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Discount bakery stores, currently in Northern England.

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    1 Review
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      17.10.2011 17:45
      Very helpful



      A good, cheaper alternative to the big boy in town

      What happens if you mix Greggs with Poundland? Well, you would get Pound Bakery. They are a new bakery that started up in 2010 and are currently based in several towns across the North West (mainly in Greater Manchester/Merseyside) but are expanding out with a store in Halifax, West Yorkshire.

      They are similar to Greggs (or for people in the North, similar to Sayers/Hampsons/Burneys as well), in that they offer pies, pasties, cakes and sandwiches. However, even though the name suggests that all products cost £1, this is not the case. While some products may cost £1 each, the £1 offer mainly applies to when buying two (or sometimes more) items. Another positive is that the multibuy offer is also a mix and match offer, which means you can buy two (or more) of the same item for £1 (such as cheese & onion pasties) or you can buy two different items for the same price (such as a pasty and a sausage roll).

      The range of products may be smaller to Greggs but the standard line of items are there. The more popular items of Greggs are availabe in PoundBakery, such as the cheese & onion pasty and the sausage roll, whilst they also sell a vegetarian version of the sausage roll, plus meat and potato pies and steak slices, which cost 80p each (50p for sausage roll) or two for £1, which makes it cheaper than Greggs if buying one items and certainly cheaper when buying two. Most single items will cost 80p, which includes loaves of bread, cakes and cups of coffee/tea.

      Some multibuy items are three or more for £1, such as scones, which are four for £1, doughnuts (3 for £1) and barm cakes/baps/muffins (depending on where you come from), which are 8 for £1. Some items that cost £1 each are sandwiches (such as chicken, egg mayo, cheese etc) and bacon or sausage barms, which are available at breakfast time.

      The products are also quite tasty and usually warm, unlike Greggs, where you run the chance of getting a cold/lukewarm pasty. In conclusion, if you're in the north of England and like getting your dinner from a Greggs, then maybe it's time to try the new boy, you might like it and so will your wallet/purse.


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