuna arrived first and looked devine.. the chicken was cooked in mild spices and mixed with peppers, onions and served with pilar rice on the side.
      My main course shortly arrived and could not believe what was laid out in front of me. I had the mixed grill with spiced chicken tikka, lamb kebab marinated in mint sauce, lemon spiced prawns, all mixed with onions and peppers and had special fried rice as well with another nan bread on the side.

      They also give you quite a few freebies such as more nan bread, bolied rice and vegetable curry ! But this was quite enough to eat thank you.

      No doubt about it, this was the best Indian meal I have ever tasted, the chicken was spiced and cooked to perfection, the lamb was very succulent, the prawns were bursting with flavour, and even the peppers and onions were nicely flavoured to go down very well.
      Both meals were spiced just how we liked them and the staff will do any dish for you that is not even on the menu to keep its customers happy and wanting to come back for more.

      It is not very often I cannot eat a dessert after the meal but really had no room for one so can only speculate on what the menu was. They had the usual ice cream, banana with tia maria and various other sorts of things.
      Then it was bill time ....
      I was expecting a huge bill for what we had eaten, but hadn't drank that much. I was very surprised when the waiter cam over and we found out the bill was £41. Not bad for all we had eaten in this great restaurant.

      Everything was right about this place, surroundings, ambience, food and you couldn't have asked for a better night out.
      If you live around the Milton Keynes area or just fancy going somewhere a bit different then do give this a try, you may have to boo first though as it will probably be quite busy !

      I hope this review has been of help to some of you who live nearby or are now going for a visit.


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