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Nandos (St Enoch, Glasgow)

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Address: St. Enoch Centre / Glasgow / G1 4BW

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    1 Review
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      01.02.2013 18:46
      Very helpful



      not my favourite place to eat but nice enough

      With my fiance being off on holiday for a week, we decided we would like to go out as a family. As the weather wasn't pleasant, we were quite limited so decided to hop on the train to Glasgow and go for lunch/shops. Our 4.5yr old son is a very fussy eater. We fancied trying somewhere different from our usual buffet restaurants and thought that with my son liking chicken that we would try out Nando's.

      ~Nando's St Enoch~

      St Enoch Centre
      G1 4BW

      Monday - Saturday : 11.30-22.00
      Sunday : 12.00-21.00

      There are a few Nando's restaurants in Glasgow but we dined at the Nando's just outside St Enoch shopping centre. This Nando's is well located for the shops and Central Station. It is easy to find and sits alongside Costa and a large Greggs.

      This particular Nando's is set across one level (well the dining area is) and there is outdoor seating available. Toilets are upstairs and there is a lift available for disabled diners. The layout of this Nando's is a little cramped in my opinion. There is a waiting area with padded seating but this area is also sometimes crowded with customers who wish to order. Nando's doesn't offer a full table service. Once you have decided what you want to eat, you head up to the till, order and pay. You then collect your own sauces and cutlery and also your drinks from the machine.

      There are various seating options available in Nando's but during busy periods, the higher tables which seat six are often used for two different parties so don't expect much privacy. The kitchen area is visible for all to see the food being cooked. The decor is nice with various pieces of wall art and an unusual wooden type structure hanging from the ceiling. This is actually where the toilets are which is quite weird to imagine!

      ~Food On Offer~

      As you would expect, Nando's often mainly chicken based dishes. There are no set menus as such but there is the option to add one or two sides or a special side with meals. Everything is clearly displayed on the menu. There is a range of Peri spices to choose from including extra hot, mango and lime and lemon and herb.

      *Appeteasers - mixed olives, nuts, pitta and dips (from £3.25)
      *Chicken - everything from chicken wings, butterfly chicken, 1/4 (or 1/2 of whole chicken) with sides (from £3.10-£11.95)
      *Burgers and Pitta/Wraps - chicken, mushroom and halloumi, veggie or beanie burgers, pittas and wraps with sides (from £5.35-£11.80)
      *Salads - leaf, ceasar, cous cous and Med salad (from £3.95-£6.15)
      *Platters - various sharing platters including pieces of chicken and sides (from £16.00-£41.50)
      *Nandino's (childrens menu) - burger, veggie strips, fillets or wings with 2 sides including beans, mash, garlic bread, chips or corn on the cob. Also includes an ice lolly or frozen yoghurt. (£5.25)
      *Sides - spicy rice, chips, garlic bread and coleslaw to name a few (£2.15-£3.95)
      *Desserts - ice cream, various cheesecakes and chocolate cake (£2.95-£3.95)
      *Drinks - beer, wine, sangria and soft drinks (priced from £1.00)

      ~Customer Service~

      We were attended to quickly. We arrived around 1pm on a midweek day and found the restaurant to be very busy. I've never seen it quite to be fair as there always seem to be queue especially at the weekend. We were advised of a 20minute wait but were seating within 5 minutes. I would say the service we received was fine. There were a lot of waiters and waitresses running about. We were served our starter within a few minutes, our mains within 20-25 minutes but our desserts took a little longer and we had to ask for them. They can be arranged later but I decided to order and pay for everything at the start. I paid by debit card. The staff seemed friendly and the restaurant was generally clean and tidy. Tables were cleared quickly so the turnaround of customers was quick.

