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Nawaab Manchester (Manchester)

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3 Reviews

Address: 1008 Stockport Road / Levenshulme / Manchester / M19 3WN / England

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    3 Reviews
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      21.10.2012 18:50
      Very helpful



      A must for spicy food fans, and all you can eat!

      I have had two quite different experiences on my two visits to this restaurant.
      The first time was appalling. We arrived on a Friday evening around 7pm, waited over an hour for a table (for two) and the first thing the waiter told us was that we weren't allowed to stay for more than an hour as they needed the tables turned around!

      We shrugged it off (no way were we leaving after a 60 minute wait) ordered some drinks and set about the 'serve yourself' buffet bar.

      On returning to our table we discovered that the wrong drinks had been left... Things were looking fairly grim!
      I am pleased to report, however, that the food was outstanding. A selection of mostly Indian food with maybe 20% Chinese and English for those not looking for spice. As a fan of Indian, I have to say that the selection was one of the best I've ever seen. From the salad bar, through the appetisers, including the main dishes and sides and right through to the dessert bar. The meat was cooked beautifully and the sauces were rich and thick, not thin and watery as is often seen at buffets.
      Sadly, the place was far too busy and the customers seemed to have no concept of queuing for food. Every time I went for food I was bustled out of the way by impatient people forcing their way into the line rather than moving along the counters. It was frustrating to begin with, but downright annoying by the third visit and I complained to one of the waiters who shrugged and told us it was always like this.

      For visit 1 I'd have to give 5/5 for the food, 2/5 for the service and 1/5 for atmosphere/ambiance.

      If I had my way I wouldn't have gone back, but it just so happened we were invited to a family function at the restaurant some months later.

      The service could not have been any different! Despite it being a similar time of day, the place was maybe half full, meaning we were seated immediately and had plenty of room at the buffet.
      The food was easily as good if not better than the first time and the waiters had time and patience to deal with customers cordially.

      I'm not quite sure why it was so much quieter the second time we went, but it was a wonderful experience and I'd have to score 5/5 all round.

      All in all, this is a great restaurant as long as you get in early or on a quiet night I guess.


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      20.04.2011 18:37
      Very helpful



      Spoint for choice - halal buffet

      Last night was my first trip to Nawaabz. We went a 80mile trip to visit after my husband went a few months back with friends and raved about it ever since. Ok it was a long trip with our two young children but worth it? ....Yes i would say it was. The place itself look very grand from outside located in a busy street home to many other asian shops food and others. Located on stockport road in levenshulme!

      You enter and are Greeted and instantly faced with a grand water fall. It has writing lit up above it with the name nawaabz there. You enter into the restaurant and its overwhelming the sheer size of the place. The row of food. You are shown to a table and they will get you a highchair and take a drinks order. Alcohol is not served or allowed to be consumed on the premises given it adheres to islamic law serving halal food only. You help yourself to food getting a plate and piling what ever on it you want.

      Included in the buffet price of 12.95 per adult £6 per child aged 4-11years and free for under fours is salads, sauces, starters, sundries, main courses and desserts.

      From memory and i will have forgotton loads but there were salads pickles chutneys, various kebabs and chicken wings, pakoras, chips, pizza, chicken legs marinated, nan/roti, spring rolls, potato in batter, plain rice, rice cooked with lamb, biryani, lamb and chicken karahi, chicken madras, butter chicken, chicken tikka masala, chicken madras balti, lamb chops marinated, dhal chick peas, numerous other veetable dishes and a variety of deserts. Also they had a separate bay marie with non indian food - sweet and sour, lasagne, pasta, chicken pie, egg fried rice.

      The food was all absolutely gorgeous and the service was first class they constantly cleared your plate so u never actually went with a dirty plate for more food.

      The only let down were the toilets were a bit shabby the mens and ladies were the same just the disabled were nice.

      I would go again im cravin some more of their food now but its too far to go two days in a row


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        13.04.2010 21:25
        Very helpful



        Fantastic food at a great price

        Nawaabs is a Halal Indian Buffet Restaurant in the heart of Manchester catering for hundreds of customers in their busy venue on a daily basis.

        The restaurant has become a popular wedding venue amongst the Asian community and the repetation of Nawaabs stretches across many areas of England bringing customers from far and wide.

        The restaurant is situated in Levenshulme-and boasts carparking which is a blessing especially if you are travelling with a family. The decor is nice and tasteful, there are many Bollywood themed images situated in the restaurant which add a bit of glamour to the venue. There is also a nice, classy not tacky water feature in the entrance too.

        When you go into the setting area you will notice how 'cosy' it is-I personally think the tables are too close together however I assume that is to seat more people. A waiter comes over and takes your drinks orders (Nawaabs does not sell alcohol-nor make it be consumed on their property). The choices range from lovely lassis (a yogurt based drink) to familiar J2O.

        Not the buffet-just thinking about it makes me hungry.

        You start with the basics such as pickles, channa masala (chickpeas in sauce), salads, chutneys (Asian style) hummous, and so on to accompany the following:
        chicken tikkas, kebabs, delicious vegetable pakoras, masala fish, seekh kebabs to name but a few. You can see all being cooked freshly-and as soon as something starts running low it gets topped up. There's no discolouring stuff on display-everything literally is fresh!

        Then if you have space left over from the starters you have the mains. Oh my gosh, it's all so delicious!
        There's chicken curry, meat curry, meat with spinach, chicken with spinach, an array of daals (all lovely especially the tarka daal), there's a range of vegetable curries too-and then you have Haleem! A true desi dish. There's also pilaus, biriyanis, naan breads..and pizza (!!!!) for those who are less likely to enjoy the spicy food.
        There are so many mains it's hard to try them all in one visit.
        And if after munching your way through the long list of starters and mains you have space for dessert you will not be disappointed! There is fudge cake, carrot halwa, sooji halva, gulab jamun and a range of other Indian sweets and ice-creams! Delicious!
        One of the beauties of Nawaabs is you can go back and fill your plate as many times as you can. So if you prefer starters like my other half you can keep filling your plate with them until your bursting at the seams.

        The food is cooked fresh-and you can tell! The quality is fantastic and the price you pay in my humble opinion is reasonable considering it's an all you can eat. Here is some of the info off their website which is useful:

        What are your opening hours?
        Opening hours are as follows:
        Monday - Thursday 5:30 pm to 11:00 pm
        Friday - Saturday 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm
        Sunday 1:00 pm to 11:00 pm
        Note: Last orders are taken at 10:40 pm

        How much is it per person?
        The price of the food is set at £12 per person which excludes drinks.

        How much is it for children?
        The price of a child is set at £6 per head. Children aged 4 and above and less than 11 are charged £6 per head. Children aged 11 and above are charged £12 per head. Children aged less than 4 are not charged and are free.

        If you love the food, don't forget Nawaabs can do catering too!

        As small groups cannot book you can face a wait at peak times-so be warned!

        A great night out for Indian food lovers!


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        Restaurant and Banquet Hall.

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