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Red Hot World Buffet & Bar (Liverpool)

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4 Reviews

Address: Liverpool One / The Terrace / Paradise Street / Liverpool One / Liverpool / L1 8JF/ Tel: 0151 707 9688

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    4 Reviews
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      30.12.2012 19:16
      Very helpful



      Good food, great variety, nice atmosphere

      When a person lives to eat, rather than eating to live then a variety of the World's cusine under one roof is always a good thing. I recently visited the Red Hot World Buffer and Bar in Liverpool whilst on a christmas shopping trip with my daughter.

      Based in Liverpool One, in the city centre, and tucked away in a corner of the main restaurant/eatery section of the area, i have to say i was most impressed. It is a large restaurant, and it was about half full when we arrived at about 5.45pm on a Wednesday evening. As soon as we arrived, we were shown to a table and the very helpful waiter asked if we had been before. My daughter had, but i hadn't, so he provided me with lots of information on where i could find all the different foods and how i could help myself as often as i wanted to all the delights on display. He also explained that there were chefs behind some of the areas so if you wanted a dish cooking fresh, just ask and they will do it. They wer called made to order stations and include pasta, noodle bar, fish grilled counter, chargrill and made to oder chinese stir fry.

      The restaurant was bright and airey with lots of room. My one complaint would be that the toilets were upstairs so not good if you have a disability! However the toilets were extremely clean and fresh. We sat quite a long way from the food stations but that was fine because there isn't anything wrong with some exercise between courses and with so much food on offer, a walk or two is wise. Now on to the food itself.

      On offer was a range of starters which included salads, sushi, fresh meats and cheeses and fruits, as well as chinese, indian and italian, thai and mexican starters. I opted for sushi with salad and some fresh ham slices which was delightful washed down with a good crisp white wine.

      I then chose to visit the Italian section where i had a good slice of peperroni pizza and then chose mexican chilli pork and meatballs in the most delicious sauce. I felt relaxed because i could eat when i wanted to and wasn't pushed into rushing through my meal. The food was warm enough and there was plenty of it so my idea of heaven.

      After a break for a good chat and another glass of wine, we chose from a great selection of cakes and puddings including a Sundae Counter where you make your own ice cream sundae. My favourite is Apple Crumble which i ate with much vigour whilst my daugter chose a sundae. We both finished off with some fresh fruit. Prices range from around £9.99 for lunch up to 4pm then 5pm to about 10.30pm it is £12.99 but i understand prices are under review. These prices do not include drinks. All in all, a great place when you feel like a variety of foods. Gift vouchers are available from £20 if stuck for an idea for a present.

      This review is also available, with alterations on Ciao under flashjules123 (this is me)


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      08.12.2011 22:34
      Very helpful



      Great food, Great atmosphere and lovely welcoming staff all at a reasonable price

      My all time favourite place to eat!!!

      I live in Liverpool and love going to eat at red hot. I don't know how they do it but you can go in of a day while out shopping and it is just a great place to eat, and it my favourite place to go out for a meal of an evening where i can get dressed up and spend a great evening with my friends, family or my partner.
      Red hot is an all you can eat buffet including foods from all around the world including Indian, Chinese, Italian and Tex Mex and many more. A lot of the food is put out in covered dishes or on hot plates and you can go up get as many plates as you like with whatever food you like. There are also food stations where great chefs will make up meals in front of you, where you can choose what you want, for example the Italian workstation allows you to create your own pasta (which freshly made sauce, which pasta shape meat any vegetable etc), this service is available to create your own stir fry's and other dishes. It is nice ad refreshing to see the meal you are about to eat being prepared in front of your eyes as you know it is fresh, has not been sitting warming for hours and you know exactly what is in it. I think this is great because both my family and I are fussy eaters and we can never decide on what we feel like and so this just seems the natural place where we always end up. There are also deserts but personally I feel there is very little choice of these and I personally do not like them however I am usually to full to have any desert anyway.

      The staff are all very friendly and extremely welcoming. They are all extremely attentative as when you have finished one plate of food and go to get another your first will have been moved by the time you get back.

      If you are going to attend the restaurant I would advise you to book it gets extremely busy especially of a weekend and evening services. They also cater for large parties and we have gone there for birthdays and work meals etc, and the staff has always been great, creating large tables and giving excellent service.

      The prices of the meals are as follows:

      Day Lunch Dinner
      Mon-Thurs £7.99 £12.99
      Friday £7.99 £13.99
      Saturday £8.99 £14.99
      Sunday £9.99 £12.99

      And children under ten eat for half price.

      I personally feel that this is great value for money for the amount of food you eat while you are here, however the drinks are quite expensive but on a par with other restaurants in the are

      In all I think this red hot world buffet is a great place to go and eat, great food great atmosphere and lovely welcoming staff all at a reasonable price what more could you ask for!!!


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      02.08.2011 11:06
      Very helpful



      Not somewhere to visit if you have no self control with food

      I visited the Red Hot Buffet in Liverpool a few months ago with a couple of work colleagues. I had never been before but we were looking for somewhere to go for lunch as one of our colleagues was leaving us, and someone suggested the Red Hot Buffet. The people I went with had been before, and assured me it's a great meal and I wouldn't come away hungry.

      We reserved a table as we were going on our lunch break so we thought it would probably be peak time. The first thing I noticed was that it's quite a large dining area, and it was very well presented with nice tables and layout. We were escorted to our seats and our drinks order was taken. I was a bit overwhelmed by the choice of food and wasn't too sure where to start, so one of my colleagues took the lead and I went with her to suss it all out.