      ~Time To Eat!~

      This was our first visit to a Nando's but this chain came highly recommended by friends. We all love chicken so this seemed like the perfect choice of restaurant for us. It is good to see that vegetarians are catered for too and that various tastes with regards to hotness of food are also taken into consideration. As we had arrived at lunch time, we were quite peckish and decided to order a small starter to munch on. We also ordered glasses of juice which came with free refills. The choice including usual favourites of Coca Cola, Sprite and Coke Zero.

      Compared to a lot of restaurants, the choice of starters wasn't amazing but we ordered the 'Red Pepper Dip - with chillies, spices and warm pitta'. This was a simple yet very delicious little starter. We received a large bowl of chunky, flavoursome dip which wasn't too spicy. There was enough pitta bread for all three of us to share and it was warm and tasty. we really enjoyed our starter to graze on whilst awaiting our main courses.

      We were pleased to see chicken fillet strips on the kids menu so ordered these for our son alongside chips. I asked for simple, plain chicken which I was told was fine but when my son received his meal, he refused to eat the chicken. The chicken was left plain but because of the way it was cooked, it had a slight browny coating and my son wasn't impressed. He is funny with food and althought I tried to explain that it wasn't a sauce, he just wouldn't touch it. It was suprisingly nice though but a little plain without any sauce. He received a good size portion of chips. I did actually order him dessert but when he found out it was mixed berry or chocolate frozen yoghurt, he refused it. I asked if he could get some ice cream instead but they said it wasn't part of the childrens menu. I do find this to be quite annoying as some children may only like ice cream. As you can tell, my son wasn't impressed by the food he received so didn't eat much.

      I opted for a '1/2 chicken with 2 regular sides' (£9.85). Being a bit of a hot food fan, I opted for the hot coating. I ordered peri-peri coated chips and coleslaw with my meal. I was impressed by how much food I received for my money. I received two large pieces of chicken (they had bones in them) and there was plenty of tender, moist meat. The sauce was amazingly hot and this surprised me. I was glad to have ordered the coleslaw which helped cool down the coating a little. The side portions were a very good size and both the coleslaw and chips were delicious. All my food was cooked properly and warm. I enjoyed my meal.

      My fiance ordered a 'double chicken breast fillet burger with 1 regular side' (£10.15). He loves his burgers but knew he could only manage chips with it rather than 2 sides. The burger was huge and came topped with some lettuce and tomato. He opted for some garlic peri peri sauce which was much hotter than he expected. My fiance enjoyed his meal but said it wasn't the best chicken burger he had ever had and wasn't worth the high cost.

      As you can probably tell, I was having a day off the diet so decided a dessert was in order. Both our desserts were well priced at £3.95 each. The selection is small compared to other restaurants but I would say there is enough to tempt any sweet tooth. I opted for 'Gooey caramel cheesecake'. I received a small slice of gorgeous looking cheesecake with a little pot of double cream. That small slice was just enough for me despite having a sweet tooth as the flavours were very sweet. The caramel sauce running through the cheesecake was divine and I really enjoyed it.

      My fiance opted for 'white chocolate and raspberry swirl' which was another cheesecake. He didn't realise this when he ordered it but the details are included on the dessert menu rather than the main menu. I tried a little bit and found it to be very tasty indeed with a good mix of raspberry and white chocolate. The bases on the cheesecake slices were firm and not soggy like some I have had in other restaurants and the double cream was fresh and tasty. Two very satisfying desserts to end our meal.


      I visited the ladies toilets upstairs before leaving and actually walked past the entrance three times as it is well hidden. The toilets are modern and clean but I found it rather freaky being in a wooden casket type thing above the main dining area! The toilets are well stocked and there is a disabled toilet.

      Nando's at St Enoch centre is a family friendly (providing your child isn't fussy like my son) restaurant which offers a nice range of dishes. We paid £41.30 for a starter, two main courses, two desserts, a childs meal and three refillable drinks. We replaced our drinks around three times due to how hot the Nando's sauces are so we got our monies worth. My fiance said he liked his meal but wouldn't want to visit often as he prefers other restaurants in the area.

      Thanks for reading :)


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