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Pizza On The Green (London)

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31 Haven Green, Ealing Broadway,London.W5 2NX.Tel:+44 20 8810 8338

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    1 Review
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      13.08.2009 17:36
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      Must try!


      31 Haven Green
      Ealing Broadway
      W5 2NX
      Tel:+44 20 8810 8338
      Fax:+44 20 8810 8338

      This is a little gem of a place which me and my husband has just discovered. Located opposite Haven Green (hence its name) and next to Ealing Broadway station, it has hidden away from me for all these years, swallowed up amongst the many other eateries surrounding it. It was only by chance that one particular evening, I didn't fancy another noodle dish, or GBK, or thai, that we ventured just that little bit further and discovered this restaurant. I adore this restaurant - everything from it's food to its décor!

      The Restaurant:

      This is billed as an Italian restaurant but unlike the other "fake" Italian chain restaurants in the area, this one does actually does delicious!

      As soon as you step into this restaurant, you are always greeted with a warm smile from a member of the waiting staff. O.K., I've never actually encountered what I perceive to be a genuine Italian waiter/waitress, but considering Ealing Broadway is a holiday job hotspot for Thames Valley Uni students, one can't blame the restaurant for who it decides to hire. After the initial smile and escourting to the table, you are next told the code to the toilets! You should have seen the look on me and my husbands face when we were first told this - how unusual and quirky! Only, be warned, pay attention to the code because when you do need to go, you actually do need the four digit code to get into the loos (more on that later!).
      The restaurant décor is so delicious, I can't tell you in words what it feels like to step into this place. I can only describe the layout as the back garden of a small London flat. You have exposed brickwork on the walls, with fake (yes, I checked) drain pipes running up the walls. Near the top are fake shutter windows with window ledges. Adorned across the ceiling and hanging down slightly are fairy lights entwined with growing vines. There is also a Narnia lamppost near the front of the restaurant and all the table and chairs on the lower level are beautiful garden furniture (and I'm not talking about those plastic table and chairs). Should you wish, you could always ask to be seated on the upper level on "proper" table and chairs, but I don't mind the hard chairs on the lower level. And all of this plus an amazing view of Haven Green out the window.


      I've only ever tried their pizzas but the restaurant does boast a wider variety of Italian food such as the pastas and secondi dishes.

      The pizzas are excellent! Delicious and extremely well-made - not too doughy, just the right amount of toppings and great tomato base sauce.
      However, I must give a massive shout out to their sticky toffee pudding - OH...MY....GOD!! This is one of the BEST tasting sticky toffee puddings I have EVER tasted!! Beware, it is devilishly good with high calorific and most probably fat content. But, one taste, and who cares! I always have mine with ice cream as the hot and cold of the desert is simply delicious and makes me giggle like an idiotic teenager experiencing their first love! And yes, I will happily divorce my husband and marry this pudding, no doubt, living happily ever after! The pudding is just the right sweetest to not make it sickly sweet, not too hot that it burns your tongue and the right amount of toffee sauce to not overwhelm you and make you sick after your pizza. A definite must try!


      As said before, the toilets are coded - for a reason. The restaurant opens quite late and facing the Green, whilst an advantage during the day because of the stunning view, is a disadvantage at night when the tramps and drunks come out to play at night! It is also acts as an added security for the diners. The toilets are located in the basement and to get to them, you must go out of the doors towards to excite, turn and go down - so essentially, a person off the street can just wonder in without having to go through the restaurant. The code is changed every day (yes, I asked) but is never a crazy set of numbers that makes it impossible to remember.


      I love this place! Reasonably priced, meal for two minus drinks is about £18 with no service included. The desert in itself makes this place a must try - I would travel to the end of this Earth to have that desert!


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    • Product Details

      Lendzioun, Pizza On The Green has combined old tradition Napoli recipes with new age Italian ones to create delicious menu, which would have new dishes, fresh pasta, pizza and home made dessert.He also introduces new dishes in order to take advantage of changing seasons.

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