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Red Hot World Buffet & Bar (Nottingham)

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5 Reviews

Nottingham 38-46 Goosegate Hockley Nottingham NG1 1FF 0115 958 9899

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    5 Reviews
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      09.03.2013 12:51
      Very helpful



      Waiting so long your stomach closes up

      For my friend's 21st birthday, we decided to go to the Red Hot World Buffet which I've previously heard a lot about and booked a table the night before. On the day, they rang me to confirm the booking which I thought was quite professional...

      until we arrived at the restaurant itself. The frontage was small and we nearly missed the entrance. The big metal globe is evidence for everything that is wrong with postmodern signage. Entering the glass doors, we were greeted with an airport check in desk and travel decor which was sublime. It was the most interesting restaurant in terms of interior design I have ever been to- lamps attached to suitcases to the walls, A passport control desk, exposed ducts and pipes (like an airplane hangar), wide double doors, airport signage and so on...

      Thankfully we had all this to look at because despite arriving bang on time at 7.30pm, we waited for another hour before being seated. Ridiculous. The point of a booking is that we should be seated at the time of our booking. If we wanted to be seated at 8.30 we would have made a reservation at 8.30. Fine, it is a buffet restaurant, a wait is expected, but an hour is a whole new level of crazy.

      As we turned the corner to the buffet zone- wow- an oasis of food. It was, as my friend described it, like a supermarket in scale. Each station had a different world cuisine, matched by decor, sculptures and signage.

      Everything was very exciting to look at and each time you went to look for food was a different experience. I had sushi to start with (which wasn't too great- the rice was kind of hard and the seafood wasn't that fresh- but it was acceptable), followed by some dim sum (which was better than expected) and a first round a dessert (yes I have a sweet tooth and cannot resist).

      The range of dessert was amazing- great to look at and they had a great variety, but the actual taste was not that great. Most of them were not chilled enough and left exposed to heat up by the mass of people around it. However, the dessert section did have one redeeming factor which I will talk about later.

      At the 'Mongolian grill', the skewers were quite yummy and the teppan (metal plate) noodles (you pick the noodles, meat, veg and sauces yourself before they cook it for you) was quite delicious- probably one of the better stations.

      I actively avoided potatoes, rice, bread etc but they had a great range of pizzas and chips, curries and other dishes, which I didn't try as I went for the nibbles. The hoisin duck wrap was acceptable, the prawn tempuras were quite nice , but the vegetable gyoza (fried dumpling) was disgusting.

      Moving on to the fantastical dessert redemption: a pancake station and an ice cream station. The pancakes were made on the spot for you with a range of toppings or you can mix and match- I did not get to try the pancake but I would've gone for the BLACK FOREST pancake - it is chocolate as well!!
      I decided to go for the ice cream as it looked very exciting- they had bubblegum and blackcurrant and mango ice cream. I went for one called 'Sunrise Goldrush' which featured mango ice cream with real passion fruit and pineapple bits, with a scoop of strawberry ice cream topped with strawberry and passion fruit sauce. It was stick, sweet, sour- delicious.

      After this wholly satisfying dessert I went for my last round of food (to fill me up) and because it was near closing time (10.30pm), I wanted to eat my moneys worth.

      Overall, the experience was satisfying and enjoyable. Despite the wait, it was a feast for the eyes, but not quite for the tummy. Acceptable food but nothing totally overwhelming. You probably spent more time looking for what to eat than actually eating.

      The Price was £14 per person (adult), which is acceptable, though I would recommend that you book earlier and just stay longer and go in groups of easy numbers to get seated quickly- there were people who arrived later and got seated straight away as they were in 2's or 4's.



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        27.09.2011 22:35
        Very helpful



        Fair value for money.

        Red Hot Buffet is a buffet restaurant located on Goosegate, in Nottinghams Hockley district. It is within easy reach of car parks, buses and trams, although Goosegate itself is largely pedestrianised.

        You might have guessed from the name that it's a buffet place, but it varies from many of the others in Nottingham in that it offers a range of food from all over the world . Chinese, Italian, Indian, and a few select English dishes are usually offered, and on my last visit yesterday I also noticed the recent addition of several Caribbean inspired dishes.

        I've never had to reserve a table here (though I have, on one busy Friday night, been told that whilst I could eat, I'd have to be out within an hour as my table was needed to seat a reserved group) and usually find I can walk in and be seated within a few minutes.

        The decor is nicer than many of the other buffet places in the town . Tables have glasses, cutlery, napkins etc all arranged tidily, but they also have the nice little touch of candles and artificial flowers, at least in the evenings. The walls are decorated with colourful murals, and overall, the place is bright, clean, and welcoming. There is a bar at one end, but I've always elected to just order drinks at the table. I always find my drinks order is taken fairly quickly.

