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    1 Review
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      13.08.2001 21:57
      Very helpful



      Here I sit in my little country home not far from Navan town. Where I think to my jolly old self, "mmmm a nice meal would go down a treat". So thinking on where to go, everyone decided The Station House Hotel. Which is situated in Kilmessan. In the Navan District. Now Kilmessan is small, So small in fact that if you blinked coming up to it you would miss it. *and that is no joke* It consists of 2 pubs, a Shop, a butchers, a credit union & some narrow minded people that just sit in the pubs all day long discussing there crops. I think people refer to them as farmers. Anyway moving on with my little story here. Upon arriving at The Station House hotel, the car full of people straight off realise our mistake. A little shanty hotel in the middle of nowhere. All that kept running through my mind is, There must be a reason for having the hotel in the middle of nowhere. Perhaps easer access to dispose of dead bodies after they croak from eating the food there. Just one of many reasons I think. So we pulled up, and as the hand hold on the door was prised from my dead mans grip. We proceeded to enter .. Dum dum duuummmm "The Station House Hotel".. ba ba ba bammmm.. Upon entering the dark and gloomy hallway I spotted what appeared to be a receptionist. "Old lady on a chair in the corner really" but if they want to call her a receptionist.. Then that’s fine with me. So over I strolled to ask the old dear a question. "Table of 6 for Quinn please" which she promptly answered with a "WHAT???!!". So thinking the old dear was deaf i screamed down her ear like it aren’t no thang.. "TABLE OF SIX!! FOR QUINN" *whispers* "you deaf git" .. She then informs me that she is not deaf, they just don't hold tables for 6. So I was baffled, Why would they take an order for 6 if they couldn't accommodate? hrmm.. Interesting. Shrugging it off I asked if they could seat us. So they did a little make up job on the place and gave us a tabl
      e with 4 chairs and 2 stools. As you can imagine I was a little pissed off at this. I can't apologies for it though, the manager was the rudest man I have ever had the misfortune to meet. He was very short and blunt with us, and did not treat us like guests of the hotel at all. I also got the impression he was rushing us as well. Anyway. Moving on with my little opinion. haha Opinion.. turning out to be a mini novel at this stage. =P. So there we all were *weither we wanted to be or not*, sitting at the table having banter and a giggle at the place in general. an hour of bantering went by and our stomachs remained empty. I was actually starting to think this was a good thing, at least the food would be well cooked. **How wrong I was**. 1hour and 30 minutes later my steak and vegetables arrived on the table. I looked down at the steak and I swear i could feel it looking back at me. I actually asked the waiter am I suppose to kill it first and then he cooks it. Or what’s the deal? He just chuckled and walked off. So there I was expected to eat this piece of meet that was soooo raw I may as well of cut it off the cows arse and brought it with me. The outside of it was not even brown. It was still red. I don't even think he put it in the pan. I think he just took a box of matches out of his pocket and showed it to the meet. So naturally i call the manager over and complain about my meet. 'Sorry, would it be possible for you to cook the steak a little more?'. The manager didn't even say sure no problem. He just snatched it from my fearsome hand and dragged the dead cows arse to thekitchen to be cooked. Now at this point I was getting really scared. Because I have seen shows when people at a restaurant don’t like you. They do all kinds of things to your food. So I was expecting the chief to wipe is poopy bottom with my steak or something. Anyway another hour passed and everyone else at the table had merrily tucked into there food
      . *They too were complaining it tasted nasty*.. 'ahh, here comes my steak' I said. He puts it in front of me and says 'there'. Now this steak hand gone from about 12" & red in size and colour to 4" & Black in size and colour. I could do nothing but shout to my friends at the table ' THEY CREMATED MY STEAK ' and as one of my friends jokingly says ' THOSE BAST*RDS'. So I stood up, refused to pay for my burnt offerings and left. I swore I would never recommend or eat in that place ever again. To this day I have held myself to it. Just a moment for thought as well. I hope that steak was cow meet. I mean the guests in the hotel did disappear pretty damn fast. So I am thinking they either ran from the rotten food. Or old Butcher Joe Snowy Chief got at them with the cleaver. Just one to think about.. Anyway, That’s my experiences with The Station House Hotel. =D


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