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Mr Chan's (Stoke-on-Trent)

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Address: Astral House / Clough Street / Hanley / Stoke-on-Trent / Staffordshire / ST1 4AS / Telephone: 01782 212457

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    1 Review
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      18.02.2008 20:23
      Very helpful




      I travel quite a bit in my job and a lot of time I like to pre arrange where I am going to eat if I stay over somewhere. Recommendations go a long way for me, thats why you may have noticed that I have been reviewing my favourite restaurants in my local area, so if any of you find yourself staying in Stoke on Trent on business or on pleasure, i hope you take my recommendations on board.

      Mr Chan's is an established Chinese restaurant in the Stoke on Trent area and has been serving the people of the Potteries for over 20 years. An exceptional restaurant that somehow I feel gets forgotten about unless you are a regular guest there like myself.

      Mr Chan's is not in an ideal location at the end of the day. Although it is situated in Hanley, the main town of Stoke on Trent, its actual position within the town leaves it somewhat hidden. Its not in a location that you would pass by on a regular occasion. It is what many of us in Stoke use as a shortcut when getting into town. There is carpark surrounding it however there are not many other premises only industrial buildings that have now been knocked down and are building sites awaiting something to be constructed.

      When I first went into Mr Chan's, I was amazed by the sheer size of the restaurant. It is huge, all open plan with a bar and seating area if you want to relax and chill out after you have had your meal. The surroundings are very pleasant, all laid out cabaret style, with little fountains that you can here in the background when you eating which gives it a very relaxing and tranquil setting. Personally I think the size of the restaurant hits you more because it always seems to be empty, I have never been in this restaurant on any occasion where it has been full whether it be an evening, weekend of weekday. However I find this restaurant ideal for when entertaining clients and you can manage to have a decent conversation, get some new business and have a nice meal without no rowdy disturbance which is fantastic.

      The staff at Mr Chan's are very friendly, much more friendly than English people in English restaurants. I get the impression that they really enjoy their job and its a pleasure inmaking your dining experience an enjoyable one. Many of the staff however speak very little English so sometimes it is a little difficult to communicate with them and I try my utmost to make sure that I am not coming across as rude. Its a family run establishment and you always see the same staff there which is welcoming when you can get to know them and they are not changing on a weekly basis.

      The food at Mr Chan's is exceptional. I tend to go here when I am looking more for a set menu, as opposed to Buffet Style. During the week Mr Chan's offer an all you can eat menu for £15.95 per head. The control this on the basis that when they take your order, you order a starter and a main course. Once you have finished those dishes, you can order more if you want to, however they do make it known that if you order something and don't eat it and try to order another course after then they may charge you extra, which in my opinion is only fair because they are cooking the dishes to order. I find a starter and main course quite adequate and never tend to have any more after any way, but each to their own there.

      The Menu


      Mr Chan's offer several soups to start your meal including: Chicken & Sweetcorn, Crabmeat & Sweetcorn, Vegetable, Hot & Sour and Chicken & Mushroom. I never tend to have soup as a starter however have tasted their Chicken and Sweetcorn soup and it it delicious, not like dishwater, that sometimes I feel like I am having at some Chinese restaurants


      I could feast on appetisers alone. Over the weekend, on a sunday lunch, they do a chinese buffet and i always seem to fill myself up on the starters before I even hit the main course. When ordering starters in the week, i always tend to have Crispy Duck with Pancakes and Hor D'eouvres which consist of CHicken Satay, Seaweed, Barbecue Ribs and Spring Rolls, a nice couple of dishes to share between two. I'm not a big lover of seaweed however alway give it a go. Mr Chan's Sesame Prawn Toast is to die for. Always piping hot, crunchy and you can taste and smell the aroma of prawns in them. Fantastic. There are additional starters that you can order including: Vegetable Spring Rolls, Chilli Salt & Pepper Spare Ribs, King Prawn Cutlets, Braised New Zealand Mussels, Peking Spare Rib, or you can opt for the light option of Prawn Crackers to save room for your main courses, however these are normally placed on your table at the start of the meal anyway.

      Main Courses

      Well, to start here, the first thing that I have to say is they do the best Chinese curry that I have ever tasted. It seems to have a little more of a quick about it than some I have tasted on past occasions at other places. The meat is always succulent and the sauce is delicious. I would love to know the secret behind this as it is absolutely fantastic. There are many dishes to choose from including King Prawn Dishes, Fish Dishes, Poultry and Pork, Beef and Lamb, Curried Dishes and Rice & Noodles. The Deep Dried Duck in Lemon Sauce is great, the sauce is very rich and can get a little sickly if you scoop it all up, but the sauce on the meat is quite adequate and tastes great. I have never been a lover of Sweet and Sour CHicken, however I did try this on one occasion and absolutely loved it. The combination of flavours was great, non either too overpowering.

      The serving size is just nice, not too much and not too small, just right and sometimes leaves you thing now could I fit something else in. Mr Chan's also offer a full seperate menu for Vegetarian which is also very varied and quite extensive.

      Desserts are charged for should you be able to fit one in, not being a dessert person I have never tried. Set menu's are also available should you want to order and share between a number of you. These menu's I feel have had a lot of thought put into them and are the best items on the menu's that they include. A lot of other set menu's I have seen normally include one or two things that I don't particularly like.


      Mr Chans
      Astral House
      Clough Street
      Stoke on Trent
      ST1 4AS

      Tel: 01782 212457

      An exceptional restuarant that will give your piece and quiet when you need it.


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