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Restaurants in Liverpool in general

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    3 Reviews
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      31.03.2010 11:42
      Very helpful



      A summary of Liverpool restaurants

      Well this is a pretty big topic and one that is ever changing as new places open and old ones close but I'm going to atttempt to at least give an overview of some of my fave restaurants and some places I want to go!

      City Centre

      Obviously, this is where most restaurants are located. There is a selection at Albert Dock, a range at Liverpool ONE, plenty near the cathedrals and various others dotted about - plus a large Chinatown. There are plenty of chain restaurants - Nandos, Ask, Pizza Hut, Zizzis and so on. There is a great range - English, Indian, Itailan, French, Spanish. Chinese - you name it, it's there!

      My faves:

      The Philharmonic Dining Rooms
      A famous pub, reminds me of Hogwarts, does a great lunch menu. Very tasty (their veggie sausage sarnie is lovely) and for only about four quid. Service can be a little slow so don't go if you're starving!

      Tapas Tapas
      A little Spanish place in Arthouse Square which does a great range of Tapas, really tasty, filling and not too expensive. It has a cosy atmosphere, quick service and does a really nice house rose wine! Friendly staff too.

      The Quarter
      A fab Italian very near to the Philharmonic - you must book! It's always busy and that's because it's tasty, not too expensive and has a great atmosphere. It also does a great selection of yummy cakes and has a deli as well as a restaurant - great hot chocolate too! It doesn't sell spirits but does a good range of wines and beers. I have the number programmed into my phone - that's how good it is!

      Places I want to try:
      The Italian Club on Bold Street - looks fab and is always busy when I walk past - on my to do list!

      Jamie Oliver's new Italian - opening in the summer!

      London Carriage Works - way too expensive for me, but they do an early bird special, so hopefully one day...

      Pushka - again, meant to be great but a bit more expensive.

      OK ones:
      The Pumphouse at Albert Dock - have had one decent meal here - have now been totally put off after finding a hair in my jacket spud on Sunday. The food is pretty standard pub food, slightly overpriced and it's always cold in there - but is is the cheapest meal on the docks!

      The Pilgrim on Pilgrim Street - not really a restaurant, but a pub, which does very cheap food - three quid for a breakfast! It's not posh, it's not Michelin starred food, but it's pretty damn good for the price - good spot for cheap and cheerful lunch! Joe the barman is also nicely grumpy!

      Allerton -south Liverpool

      The Tavern Co - a great Mexican in Allerton. Well worth a visit - about £8 for a massive main meal - all Mexican food, good service, and a nice atmosphere - very friendly. I have never had a pudding (unlilke me) as I am usually too stuffed!

      Penny Lane Wine Bar
      A old fave for everyone and a really nice bar too. Haven't been in for a while but am sure I will go back - does the usual varieties of pub-type food!

      Lark Lane - Aigburth

      Does a great fry-up - perfect for hungover Sunday and stones throw from Sefton Park. Very relaxed, has wi-fio and the papers. Slightly more expensive brekkie than in a cafe (about £6) but a nice place - has an evening menu to, but have never tried that.

      Plenty more than that of course and new ones opening all the time but a look at some of the ones I have been to recently and some of my faves.

      There are plenty of places to go in the city and beyond, so you will defintely find somewhere good to go! Oh and a pan of scouse is a sort of lamb stew but with mashed potato - for anyone wondering!


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        20.07.2006 13:45
        Very helpful




        In Ireland I was eating out a lot and always looking for new places to eat. O’Connell Street being full of so many different restaurants and cultural cuisines I sometimes felt spoilt for choice. So I walked down and there was a place called Supermac which looked like McDonalds but served pizzas and hot dogs, it looked ok but still didn’t seem amazing. I walked on and heard 50’s music and saw pink light, I look up and see the sign Eddie Rockets, I had never heard of this place but to me it looked like an old fashioned diner.

