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Nannys House Restaurant (Bristol)

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    1 Review
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      08.07.2004 03:46
      Very helpful



      We're going to Nanny's house for dinner". This much I said to my daughter whilst preparing to go out for my birthday dinner. To say she looked shocked, horrified and despondent at the same time would be an understatement! "But I went to Nanny's house for tea on Friday", she managed to struggle out. Did I let her in on the secret? Of course not, sweet revenge, she became a teenager last week and has managed to make my life pretty difficult for me since then! I let her stew scowlingly for another couple of hours before I let her know Nanny's House was the name of the restaurant. Did I get smiles, thanks and relief? Nope! Just another 10 minutes of sulking for winding her up. I just cant win! Anyway, its my birthday, we're going out to dinner, and once more I get to choose! My daughter, of course was a great exponent of Pizza Hut, harvester and the like. I thought it was time however, that she was subjected to some proper cooking, nothing too extravagant, I don't think Lebanese fusion is quite her thing! But there we are, all nicely dresses and we head off. Nanny's occupies a corner plot in a converted house, Walking in you may be somewhat surprised, eyebrows raised, double blinking, etc. You could be forgiven for thinking you'd walked into some body's living room! Open fires, squishy sofas, coffee tables, magazine and even a telly await you in this tiny room. The delicious smells waft towards you from the even tinier kitchen you can see through an open door, a galley might be a better term! You're then led away by the lovely waitress down some very narrow stairs. Disabled access is definitely a no-no here. Claustrophobic? This is not the place for you! The restaurants only seats 40 people in two rooms which meant in our room there were only 4 tables. Lovely room though, low beams, open fire, candlelight's and old school tables. Very simple and very comfortable. Of c
      ourse the food is all important. And oh, it sounds arty-farty, the kind of lovely food I expect in these kind of places. Starters come first of course, we could have had French Onion and Thyme Soup (£4.50), Poachers Pate made with game meats and juniper seasoning served with toast and Onion jam (£5.25) amongst others,. Instead Alan had the Venison and Pepper Sausages served over mustard mash with a herb gravy. Myself, the Baked Field Mushroom filled with a basil herb pesto and topped with Mozzarella cheese (£4.95), Lucy had Lime and Coriander marinated Tiger Prawns sautéed with garlic butter and served with salad garnish. Now the main Courses. 2 Seared Barbary Duck breast served with a port & plum sauce and a sweet potato mash (£13.50), and an 8 oz On the bone Sirloin Steak served with a cider and mustard cream were chosen to follow. Coming our way could have been a Roasted Leg of Lamb with a Honey and Mustard Crust and Rosemary Gravy (£13.75) or Courgette and Pepper Gratin in a rich Tomato sauce and topped with a Mozzarella crust (£12.75), maybe next time? There is a very special difference about this restaurant. Nothing is pre-cooked, just waiting to be warmed up later in a microwave. Everything is cooked for one table at a time, ensuring perfectly cooked piping hot food (Regular readers of my restaurant reviews will know this is my biggest moan) All the ingredients are locally grown and organic. How good this food was going to be was demonstrated by the freshly baked whole-wheat rolls we first sampled, heavy and dense the butter slid over like silk. This carried over into the starters. Alan's never had venison before and was rather impressed, having just a smidging of a taste, my impression was of a rather 'husky' strong meat but the mustard and herb gravy was phenomenal. I'm still smiling at the thought of my mushroom, the mild cheese complimenting the rich pesto. I loved the salad with the balsami
      c and honey dressing. The only slight disappointment were the prawns, they always look very impressive with their heads and bits on, but when you pull of their heads and de-shell them its not so good. I also thought the flavours were quite weal. But hey, I wasn't eating them. We could smell the next course before it even got to us! We'd been relaxing with a bottle of the excellent House White (£10.50) and were more than ready for our proper dinner! To say we were rather aghast at the steak is an understatement! Not because it was small but because it was huuugggee, it filled half the plate, indulgent with a good amount of sauce. Alan was still looking smug when the duck was delivered, the look slowly transferred to mine. Cooked to perfection, its juices were still pink and poised on the mash, surrounded by the port and plum sauce. I am sat here trying to think of a way to describe all these tastes. Definitely sweet, but it was slightly offset by a smokiness from the sauce, and was undoubtedly one of the nicest things I've ever tasted. There was also a generous side of perfectly cooked potato's, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower. You would have thought we'd have had enough by now, but no, we were in the restaurant and felt it our duty to try the desserts. Would we go for Home-Made Bread and Butter pudding, Home-Made Baileys and Maltezer Cheesecake, Home-Made Brandy and Chocolate cake with a fresh cream and chocolate sauce or even Crepes stuffed with bananas and ice cream, and drizzled with toffee sauce (£4.50) Well, none of them, because they didn't have any of them! Lucy ended up with Carte 'Dor ice cream which is always good. Alan's Apple Crumble with Custard was extremely pleasing to him. I had a chocolate soufflé with double thick cream, it was very, very nice but a little stodgy, less time in the oven required I think! So we finished, paid the substantial bill and t
      he nice people had called us a taxi, went home and collapsed on the sofa. So I've written all about it and I suppose its time for a summary! The food was excellent, well beyond excellent, the cooks obviously care about the food they serve up. The waitress was great, chatting away and talking to people like they were old friends, she even gave Lucy a pen so she could write a message on the school table like all the dinners before it. It is a great place for a romantic candle lit meal, or for a celebration. They also do weddings and parties, and I'm sure it would make a fantastic place for a reception. Maybe not a place for those watching a budget, but for £15 you can choose from their 2 course a La Carte Menu on Wednesday and Thursday, They are closed on Mondays and Tuesday but apparently their Sunday lunches are fantastic and booked up well in advance. Definitely a place to try for locals or visitors, just remember to book first! Nanny's House restaurant 3 Ninetree Hill Bristol Tel 01179 249200


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