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Sawasdee Thai Takeaway (Hull)

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Address: 220 Newland Avenue / Hull / HU5 2NB / Tel: (01482) 472837

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    1 Review
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      27.12.2009 14:17
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      The area around the University in Hull/England is a Takeaway heaven; options go from Chinese to Fish&Chips to Thai and Middle East. It's perfect for lazy students and people looking for a delicious and not too expensive dinner.
      The Sawasdee Thai Takeaway is a well-kept secret on Newland Avenue close to the student house on Auckland and Cranbrook Avenue. Having spend quite a lot of time in Thailand I am quite critical when it comes to Thai food takeaways. Having tried many tasteless curries and bland tom yam soups the Sawasdee Takeaway was a welcome surprise - food that taste exactly like in Thailand with pad thai tasting like the one from the foodstalls on busy Khao San Road and a beef curry better than in any expensive restaurant at the beach.


      The Sawasdee Thai Takeaway is located in the Student quarter of Hull on Newland Avenue. That's roughly 20 min by bus from the main train station and although that I do realize that not many people are going to come that long way just for 'another' Thai takeaway you should definitely give it try if you are in that area! And honestly, I don't think that you can find better Thai food in Hull.
      If you are from around the University area than you can consider yourself lucky, Sawasdee is between Tesco and Planet Coffee on Newland Avenue - not more than a 5min walk from most of the Student houses and the University.


      The staff at Sawasdee is always very friendly and knowledgeable. If you are not too szre what to order they always help you choose something you would enjoy and which would not be too spicy if you are not used to it. As almost all dishes are cooked to order and not stored in plastic boxes as in other takeaways it can sometimes take a bit till you get your food - expect a 20min wait for mains plus extra 10 min if you order sticky rice (which is well worth the wait).
      Apart from just going there and waiting you can also call in advance and place your order which saves time and makes it much more convenient.
      I heard that they also offer a delivery service, however I never used it and therefore cannot really comment on it.


      - Tom Yam Soup: The Thai national dish was the first thing I tried after arriving in Bangkok - a delicious soup with seafood, tomato and herbs. The taste is almost too complex to describe, it's sweet and sour with hints of spiciness and tons of seafood. It's incredibly difficult to make as you need many fresh ingredients and many herbs cannot be found outside of Southeast Asia. Don't ask me how these guys did it but honestly, their tom yam soup tastes exactly like the original on Bangkok's streets! It's a generous helping as well and with some rice a delicious and light main course. The soup will cost you 3.50 and 4 Pound excluding rice.
      - Papaya Salad: This might be too spicy for some nut for me it is just perfect. Thinly sliced green papaya are mixed with chilli, lime and herbs and mixed to a delicious but very spicy salad. It goes very well with sticky rice and is a great starter to share with others. You can ask for less spicy if you want to. Papaya salad cost you 4.50 Pound which sounds quite expensive but given the cost of green papaya in Europe it is quite a bargain.
      - Beef Curry (No. 64): This is surely my all time favourite. The tender beef is cooked in a deliciously creamy coconut sauce with red curry paste and fresh herbs. Green pepper is added as the vegetable compound. I love curry and I ate it in many, many countries all over Southeast Asia - and I can definitely say that this is as original and authentic as you will get it here. The curry is 4.75 Pound excluding rice, normal rice is 1 Pound and sticky/coconut rice is 2 Pound.
      The meat seams to be of a great quality and the vegetables are always fresh and tasty. Enjoy some sticky rice for the real Thai feeling with your curry.
      - Pahd Thai: Thai fast food - a quick and easy dish with fried noodles, peanuts and sweet chilli sauce. My favourite is the one with chicken and extra peanut. The taste is lovely, tasty but not overly spicy. Usually it is lovely decorated with lime and chilli powder on a little lettuce leaf. This filling noodle dish is 3.95 Pound and will definitely fill you up!

      Value for money

      I love this Thai Takeaway and can describe myself as a real addict; more than two weeks without No. 64 are just not possible. Even though you pay a little bit more than in one of the many Chinese Takeaways it is well worth your money, food is fresh and delicious, the portions are quite big and incredibly tasty and you get a real Thai flavor for as few as 5pound! With mains being up to 7 pound including rice it is a bit on the pricy side but I can only repeat myself - it is well worth it!
      If you are familiar with the student area in Hull than have a look at my ranking: Sawasdee Thai > Chilli Red > Man Wah House.

      I cannot recommend the Sawasdee Thai Takeaway highly enough - give it a try and you will realize what a big difference 2 pound can make when it comes to a tasteless Chinese stir-fry and a delicious Thai curry.
      It is definitely a 10/10 for me.

      Opening Times:

      Wednesday, Thursday
      Open at 5:30pm till 11:30pm
      Friday & Saturday
      Open at 5:30pm till 12:00am
      Open at 6:00pm till 11:30pm
      And Monday's & Tuesday's we are closed


      220 Newland Avenue (Off Cottingham road) Opposite Newland Carpets. University end of Newland Avenue.



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