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Royal Fisheries (Whitby)

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Baxtergate, Whitby N.Yorks, YO22

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    1 Review
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      20.12.2001 19:22
      Very helpful



      When up North, in the family town of Whitby, where better to go than this great fish 'n' chip shop? I was raised in Whitby, I love the town and visit the folks back home as often as I can, it's a great little place that is really unappreciated until you move away from there. I've been living and working in London for the past 5 years, the one thing I really miss down here (oh God, another Northerner moaning about the South, I know what you're thinking...) is good Fish 'n' Chips. I suggested this category for Dooyoo as I really feel that this chippy needs to be more widely known about and, if you're ever in Whitby, you should know where to go for the best! I also used to work there for a few months as a bit of a part time job. Here goes: ---------- Ask any local; they'll tell you that Fusco's is by far and away the best chippy in Whitby. For the uninitiated, Fusco's chippy is known as Royal Fisheries, the trading name, to those, like me brought up in Whitby, it's Fusco's and always will be. The shop has been in Whitby for as long as I can remember, it is run, unsurprisingly, by the Fusco family and is the busiest chippy in town. Product range: -------------- Well, the standard order in any chippy up North is "Once" - the simple way of saying Cod and Chips without using all those extra words, you'll get the choice of scraps and add your own salt and vinegar. The products are very varied in this shop; aside form the simple fish and chips (you always get cod if you don't specify which fish) you can get hold of: Haddock Fishcakes (homemade and the best I've tasted) Sausage (battered/unbattered) Hamburger Pies Pasties Chicken (fried of half/quarter/whole roasted) Peas (mushy) Gravy Beans Curry Sauce (if you get chips with any of these 4 you'll fit right in with the lo
      cals) Black Pudding Haggis (sometimes) Scraps (bits of batter that have come off the stuff in the fryers) That just about completes the list, as varied as most chippies and all (in my opinion) 10 times better. Their fish, as they are in Whitby, a fishing port, is all incredibly fresh, I only eat cod and would only ever buy it from Fusco's in Whitby. Their batter is all made on the premises in great big vats, it is unlike any I've ever tasted - a very simple batter from what I've seen, they keep their recipe a closely guarded secret and even though I've worked there I've never found this out! It stays crispy for the whole meal! None of your soggy stuff as soon it's unwrapped. Fishcakes - these are really good, made with the off cuts of the prime fish and mixed with a secret blend of herbs and lots of potato, breaded and fried. The rest of the list is really bog-standard stuff really; their battered foods are the things, which stand out, with such a great batter they can make any of the usual battered stuff, taste great. The batter is great by itself, scraps are a big part of the Fusco's experience and, as a school kid I used to get a simple tray (3p extra! - only thing I don't like about the shop) of scraps and beans for my lunch. A great and VERY cheap meal. The Restaurant (cafe): ---------------------- Here you get the same range as the takeaway, the difference is that your grub is served to you by a waitress/waiter and comes lovingly prepared on a plate with a knife and fork, bread and butter and choice of tea or coffee. The prices in here are a little steeper than the takeaway side but, I'm sure, most people would expect this. Prices: ------- The chip shop is very reasonable, "Once," either open or wrapped, will set you back about £3.20, the price of a simple bag of chips is about 90p and the whole range is very
      reasonable for the quality you receive. Where is it? ------------- Well, to begin with it's in Whitby. This is reached by going to Scarborough and going about 21 miles North! Then you'll be bound to be in Station Square, the centre of town. Baxtergate, the home of good Chips, is now only about 50 metres from you. Cross the road at the pelican crossing, walk down Wellington Road (The Wellington pub's on your left hand side) and turn left onto Baxtergate, you'll pass the pet shop and BAM! you've got there. A trip to Whitby really is no trip at all without a visit to Fusco's chippy; you'd be a fool to miss out. I really can't pass on any higher recommendation to a place then I can to Fusco's Chip shop. Great, fresh food at very fair prices.


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