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Pride of Lincoln Pub (Lincoln)

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Address: Whisby Road / LN6 3QZ / Lincoln

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    1 Review
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      18.05.2010 20:25
      Very helpful



      A good pit stop

      ==Pride Of Lincoln Pub, Lincolnshire==

      Having recently visited some of Himself's family members up in Lincolnshire, we were taken to a favourite eating venue of theirs and this was "The Pride of Lincoln".

      ==Venue and Appearance==

      It is fairly easy to find as it is situated in a small area just off the Lincoln by-pass and the signs on the outside of the building are large enough for it to be seen from miles! So we already knew where we were going to as we had passed it on the long drive up from the Isle of Wight to Lincolnshire.

      The surrounding area is not overly picturesque but is indeed nice enough. The outside area of the pub/restaurant itself is very well maintained which gave it a clean and welcoming feel which I liked and felt I could eat quite comfortably.

      There is a very large car park outside the place and this would be enough I should think for even the busiest of days as it has space for 150 cars plus there are 8 disabled spaces which are very close to the main entrance which is very good for a pub to have done.

      Outside to the rear there is a small outdoor children's play area that looked fairly safe and tidy although adult supervision is need at all times. Children are fully welcome in the pub until 9.30 at night and of course this is really indicated by the play area and indeed the children's menu which is on offer. There are also a couple of those large umbrellas that have heaters built into the underneath of them which gives a nice warmth out when sneaking out for a naughty cigarette or two.

      ==Inside the Pub==

      Inside the pub, I found it to look clean and very well presented. The tables were clean and although slightly cluttered with all the various types of menus not sticky or covered with dust collecting fake flowers or the like.

      The main reason we had been brought to this particular place to eat was the special menu that the pub has on offer which is where you can buy two meals for £10. Himself's mother had been previously and had eaten "the best steak in her life" so with words such as these how could we have anything other than the steak.


      The menu from which the 2 for £10 offer is available was considerably larger than I would have thought and did offer a little bit for everyone with 8 oz steaks, chicken Caesar salads, lasagne's and a whole host of other typical pub grub food that you would expect to find, but a large selection for the special offer.

      There was also a children's menu which was a little small but there was the option to "pick and mix" your three different items so we opted for chicken nuggets, chips and beans. Of course this menu was pretty much pub standard food but again for a cheap price of £4.95 pence it was very reasonable.

      The drinks we received were all of a good standard and prices were more or less what you would pay when going out for a drink anywhere. They accepted my goldfish visa card for buying drinks at the bar which I was thankful for as, like the queen, I don't carry any real money with me. The glasses were all clean and polished which is a total must for me as you can guess what the kitchens would look like on a place that has lipstick stained glasses!

      Practically al the 8 adults at our table had the 8 oz steak, which came with chips, peas and onion rings. One person did opt for a salad with a side order of garlic bread and my little man Jack had his children's dinner. This all arrived at the same time and with us only having to wait a really short time (personally I would have liked a little longer to have drunk another vodka and coke but I couldn't really complain).


      The food all came out and I couldn't believe the size of Jack's children's dinner, and neither could he. It was far too large and he was instantly put off by the mountain of food and did take some coaxing to eat any of it. His chicken nuggets did appear to be made from chunks of chicken breast and not the reformed much that McDonald's do so that was a nice bonus.

      All the steaks came out on large plates and were filled up nicely. However the onion rings were missing off everyone's and with a quick word with the waitress she popped back into the kitchen only to be informed that they didn't actually have any onion rings left but would we like to have some garlic bread instead. We really didn't have much choice other than to accept the garlic bread which did probably work out better as the bread was a large slab and she bought us three to share amongst us. This of course didn't please the one member of the group who had actually paid for her garlic bread as an extra as there was now far too much garlic bread to go around!

      The food that we did get however was very tasty and I can't see how they could have made any real profit from serving up such a nice 8 oz steak such as they did and only charging £5 for it. The steak was cooked to just how I like it as a medium and everyone else was pleased with the meal that they had.

      The portions were all of a good size and the chips were clean and tasty so you know that they had not been cooked in old and dirty oil.


      We cleared our plates in no time and more or less finished the mega amount of garlic bread we had too. No-one needed any dessert (although I probably could have squeezed one in, always the glutton) and the plates were cleared from our table.

      The waitress who was serving us had only started that night and did appear to be rather nervous which showed most when she picked up Old Man Himself's plate which had a pot of the garlic bread dipping sauce still left on it and managed to cover Old Man Himself from his shirt, to his pale jeans and even managed to get a little bit on his shoes and socks! We all had a good laugh but the waitress was ever so apologetic and I don't think Old Man Himself found it quite so amusing as we all did. Plus the fact that then Jack wanted to see what we were all laughing about and proceeded to knock the rest of his drink over the table on to Old Man Himself which caused even more of a mess and even more laughter from the group!

      After so much laughter and a few drinks I did have to take myself and little Jack to the toilets and these were of a fair standard. There were plenty of toilet cubicles in the ladies and these were all stocked well with toilet tissue and all looked pretty clean and mess free. The sink area had adequate soap and was again kept clean with no water splashed over the sides which drives me mad when I am trying to hold Jack up to wash his little hands as invariably he gets wet trousers! But this was all up to scratch and passed my standards.

      =My Opinion==

      On the whole though I would say that we had a very nice and affordable meal from eating at The Pride of Lincoln. I do believe that it is also a sort of Inn and there are around 20 different bedrooms upstairs but I cannot really make any comment on this as we had no dealing with this side of things and it didn't really seem that sort of place to me.

      I think that for £10 for 2 steak and chips, you can't really go too wrong. The prices were reasonable and the wide menu really does cater for most people. There are special nights such as a quiz night which takes place on a Tuesday from 9 pm so I would think if you are not interested in that then avoid this day.

      But the menu I spoke of is going on all day every day (except bank holidays) and the pub serves food from 12 noon to 10 pm and 9.30 pm on a Sunday. There are other special menus such as a lunch time one where you can have a main meal, dessert and a soft drink all for just £5 or on a Sunday they have a special roast dinner menu, again for a reasonable price.

      So really there is a good choice when visiting this pub. There are rooms, if needed, the food is of a good standard and served all day at a reasonable price. The drinks are presented well and again priced reasonably. Children are made to feel welcome and they even gave jack some colouring pencils and paper which occupied him for a minute or so!

      I think a score of 3 out of 5 stars is good for The Pride of Lincoln. The area is okay and the pub is pretty well, pub like. I think it was overall mediocre but the food was tasty and cheap which you really can't complain about. It wasn't anything over special but it suited us for a quick and tasty bite to eat.

      I think I would recommend this to families who are in the area and wanting a quick piot stop to re-fuel but not expecting anything other than pub-grub.

      Check out the pub some more at;


      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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