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Paradise Takeaway (Leeds)

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Address: Address: 58 Church St / Hunslet / Leeds / West Yorkshire / LS10 2AR / Tel: 0113 276 0397

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    1 Review
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      15.04.2011 01:04
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      see review x

      Where to find them

      58 Church Street
      Tel: 01132760397


      Well inside the shop they have a big board showing all the food that they do and their prices, also on the counter they will have a menu for you to look at and/or take away with you. Also if you live local to them, you would probably have had a menu delivered to your door.

      The menu is pretty large with lots of different varieties of different foods, Pizza's, currys kebabs, burgers, omelettes plus many more, there really is a lot to chose from, they also do the meal deals, which seems a pretty good offers and do offer a slight discount on buying the items seperately. The meal deals are made for just two people though so if you are eating alone, unless you have a big appetite, this would be no good.


      Well I would say the prices are average, I have seen cheaper places but I have also seen more expensive places too. You can get an 11" margherita for £4 and your kebabs are £2.80p I could go on to list all the prices but I would be here all day, if you don't have a menu to hand you can always phone them and they would gladly tell you what the price of any item you would like. They are competative prices and I find them quite reasonable.

      Ordering in the shop

      When I used to walk home from the pub, before I got lazy and started getting taxi's, I used to always pop in here on my way home, my favorite was ordering a kebab, and I do only eat these when drunk loll. When you go into the shop the floors are clean and so is the counter. You can also see into the kitchen and could see that all the work units were kept clean, which I found reasuring. As you know your food is been well prepared.

      As soon as you go in there is staff ready to take your order, they don't preasure you into ordering, they just wait until you are ready. The staff are polite and take you order quickly and repeat the order back to you to ensure they got it all. They take you money then they tell you roughly how long you have to wait, depending on what you order depends on the waiting time, for my kebab it has usually been around 5-10 minutes which I found really good.

      Any toilets in the shop

      Well if you ask them they will say they don't but I was once really dying for the toilet, and knew they must have a toilet somewhere for the staff, so I asked and they said that it was for staff use only, so me been drunk said well if you don't let me go I will wee on your floor loll, lets just say they soon changed their mind and let me go through the back to their toilet, so the answer to that is yes and no a they usually won't let customers use it.

      Ordering over the phone

      This is really easy to do also, just phone the number on the menu tell them what you want, they will repeat it back to you and then will ask for your address and tell you it will be there within 30-45 minutes, and so far each time I have had it delivered it has arrived within the allotted time. The deliver driver is always polite, passes you your food then requests payment for the amount it has cost, a tip is always optional. The food has always still been warm when it has arrived so as soon as its ready they do send the order out.

      Opening times

      Sunday-Thursday = 5pm-1am
      Friday and Saturday = 5pm-2am

      The food

      I have ordered a variety of foods from here and they always give you very generous portions, one thing you can always guarantee in a meat dish is there will always be plenty of meat. The food is also always hot, although can be heated up in the microwave also. The food always tastes really good and I have never had any complaints with it yet. The meats are always nice and tender, the rice and pizzas are always cooked to perfection too.

      My overall opinion

      I will say I do use a lot of different take away's and I will not say this is one of the best, but it is very close the staff who work there are great and they always remember their regulars, I can ring up for an order and be on the phone ages with them just chatting loll. The prices are competative, the food tastes good, and you can see inside the shop that they have a very clean working area. So I would recommend trying this to anyone, the only thing I find is that my mouth gets burnt out by their chilli sauce loll, so only have this if you can handle something hot. This is a place that I will continue to order from, although like I said I do like to have a change also, so I rotate my take away places that I use now.


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