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Restaurants in Great Yarmouth

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    1 Review
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      03.05.2001 00:11
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      Let me just say, I'm talking about restaurants in general in Great Yarmouth, and not focusing on one in particular. There are literally loads of restaurants in Great Yarmouth to choose from. If you like good old English food, or more exotic food like Indian, Cantonese or Chinese, then it's all there! SEAFRONT ~~~~~~~ On the seafront itself, there are loads of 'cheap and cheerful' restaurants to choose from. These tend to be all clustered together up one end of the seafront (opposite Britannia Pier, to be precise!!). Take a walk along the line of restaurants, and you will easily find the one you want to go in. They all have boards outside, advertising their 'dish of the day', and their menus. To be honest with you, they all look the same, and serve the same sort of food. But - some do look more desireable than others! There's the odd one or two I wouldn't dare venture into in the event of coming down with an illness of some sort, but there are some nice ones. Most of them are run by Greeks. Quite often, you will see the whole family sitting round one table, all chipping in to help run the business. Warning - they do get very busy in the Summer months! Peace and quiet? No! But you would get this in the Winter time when it's very quiet!! Just off the seafront is a beautiful restaurant that specializes in Thai food. This is, to say the least, expensive. But, you do get what you pay for! And the food is delicious! KING STREET ~~~~~~~~~~ There are a fair few restaurants on King Street as well, although these tend to be spead out a bit more than the ones on the seafront. There is an Italian restaurant that specializes in pasta dishes, amongst others. It's not all that cheap in there, but they do a good meal, and serve big portions. On one occasion, what I couldn't eat, they put in a container for me to bring home! There are also 2 American style restaurants virtually
      next door to each other. They are "Zaks" and "Fatso's". Both, like the Italian restaurant, aren't all that cheap, but the food and service is delightful, and food is served generously! Do book your seats at the weekends, as they do get busy, and you could be in for a wait if you don't pre-book. Up the road a bit, there are 2 Indian restaurants opposite each other. My favourite one is "Bombay Nite". They are quite reasonably priced in here, paying £3 something for a chicken madras, for example. The staff in here are friendly, and a 10% discount is given on take-aways. There is also a chinese restaurant, this is a take-away or eat in. The eat-in area is upstairs. I also love this restaurant! And then, there's other restaurants around Yarmouth that cater in Cantonese, Indonesian, Malaysian food etc. And of course, not forgetting Kentucky and MacDonalds. So, going from one extreme to the other. What would you like for lunch? Take your pick, because it's all here! Okay, so I might only go and dine out about once or twice a month. But it's always reassuring to know that there's always something out there to suit my every need!


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