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Quayside Restaurant & Bar 7 (Whitby)

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3 Reviews

7 Pier Road, Whitby, North Yorkshire, YO21 3PU, Tel: +44 (0) 1947 602059.

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    3 Reviews
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      14.06.2011 21:34
      Very helpful



      OK, but didn't live up to my expectations

      When we visited Whitby recently, we decided to visit the Quayside restaurant which is located in Whitby harbour. Before I go any further, although listed as Bar 7 and Quayside, we didn't go into the Bar 7 part, I'm not actually sure what the Bar 7 part is...as far as I can tell it's some sort of bar or nightclub tagged onto the restaurant. This review will concentrate only on the Quayside part, which is a fish and chip restaurant.

      We chose this as we had walked past earlier that morning when in the harbour and noticed that it had won several awards, including Best fish and chip shop in Yorkshire. Now, I don't want to take anything away from them, but it seems wherever we go recently there are award winning fish and chip restaurants...we regularly go to Carlo's when we're in Alnwick and there's one in South Shields we go to called Colman's, both of which have won similar awards. I was interested to see how the Quayside would measure up.

      The outside of the restaurant is painted a dark green colour with window boxes upstairs. It looks quite nice and inviting and there are two separate entrances, one for take-away, one for the restaurant, which are clearly posted.

      When we went in it was around 1pm and very busy. There were only two spare tables when we arrived, yet a waitress came over to us almost immediately, seated us and gave us a menu each.

      The table we were seated at was close to the kitchen and waitresses were coming in and out constantly. I felt quite cramped and as though I was having to pull my chair in constantly to let the staff get past. Also we were very close to the next table, something that always makes me feel uncomfortable, as I not only felt that our conversation was being listed in to, but that we were almost trespassing on our neighbours conversation too. Other than the tables being close together, the interior of the restaurant was quite nice, and all the awards are displayed on the walls.

      I am not a huge lover of fish, I have to admit, but usually with fish and chip restaurants, there is also a wide range of non-fish dishes. As far as I remember there were only three non-fish options, one of which was steak pie, I can't remember what the other two were, but I think one was a vegetarian option. I didn't fancy any of them, so I eventually decided on the fish cakes and my boyfriend ordered cod and chips.

      It's worth noting there is also a kids menu available, I can't remember seeing any high chairs, but as people were being asked to leave prams in an area near to the door, I assume they must be some, as I doubt they expect you to eat with a baby on your knee.

      Despite the restaurant being busy we didn't have to wait too long for the food to be brought out. The portions were bigger than I had expected, but I suppose I'd rather have too much food than leave hungry! I had two large fish cakes and they were quite thick too. They were served with chips and salad, and a little pot of what I assumed to be tartar sauce, but I just put this to one side. Other condiments were supplied on the table.

      Given all the awards that were shown everywhere, I must admit the actual taste of the food was really a let down for me. The fish cakes didn't taste of fish at all to me...they were packed with herbs and had a very herby taste which overpowered the taste of the fish completely. The texture was also very unusual and although I ate the first one, I left the second. I must say, my boyfriend said that his cod was lovely, and he enjoyed it.

      The salad that came with the fish cakes was lovely and tasted fresh, however we both agreed that we were disappointed by the chips. They were very ordinary and not as nice as the chips that we get at the other two restaurants I have mentioned, or even our local chippy to be honest.

      The toilets were clean enough, but I did have one problem, which was that I couldn't get the tap to work. Another woman there, was having the same problem, so eventually we both gave up!

      The price of our two meals as well as two soft drinks was just under £20 as far as my memory serves me. I think my fish cakes were around £7, my boyfriend's cod around £9 and the rest of the cost must have been made up by the drinks.

      Overall, whilst this was a nice enough meal and I would go again, the standard of the food was not as great as I would have expected and the tables too crammed in to a small space, which is perhaps why it wouldn't be my first choice next time we visit Whitby.


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        31.05.2009 11:05
        Very helpful



        a good choice of fish & chip restaurant that gets lots of brownie points for its family friendliness

        Since my dad had come up to visit us in sunny Yorkshire this week we decided to take a trip to Whitby to take our young son on to the beach and have some great fish and chips.

        Most of the past times we have been to Whitby we have gone to The Magpie Cafe which is just down the road from the Quayside but as the queue was very long for the magpie and we didn't think you could reasonably ask a 16 month old to queue quietly we decide to sample the Quayside this trip and we were not disappointed by our decision at all.

        The Quayside has several awards including Young Fish Frier of the Year 2004/5, and also the Les Routiers Café of the Year 2005, and has now won Top Fish & Chip Shop in Yorkshire in the National Fish & Chip Shop of the Year competition 2008. This makes the Quayside one of the top 20 shops in the whole of the UK.

        Now I have to admit I didn't know this till we were stood waiting for our table and reading the wards board by the entrance to the shop.

        Our experience-

        We joined a short queue o get a table only two people were in front of us and we were seated within 5 minutes which given it was 12.45 on a busy Thursday in Whitby during the school holidays I didn't think this was bad.