        In terms of drinks, I know they do have a fairly large wine and cocktail menu, however I have to confess to being rather boring and sticking to lager on my visits, simply because I know I tend to go for the spicy stuff, and I need something cold, wet, and refreshing, without the alcoholic content of wine. I'm afraid I can't comment on the drinks prices, as my dad is the one that pays when we all go out, so I don't get to see the receipt.

        In terms of food, you just go around the buffet section and help yourself, there is certainly an impressive range, with all kinds of food covered, and a good range of vegetarian dishes for non-meat eaters. Every time I visit there is something new to try, for example yesterday they had recently added some Caribbean dishes, including a very succulent and tasty jerk chicken. It's not award winning food by any means, but most of it is decent quality, filling stuff, and it always seems to be at just the right temperature . However, it does seem that they get some of the very simple stuff wrong - they have the sauces located near the stir fry bar, and the mayonnaise was all curdled and yellowing, looking absolutely foul. Mayo really should be refrigerated .

        I was also disappointed with two of the salads I tried yesterday, both from the new Caribbean range. The first was an avocado and pineapple salad, and unfortunately the avocado was not at all ripe - it was so hard I couldn't get my fork through it. I had the same problem with the mustard-coated sweet potato salad - the sweet potato was so hard I couldn't comfortable bite into it, and seriously came to question whether it had been cooked at all.

        It's not all bad though, some of the food is a real winner - standout dishes in my opinion would include the black bean and garlic mussels, the vegetable cheese gratin thingy, the matter paneer, and the Chicken Tikka Masala . I also thing they do very well with the salad range, with there being plenty of healthy options . I also think that they perform very well on deserts - yes, they have jelly and the ubiquitous black forest gateaux, but they also have an excellent pannacotta, a lovely tiramisu, and some wonderful traditional Indian desserts. My real favourite though has to be the apple crumble, a very simple dish rendered excellent by the simple addition of cinnamon, raisins, and crunchy cashew nuts.

        Service here can be very hit and miss . I visit here with my parents, daughter, and boyfriend once a month, and can tell you that some days it's wonderful, others it is utterly crap. Last night, for example was wonderful - a genuinely friendly young polish lady who seemed to be enjoying her job. She kept replenishing our cutlery, unobtrusively enquiring as to whether we needed more drinks, and was very prompt at whipping away the used plates.

        In busy nights however, we have found the service rather bad . In one incident, we actually left without ordering or eating anything, as the waiter merely waved vaguely in the general direction of a group of tables (all of which were reserved) rather than walking us to them. As they were all reserved, we stood there for a few minutes feeling a bit confused, until the waiter, with a visible eye roll to his colleague, came over to us and asked us, in a rather brusque manner, why we were not seated. We found this very rude, and did walk out on that occasion and eat elsewhere .

        The toilets here are very clean . However, they are up a flight of stairs. In addition, the buffet area itself is down a few steps, so therefore I would not necessarily recommend this place to disabled customers.

        Prices are as follows, with children under ten half price :
        Lunchtime Dinner
        Mon - Thurs £7.99 £11.99
        Friday £7.99 £13.99
        Saturday £7.99 £13.99
        Sunday £8.99 £11.99
        It's not the cheapest buffet in town, but it DOES have the best range of food in my experience, though this is closely followed up by Peachy Keens at a tenner a head in the evenings .

        Overall, a decent enough place, though both service and food can be a bit hit and miss at times. 3 stars is a fair rating, I think - though the majority of the food is good, it seems they get the simplest little things wrong, and that mayonnaise in particular is just wrong.


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          20.10.2010 13:50
          Very helpful



          gorgeous food

          The Red Hot World Buffet & Bar is a small chain of restaurants with branches in Nottingham, Northampton, Milton Keynes, Liverpool and a new restaurant planned for Leeds.

          My review is based on the Nottingham branch which I have ate at regularly for the last 5 years [it was previously called Red Hot Buffet Shack].

          Offering a huge selection of food this place really has something for everyone, whether you like Indian, Chinese, Thai, Mexican or Italian you will never go hungry.

          You can eat as much as you like and mix and match what food you would like on your plate. It is a help yourself service but they do offer you the chance to create your own stir fry by picking the ingredients and watching the chef cook it right infront of you!

          The staff in the restaurant are very friendly and are very efficient at cleaning away empty plates from your table or getting you another drink.

          The buffet is very reasonably priced the most you will pay is 13.99 but this is for Saturdays.

          I would recommend this place to anyone, even fussy eaters as they still do offer the typically English chips.


