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Restaurants in Hertford

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    1 Review
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      30.11.2001 23:55
      Very helpful



      I like to have food and last night I wanted to have some food when me and my friend and his girlfreind went to stevenage to visit a cousin of my friend We all went into a chinese restaurant called aroma and it is an eat as much as you want to eat buffet what I thought would be really good but it all went a bit wrong First the man asked us how many and we said 4 but he did not speak any english so we said 4 again but he still did not understand and we said 1234 and pointed to everyone and he said ah 4 and then he took us to a table and we sat down And then he said drink and we all wanted cola so we said 4 colas please but he did not speak any english so he said what and we said 4 colas please but he brought us all wine but we told him that we wanted cola and he took the wine away and came back and said no pepsi panda And we were all confused so my friend went over to the bar and pointed at the cola and the man said ah cola Then we all got up to go to the food and get some food and you can choose from lots of food I had kung po chicken beef in satay sauce special fried rice squid in salt and pepper and crispy duck and vegetables and mushrooms and beansprouts There was a lot more as well like beef curry chicken curry sweet and sour pork deep fried beef noodles So when we all had full plates we all walked back to sit down but the man who did not speak any english had put 4 other people in our seats and we had no place to sit and we had to stand up until another table was cleaned so that we could sit down and eat our food When we did get another table we sat down to eat our food but it was cold so we went up to get more food but we did not all go up at the same time in case we lost another table While I was getting my food a small boy was picking up the jelly and eating a handfull and then putting his hand back so I did not eat jelly and there was some other small boys filling up bowls of prawn crackers and giving them to an ol
      d man who was smoking a pipe and had slippers on and i did use chopsticks for the first time but i got a splinter in my gum so i didnot use them again and used a spoon We all did have some icecream but it was only vanilla Then we left and we did pay 60£ for all 4 of us but my friend paid for me because he is kind and when I took a mint imperial from the little dish and et it my friend and his grilfreind and my friends cousin laughed a bit but I did not know why and then my friend said quentin you jive turkey donot eat the mint imperials because they are covered in kidpiss


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