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Red Hot World Buffet & Bar (Manchester)

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2 Reviews

Address: 48 Deansgate / Manchester / M3 2EG

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    2 Reviews
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      09.04.2013 13:31



      I went here together with my friends and I can say that nothing is really impressive. The place and the food are so ordinary and simple. Service wise, yes its good but that was it. It's ok to go here and ok if not but I'll suggest you to find another :)


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      08.04.2013 19:38
      Very helpful



      I love it!

      A couple of Christmases ago we tried to book in to the Red Hot world buffet and bar in Liverpool for our annual meet up which my cousins and I always do. Sadly as we had left it late they couldn't fit us in and so we were all a bit disappointed but soon forgot about it. Fast forward to early January 2013 and when visiting Manchester the relatively new Red Hot buffet place caught my eye and my friend and I decided to go there for our evening meal. I have since been another two times with a different friend for lunch and it is only early February! This is my review of the establishment.

      ==What is it?==

      Red Hot world buffet is basically an all you can eat restaurant which offers food from lots of places in the world. You will find Chinese, Mexican, Indian, Italian, English, Japenese, Thai as well as a good selection of salad bars and desserts too!

      There are Red Hot world buffets in Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Cardiff, Milton Keynes, Northampton and Nottingham and I would imagine they will be looking to expand further in the future as well.

      The restaurants offer different time slots and menus depending on the time that you visit and you will have to wait for these times before you are allowed entrance to the buffet.


      Monday-Friday 7am-10.30am £6.49 Breakfast is not available on a Saturday or Sunday.


      Monday-Friday 12.00-4.00pm £8.49
      Saturday and Sunday 12.00-4pm £9.99


      Monday-Thursday 5-10.30pm £13.99
      Friday 5-11.00pm £14.99
      Saturday 5-11.00pm £14.99
      Sunday 5-10.30pm £13.99

      You will find that there are more selections during the evening buffet and so this is reflected in the price. Childen are served at half the price of an adult meal and I have seen many children when I have visited and so I think it is quite a family friendly place to go.

      ==Red Hot world buffet Manchester==

      As this is the only Red Hot buffet that I have visited my review will focus on the Manchester restaurant but I do think they are all pretty much the same in terms of what the offer and the standards they expect and such like.

      The Manchester restaurant is situated at 48 Deansgate and so is in a very central easy to locate part of Manchester as this is what is the main road through the city centre. You can contact the restaurant on 0161 819 1240 and I would advise you book for a large party where possible but I have not booked on any of the occasions I have been with friends as there was just the two of us and we were seated without any problems at all.

      At the entrance of the restaurant there is a huge poster which details some of the foods you may find inside which I think is useful for just having a quick browse to see if it is somewhere you would like to go but I think for the most part there would be something to please everyone in this place!

      The seating area of the restaurant is upstairs but there is a lift in the bar area so that people can take their prams up there if they wish. The corridor upstairs is quite narrow but people seem to manage ok and get to their tables.

      You will be shown to a table by a member of staff and they usually write their name on to a paper table mat on your table so that you know who your server is. There are plenty of staff working in this restaurant though and I have to say we aren't often seen by the same person as they seem to just wander around taking peoples used plates and such like. This isn't an issue for me personally as I have never had a problem needing dealing with but I would point out there are various members of management recognisable on the restaurant floor too should you have anything you wish to be dealt with. You will be asked have you visited Red Hot before and if you haven't they will give you a quick run down of what to do and things and so I was glad of this the first time I went as we were a bit nervous having never been somewhere like this before. You can also order drinks at your table and these are not included in the buffet price. I think it would be better to add a couple of pounds to the buffet price for soft drinks perhaps and then if you want alcohol then obviously you can order them separately. My sister says the Red Hot buffet do lovely cocktails but I haven't tried them personally!

      The process is really simple and you simply enter the buffet through an open doorway and get yourself a plate and then mooch around the clearly marked sections until you get the food that you want! I personally prefer to take it section by section so will have some Chinese, then have Indian for example afterwards. It really depends on my mood on the day though! There are some sections where you can have your own pasta made to order or your own teppanyaki made to order too but this isn't something that I have had done as of yet!

      I nearly always start with the Chinese food and there is a good selection of starters that you can have on your plate such as prawn crackers, ribs, duck and pancakes, spring rolls etc. I always have sweet and sour chicken when I go here because I think it is really nice and the chicken is plentiful in the sweet and sour sauce but there are many other traditional Chinese main meals on offer too as well as rices, stir fried vegetable and things as well. The stir fried vegetable is actually so lovely as it is crisp and comes in a garlic sauce which is so yummy!

      There is a section with tex mex style foods and on there you will find the chips and wedges that you can of course have with any of your other meals. Nacho's peri peri chicken, corn on the cob and things can be found here. My friend and I do really enjoy making our own nachos and adding salsa, soured cream and jalapenos here.

      The Italian section offers things like pizza and pasta and whilst I haven't tried the pasta the pizzas are generally nice. They aren't just your boring cheese and tomato and you may have spicy chicken or roasted vegetable too. They are often different each time we go and that is something that we like really as it is nice to try different things.

      The sushi bar isn't something that I would personally go near but it is only on in an evening and seemed quite popular on the night that I went with my friend! I am too much of a coward to try sushi as I don't think I would like it!

      I really enjoy the Indian section in the Red Hot buffet and there is a good selection of starters such as bhaji's, kebabs or Bombay potato to begin with. You can also have naan, popadoms and chutneys to your hearts desires but they are made in to small pieces so to avoid waste as people often have eyes bigger than their bellies! I really like the chicken tikka massalla here and the chicken is always nice and tender whilst the sauce is creamy but has a little kick to it as well.

      What I think is pretty much the law when you go somewhere like this is you need to sample lots of desserts. The Red Hot buffet are wise in that most things are small and so you only have tiny little strawberry mousses, or carrot cakes but they do also have larger cakes which are available to cut in to. There are some gorgeous fruit based ones with mousse that I really enjoy. For the evening meals there is also a made to order pancake and American waffle stand where you can get these and numerous sauces drizzled on them as well as an ice cream stall too!

      What I think the worry is with somewhere like this is you think that the food is going to be mass produced crap basically and that you aren't really going to enjoy the experience. I have to say though the two friends I have been with are notoriously fussy and one said that they were going to have to bring her fiancé with her whilst the other and I have visited a couple of times since the first time so I do think that says a lot. I like how I am able to try new things if I want and I don't have to like them as I can just leave them on my plate and go and get something new if needs be. The food is decent quality considering it is a all you can eat buffet though and I have enjoyed most of the things I have picked up and tried here.

      Obviously the thing with somewhere like this is you are going to eat a lot. I will usually head up for two main meals such as Chinese and Indian and then I will usually get a good selection of small puddings to try as well. If you go here I find that I do not need to have an evening meal if I go for lunch and vice versa should I go for an evening meal. You will leave feeling very full up but I think that is the idea with somewhere like this and it isn't the kind of place you are going to be eating at all the time anyway.
      I like how I am able to take my time with my food and I do not feel rushed here to leave. There are plenty of tables within the restaurant and although they are relatively close together I do not feel too crowded. I prefer to sit near to the window which is furthest away from the buffet but also offers less hustle and bustle as you eat than those in the mid section.

      I would certainly recommend the Red Hot world buffet to anyone really and I am glad that I go to try it because it is one of my favourite places to eat out now. I am hoping to be able to take my son to try it over half term week because I think he would quite like the fact that he can try lots of different things. I think you get good value for money here and I would say if you want to see the restaurant with all its offerings then you are best visiting on an evening.

      Thank you for reading my review!


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