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          06.08.2009 21:29
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Great belly stuffing times

          The Red Hot Buffet in Nottingham offers a buffet that doesn't specialise in just one cuisine, but has quite a few for you to try out. The variety includes, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Mexican and Italian. There is also a salad bar and dessert station. The starters served are excellent, always perfectly warmed and well cooked. At a buffet I'm more of a starter person than main meals and so the variety of pakoras, samosas, patra, chicken wings, spring rolls and more always delight me.

          The Red Hot Buffet is unique as there is the option of ordering your own dishes, I especially like the individual pasta dishes from the Italian station. As far as I know, no other buffets offer this.

          Around December there is also a Christmas menu for a more festive collaboration of all these cuisines for a slightly higher price.
          The lunch buffet is from 12pm to 2.30pm and costs £6.95 from Monday to Saturday, nbut on Sundays you would have to pay a slightly higher price of £8.95.

          The dinner buffet is from 6pm to 11pm and costs £11.95 Sunday to Thursday and £13.95 Friday to Saturday. There are also 15% discounts available for students.

          When you get inside the nottingham branch there is not as much seating available as you would expect from a buffet restaurant and obviously they do prefer bookings for large groups.

          If you do go in a large group of people however, the staff seem to be easily confused, and have conviently not heard or ignored the request of separate bills, presumably to make their job easier. Apart from that though, the staff mostly leave you to enjoy your food and occasionally check to see that all is well, which is great because I do get perplexed at waiters who insist on hovering around your table.

          I would definitely recommend this buffet place as one of the best reasonably priced ones in Nottingham.


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            03.07.2008 14:57
            Very helpful



            Try it out, it's great fun for everyone.

            The Red Hot World Buffet Shack is a small chain of restaurants who offer an all you can eat buffet with varying cuisines from around the world (hence the name!). At the moment they are based in Hockley, Nottingham and also in Northampton.

            I have now lived in Nottingham for just over 2 years, and I have heard so many people tell me how good the Red Hot Buffet Shack is that I was desperate to try it out. However, hubby was not so keen so it took until a girls night out with work friends last week to get me in there.

            I was so excited that I actually didn't take in as much information as I normally would for a review, so I apologise if there is any information left out!

            Opening times & Price
            Lunch time opening 12am - 2.30pm
            £6.95 Mon-Fri
            £8.95 Sunday

            Evening opening 6pm-11pm Mon - sat, 6pm-9pm Sunday
            £11.95 Sun-Thu
            £13.95 Fri-Sat

            The difference in prices from afternoon to evening are fairly standard to many restaurants, with there being more dishes available in the evening. The extra rates on a weekend are indicative of more people wanting to eat on these days so I can't blame them for charging more.

            The Food
            I would say that they cater for anyone, often when a large group wants to go out there is someone who doesn't like curry, or someone who can't eat Chinese, another who wouldn't pay that price for a pizza etc.

            This is the perfect place to go so that everyone can have something that they like. They have a large selection of curry dishes, a good selection of Chinese dishes, pizza, pasta, noodles, salads, chips. Yummy, it's making me hungry thinking about it all!

            All of the dishes were clearly marked, there were a selection of vegetarian options and the puddings were out of this world.

            Puddings? How much extra will that cost me? The puddings are included in the price, I had 2 different types of cheesecake, panacota, Tiramisu, Vanilla mousse and Ice cream with melted chocolate, marshmallows and sweets and the sweetest chocolate brownies I have ever tasted. And yes I did feel sick by the time I left!

            The Staff
            When you first enter the very contemporary reception area you will be shown to a table which is clean and laid with various cutlery. Drinks orders will be taken (they do a range of cocktails, soft drinks, world beers and hot drinks such as various tea's) then you are told to go and help yourself to food, leave your empty plates on the table and by the time you get back with your next course they will have been taken away!

            The staff were not overly friendly and seemed to be just getting on with their job, but they did do their job of cleaning away very well, also I am not sure if it was just because we were a large group but a 5% service charge was added to our bill. I didn't mind the extra charge as we did use a lot of plates but I always resent this being added in general as it depends on the service as to if I want to leave a tip, but that's another review!

            The Restaurant in general
            I am afraid I did not use the toilets so I cannot comment on how clean they were, although one of our group took about 10 minutes to come back from the toilet and she commented that they could not have been any further from where we were sat unless they were in the building next door, and now she came to think about it maybe she did go next door with all the corridors and stairs!

            The food area was very clean, the dishes well laid out and labelled. The tables were laid out nicely and cleared promptly. The look of the restaurant was quite contemporary and a nice atmosphere to sit in whilst you let your food go down.

            Any problems?
            Apart from the stuffing myself until I felt sick until lunchtime the next day, not one!

            I would recommend a visit the next time you are in Nottingham!


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