        We were shown to our table by friendly waiting staff. The table was lovely and clean and set for three adults and a highchair. The highchair suited our son well as this was the type of highchair that pulls up to the table rather than having a tray over it and our son seemed to think this was brilliant.
        My only criticism of this was the high chair could of done with better straps to hold our wriggling son in place.

        We all choose the haddock and chips with a side order of homemade mushy peas. This was priced at £8.95. For our son we ordered from the children's menu we choose for him scampi chips and beans.

        There is a full drinks menu including a wine list we all had a glass of the house wine which was lovely and cool and fresh tasting.

        During the wait our son threw his cutlery to the floor this was our own cutlery for him but as soon as the waitress saw what had happened she came over and offered to wash them for us. Big brownie points for child friendliness in my book.

        Our food arrived without too long a wait. The Fish was well coated in a nice crisp and light batter that wasn't dripping in fat. As we cut into it you could see the lovely pearlescent flakes of the fish cooked just right so it was lovely and moist. The chips had that lovely crunch on the outside and soft potato inside that makes a great chip. The mushy peas were severed in their own ramekin dish these were a pleasant real pea green rather than the fluorescent type you some times see. the peas though mushy also had a texture and were still round there was no outer husks in the mushy peas meaning they were just peas with no nasty bits.

        My sons portion of scampi chips and beans were probably the right size for a five year old but he made a great effort with the scampi. The scampi was bread crumbed with a good crisp to the outside and nice tender bits of scampi inside. The only criticism that I have of this is it was too hot for him to eat straight away and as he was hungry he found it a bit difficult to wait till it cooled down for him. I think if they are doing children's food maybe they could cook theirs a few minutes ahead of the adult meals so it would be the right temperature for them.

        Sauce's these were all Heinz ones in little sachets now I hate getting sachets in restaurants as you seem to spend ages trying to get into them and you always need more than one. So for my taste it would of been better if these had come in dishes, bottles or squeeze things anything but sachets.

        There is a dessert menu with most of the usual choices of hot chocolate puddings ice creams etc. As the fish and chips filled us all up we didn't sample these.

        We also used the baby changing facilities that this restaurant offer It was located within the disabled toilet so either mum or dad could change the little one. There was a nappy changing pull down down thing ( I am sure it has a posh name but cant think of it!) This was lovely and clean and the toilets were very hygienic.


        This is a great family friendly restaurant. Its all on one level so easy for pushchairs. The service definitely is family friendly. The food was great lovely fresh fish that probably was landed and caught just a few minutes away from the restaurant. We will definitely be going back there on our next trip to Whitby. Good value for money if you are planning on eating fish and chips inside a restaurant in Whitby rather than on the pier.


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          30.05.2007 13:22
          Very helpful



          Beats any of the other fish shops in Whitby!

          If you like fish and chips then pay a visit to the Quayside fish shop/restaurant in Whitby! I promise you that you will never have tasted better fish and chips!!!! And what is more, the fish is so fresh because it has probably just been caught that day!!!!

          Quayside is situated at 7 Pier Road, Whitby in North Yorkshire, right on the seafront, just a few yards away from another famous fish shop. However, having sampled both restaurants I can honestly say that I much prefer Quayside. Their prices are more competitive too, but I would say the quality is better.

          The licensed restaurant is spacious and spotlessly clean, it is on the level too so ideal for disabled visitors. High chairs are provided for youngsters. The toilets are clean and adequate.

          Stuart Fusco of the restaurant was voted Young Fish Fryer of the year in 2004, and I wouldn't be surprised if he achieves the same again.

          The staff are all friendly and extremely efficient, even at busy times.

          The fish and chips are non greasy, the batter on the fish is golden and crispy, just how Yorkshire fish and chips should be!!!! The portion sizes are more than generous too! You can have extras, such as a portion of mushy peas, and of course bread and butter and a cup of tea or other drink.

          You don't just have to have fish and chips however, there are other items on the menu, including several varieties of fish, and there is also a children's menu.

          Good value for money too, at around ten pounds per person, depending on what you choose of course.

          The takeaway is situated right next to the restaurant and again their food is just as good as if you eat in.

          Above the restaurant is Bar 7 which is owned by the same family. Check out the website for more information on both establishments:


          Quayside is open every day from 11 am between Easter and October and all school holidays throughout the year. Out of season it is open weekends only and is closed all January and December (except school holidays). In high season the last frying is around 8 pm, but varies according to demand.

          Inside the restaurant has seating for 80 and at peak times can be very busy, but I have been surprised at how quickly the queues disperse due to the efficiency of the establishment.

          The restaurant is non smoking throughout and fully air conditioned, decor is in dark green and the marble topped tables are cleaned thoroughly and cleared as soon as diners finish, ready for the next people.

          I cannot recommend this place too highly, in fact writing this review has made my mouth water!!

          If you are in Whitby do give it a try. You can't miss Quayside, it is situated near the amusement arcades and has a long frontage, painted dark green. An ideal place to take the family after a day at the seaside!
          Or even worth a trip to Whitby just for the fish and chips!!!


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