        So walking in I waited to be shown to a table and was sat at a rounded booth very Grease style. It was quite nice although a bit too squashed feeling. Anyway, the menus are already slotted onto the table so I started scanning to see what kind of food they offered and their price range.

        Their main food type was fast food, you won’t find any steaks here but that didn’t bother me. They have a selection of burgers from classic beef burger to chicken fillet to extra cheesy and so on. I have so far tried the Chicken and Classic which are very nice. So aside from these ones they also do the Atomic which is the spicy one and then they have a veggie burger, a double burger or a cheezzy chicken as they spell it. I will need to go back and try the cheezzy chicken as it sounds interesting to me. The burgers cost £3.95.

        So, aside from burgers they also do salads Caesar, B.L.T, ham & cheese, quite a big selection for those wanting a healthier lunch. They do Nachos and Hot Dogs too also Buffalo Wings, Chicken Tenders, Garlic Mushrooms. They offer side orders of onion rings, Fried Egg and other sauces.

        The fries you have to order separately from the burger unlike your usuals of Burger King and McDonalds. So they have regular fries of course but they have to make them more exciting so they do Chilli fries, Cheese fries, Bacon & Cheese, Garlic, ½ fries ½ onion rings combo. I had the Chilli fries which was like Chilli Con Carne with cheddar melted on top very nice. I was surprised by how nice the Bacon & Cheese was but of course not a lot of bacon. The fries cost about £2.95 for the bowl.

        So for the drinks they do your usuals tea and coffee and Cola, Sprite, soft drinks in other words. I don’t usually have these I prefer to go for the milkshakes which you have to have if you go here. You can get chocolate, banana, strawberry or vanilla these cost roughly £2 but the good thing is even though it is in a glass the silver cup it is mixed in is given to you to so you actually get about 3 cups full. The also do an Ice Cream float here too but I’m not a fan of these.

        The desserts menu again is another thing I love here, they do a classic Banana Split, Knickerbocker Glory, Cheesecake, Fudge Brownie, Kit Kat Dream, Apple & Blackberry Crumble so quite a range for everyone. The Brownie and Cheesecake are nice and the others look good to.

        The waitress will come over and take your order she then leaves the receipt on the table so that you take this over to the til to pay. They don’t include tips but have a tray at the front so I usually leave something.

        The interior here is all great they have old fashioned signs with funny comments on them, pink lighting, red and white seats, a black and white checked floor, Restrooms signs for toilets. The atmosphere is just that great that I came out of the restaurant and forgot I was in modern day.

        Another nice touch in here is that every table has a mini jukebox on the wall. It costs 20p but you can flick through the pages and select a song. It’s easily done and when there is a gap you will hear your song come on. There are lots of classics on here Elvis, The Beatles, Cliff Richard.

        The staff here are always friendly when I go in, they take your order very quickly so that you only have to wait up to ten minutes for your food which I think is really good. They also always ask if you ant anything else and pass by frequently so you can get their attention to ask for more things. They all wear an old fashioned diner outfit to which makes it with the white hat, apron etc.

        I have to say I didn’t know about this place until going to Ireland but I realised that they have lots of diners throughout Ireland but in fact only one UK one. I have since been to their UK diner since coming back which is located in Liverpool. The prices convert to about the same and the atmosphere is just the same, it always seems to be really busy in here. They are usually central so if you don’t live in Ireland but do live near Liverpool walk up Bold Street and when you hear 50’s music walk in.

        For a better look at the menu and history of Eddie Rockets just go to http://www.eddierockets.ie


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          18.06.2001 05:17



          Liverpool has a great range of restaurants and my favourite part is Allerton Road, Liverpool 18. There are so many different types of restaurants available like Chinese French, English, Indian. Thai and there are quite a few cafes too. This part of Liverpool has become quite elite and my favourite is Ark which is by Penny Lane. The service is tremendous and the meals are superb. Allerton Road is the place to be where you will find lots to do and lots of choice.


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