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Restaurants in Central in general

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    1 Review
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      02.09.2001 17:28
      Very helpful



      First I would like to start by saying that unlike most of the Restuarants in the Cities that Surround us there has to be no better Place than Glasgow(Scotland). Well What country of Origin are you they ask on the forms etc. Well that's certainly not the Case when visting Glasgow , particulary when we have one of largest groups of Ethnic's in the UK. So what does this have to do with Food?, Simple. We cater for every taste, from Cantonese,Chinese,Mexican,Curry Houses,American,Italian, Sushi Bars, Oyster Bars and this is to name just a few. This makes going for a meal with Friends/Family even alone if that's what you prefer? more of a challange. There is that much variety that some might even say that you are spoiled for choice.I think that this in turn offers the individual the oppurtunity to experiment with various types of cuisine. Bearing that in mind It just proves that not all Scottish people just eat the Sterio type Haggis!. The Atmosphere of walking around Glasgow meeting and seeing various types of characters and this alone would add value to any night out prior to having a bite to eat, We don't always have to talk about the serious things in lfe, There is such things as humour!. On that note I would say that there are also various amounts of cafe Bars that do exceptionally well in terms of clientel. This i suppose could be the European chic coming to Glasgow, Who knows , One thing for sure is that a friendly and warm welcome can always be excpected. The Kempster


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