      I was very impressed with the standard of the food which was much better than what you would usually associate with buffets. There was a vast choice of food ranging from all cultures and even the fussiest of eaters would have found something suitable. I particularly enjoyed the range of curries and Chinese dishes, and was only disappointed that I couldn't fit much on my plate without having to keep going back.
      I jumped straight in with some noodles and curry, and then on the way back to my chair I noticed there was an area for starters. First mistake out of the way. I then had to have my meal in reverse order as I didn't want to miss out on the vol-au-vents and appetisers which I have to say were top quality.

      I love pasta but didn't really see much going on by the pasta bar. There were a few empty steel containers so I presume they weren't offering this on the day I visited. I had a couple of slices of pizza instead. My final visit to the main course area involved Chinese food, I had some sweet and sour and black bean dishes, with prawn toast and noodles.

      I didn't really have room for dessert but thought I'd give it a try anyway! There were lots of miniatures of different types of cakes and cheesecakes, and mini tarts and mousses. It reminded me of those Iceland packs you get where they're all miniatures, but they tasted much much nicer. There was a station for kids to help themselves to sweets, and also a guy serving ice cream so you could pick your own flavour. I tried strawberry and also the bubblegum flavour, but bizzarely this was served onto the plate I had picked up (which was still hot from the dishwasher) and so I had to eat it quickly so it didn't melt everywhere.
      Service isn't really an issue as it's self serve in this restaurant, but if you run out of drinks you'll be in trouble as you'll either have to try and grab someone's attention, or wander to the bar to ask someone for a fresh drink.

      The best part of this restaurant is the variety of different food which means you'll try allsorts of things you wouldn't usually try, and also the value for money. You can eat as much as you like for £7.95, although I believe it's a fair bit more expensive at weekends and some evenings. As we were leaving we had a waiter chase after us to ask if we'd paid which gave us a laugh! But we were in a hurry to get back to work and didn't fancy walking too fast so we'd just left the money on the table and left. Still, I've done this before and never been chased down by a waiter, you'd think they'd check your table before running after you!

      I will definitely be returning to this restaurant, but not as a regular thing because I'd put far too much weight on if I ate here often.


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      22.08.2010 20:48
      Very helpful



      great for variety, cheap, nice decor, fun with friends, don't expect great things.

      I recently decided to try Red Hot Buffet when I met up with a friend for lunch, we figured this would be ideal as we are both so indecisive and at £7.99 per head (in the week) who can complain?
      It was pretty busy when we arrived so we were asked to wait in the upstairs bar areas for 15 minutes, after about 5 minutes we were told there was a table ready. The table we were given was upstairs, which we didn't mind so much but it would have been nice to be consulted first. We were quickly asked what we would like to drink, we went for the cheapest pink wine! It was around £13 for a bottle of rose.
      We headed downstairs to the buffet and started on salads and oriental starters spring rolls etc. Some of the salads were delicious, especially a broccoli and cream cheese one.

      After a few hours of catching up and a fair few trips to the buffet, we had managed to sample food from around the globe. Nothing stands out to me as being amazing, but it was a buffet after all. The price included deserts which was supposed to included flambeed fruit, but we didn't see that! We opted for some jelly sweets and a slice of cheesecake, which was bland to say the least, it didn't actually taste of anything at all! After we had paid we sneaked back for a few handfuls of the jelly sweets to take with us!

      The website boasts of 'live stations' where you can have fresh pasta and noodles prepared by a chef, we didn't notice much of that going on, but we were fine with the selections on offer.

      For a full range buffet and dessert I think you cannot complain due to the reasonable price, not sure I will be rushing back there but it was the ideal location to take our time and catch up with an old friend.

      I think it would be great for a large party, it has a very cool, modern decor and the drinks prices didn't look too bad, I noticed cocktails were £4.45 which isn't bad going.

      Looking back at the website makes the trip seem a little disappointing however...

      SUSHI - I wish! This was nowhere to be seen.
      SEAFOOD BAR - A sign above the salad bar indicated this but there was no sign of fishes.
      COLD MEAT CUTS - nope
      BREAD DISPLAY - nope
      SIMPLE & COMPOUND SALADS - maybe 4 different ones?

      MADE TO ORDER PASTA STATION - spotted serving once
      MADE TO ORDER NOODLE BAR - spotted un-staffed
      CHINESE STIR FRY - unsure if I noticed this
      CHARGRILL - no way! I would have noticed this!

      CHINESE/THAI/JAPANESE - not much variety
      INDIAN - yes plenty on offer here
      MEXICAN - yes good selection

      FRUIT FLAIR (MAKE YOUR OWN COMPOTE WITH LIQUEUR) - no :( although it was lunch time?!
      PUDDINGS & CAKES - various bland cheesecakes and some sponge cakes plus creme brulee.
      FRUIT CUTS - yes good selection
      GELATO HOME MADE SUPER PREMIUM ITALIAN ICE CREAM - Slightly exaggerated description, the flavours were brightly coloured, nothing that could be achieved without additives and it didn't taste great (I have been to italy!)
      FRUITS - not other than the cut fruit
      COULIS - no.

      okay okay the website probably shows all the options and not all will be on at once (or at lunch) but I still feel a little let down now!

      Obviously not the kind of place you would go to expect great things from anyway, so keep this in mind and you should enjoy!


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