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Scots Bonnet (Kilmarnock, Ayrshire)

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Address: Queens Drive / Kilmarnock KA1 3XB / Ayrshire

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    1 Review
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      15.07.2012 14:18
      Very helpful



      Give it a try if your in the area

      **The restaurant **

      There are two reasons why we chose this restaurant to dine the first being that it is child friendly and with three children at the time we always try to find somewhere the children will enjoy as well as ourselves. This restaurant boasts being family friendly and has facilities to match. There are two seating areas one being usual table and chairs but the second are booth with televisions hung on the wall which offer free view channels including cebeebies, cbbc and citv meaning little ones can be entertained while they wait for their food. I one way this is a great idea but at the same time I like my family to sit around a table and be able to talk which with a TV stuck in front of them I find near impossible to get two words out of my children.

      There is also a play room located close to the booth area for children to play in which contained toys, a pin ball table and a large black board offering another area for children to entertain themselves while we waited for our food. Finally there is a small outside play area with three or four toys for children to play on more suiting to young children between three and six which is perfect for my children and it is completely fenced off so they cannot run off. Of course parent supervision is needed with both play areas and my children loved having something to do while we waited.

      Also this restaurant is directly opposite the Odeon cinema which makes it the perfect location for something to eat before you watch a film. They share car parks meaning you can park up get some food and walk directly across to the cinema making it very convenient for a night out.
      The restaurant is very welcoming and bright once entering you are greeted by staff straight away that will seat you. The whole restaurant is clean, up to date and overall a great welcoming atmosphere. There is a bar area on the left hand side with a pool table and this is where the toilets are located. I found the toilets to be clean and fresh and they also had baby changing facilities although I did not need to use them.


      The menu is a basic menu it has a lot to offer from sandwiches to steaks and the prices are really reasonable. There is a lot to choose from and I am sure that anyone would find something to take their fancy. The food is rather basic but they do offer a range of food from light snacks to nice heavy winter food sure to warm you up in the colder weather. They often have special offers on such as 2 courses for a set price and although this offers a more limited menu there is still enough choice to appeal to everyone. There is no need to book a table and you can just drop in although at busier times like evenings and weekends it is advised to book ahead as the tables do fill up fast.

      They also have special menus for Sunday roasts, Christmas dinner and also have special offers on events such as mothers and father's day, Halloween and burns night. There is a menu available online if you wish to plan your meal before you attend and you can also get an idea of what is available. There is a range of options for starters, mains and deserts as well as platters you can share if you cannot decide what to have.

      **Our experience at night**

      Upon entering we were greeted straight away by a friendly member of staff that asked how many was dining and as there were only two of us showed us to a booth. The restaurant does have smaller tables that would probably have suited us better but I suppose they showed us to a booth as it has the addition of a TV for our own use and the seats are a lot comfier. We were left menus and around 10 minutes later someone came to take our order. Our drinks were brought to us promptly and food took around 15 minutes to arrive which was not too bad.

      After we had finished our starter the waitress came back to ask how it was and if we needed any more drinks. As they had already taken our main order she promised to return soon with our food and she did around 10 minutes later which is not too bad considering the restaurant was very busy.
      Again half way through our dinner she returned to check everything was ok and to check if we needed a drink refill which we did and she returned quickly with a freshly filled glass for us both. We found the staff to be really friendly we had the same waitress all night that despite serving a few different tables remained friendly and efficient throughout she kept returning to make sure we were happy with our food and genuinely seemed to enjoy her job.

      They had a special offer on from a set menu we could choose 2 courses for £11.99 and 3 courses for £12.99 as we were heading to the cinema after we knew that we would end up eating sweeties there through the film we went for the 2 courses. There was a set menu to choose from of lower price dishes but there was a fair selection I choose the lasagne and my husband choose the tikka masala for the main and for the starter we both chose the soup of the day which was potato and leek.We both loved the starter it really was amazing it was nice and hot and a fair size of bread was served with the soup which was also fresh and really nice. The consistency was perfect and it was full of flavour it tasted just like my grandmas homemade soup which of course made me enjoy it even more bringing back lovely memories.
      The main courses were also served piping hot and appeared to be fresh my lasagne did look a little greasy but other than that it looked appetising enough. It was served with a side salad and 2 pieces of garlic bread which were perfectly cooked, I hate crispy garlic bread but this was cooked until it was golden brown but still soft.I did enjoy my lasagne I found it to be a little rich in taste which actually stopped me from finishing my main as I found it rather heavy to eat and a little sickly but my Husband ate the remainder and he really enjoyed it so it does suit some peoples tastes.

      My husband's Chicken tikka massala was perfect for him, the rice was moist and he said it was full of flavour. There were fair size pieces of chicken and plenty of them and he found them to be cooked perfectly. It was served with naan bread which he found a little dry but other than that he really enjoyed his food. He did comment that there could have been a little more rice he found that there was just a small portion and really could have eaten some more and he did not become full until he finished my lasagne.

      **Night time experience overall**

      We really enjoyed ourselves we did find the TV in the booth a little distracting and for that reason would have preferred a table rather than a booth although it was not too much trouble to turn the TV off I am sure someone else would have enjoyed having the TV which seemed a waste. The staff was friendly and tried to make our experience as pleasant as possible which was refreshing.
      The food was ok the soup was amazing but we both found our main course a little lacking, they were not disgusting or inedible but just plain simple food that satisfied us enough for a return visit. The total bill came to around £32 which was not too bad considering we have paid a lot more for less than perfect food.

      **Our experience in the day**

      Again we were greeted by a lovely waitress that took us to a booth and took our drink orders straight away, as we needed a high chair for my youngest son she also brought that across to us fairly quickly soon followed by our drinks. She then took our food order we decided only to have one course this time as the children were with us and we knew they would fill up on popcorn when we visited the cinema across the road.

      We ordered pizza and chips times three for our children while I opted for the Tikka masala this time as my husband had enjoyed it a lot on our last visit. My husband opted for macaroni cheese and we both had cokes. This time the food took around fifteen to twenty minutes to be brought to us but as my children were playing in the play area this did not matter. The waitress apologised for the wait when she brought our dishes over and we began to eat. Upon going to cut my youngest sons pizza up for him I noticed half of it was inedible. You could tell they had been micro waved as half the pizza had bubbled up and gone hard exactly like when I overcooked my husband's pizza in the microwave it was as hard as a rock and there was no way this was edible.

      The waitress returned to check all was ok with our food and I showed her the Pizza saying there was no way I was going to let my son even attempt to eat that. She apologised and took his plate away for a replacement around ten minutes later she returned with a new plate but what had actually happened was they had replaced the pizza but left the chips from his dish before meaning they were stone cold and inedible. The pizza was still overcooked this time a quarter of it was inedible and exactly the same as the last so as you can expect we were not happy at all.

      My tikka masala was again full of flavour and I found it to be the perfect portion size for me. I found my food to taste fresh and had nice moist chunks of chicken in it, just the right amount of spice and my naan bread was lovely and soft unlike it had been for my husband previously. My husband enjoyed his macaroni cheese he said that it was perfectly cooked and he really enjoyed it. He did moan about the portion size again saying he could have eaten a little more and as there were no offers in place this time he did not find that it was not great value for money. This time our bill came to £42 but we refused to pay for Logan's meal as twice we had found it inedible and he ended up having to share with his brother and sister. They did knock his meal off the bill but we had to talk to the manager to get this taken off as we were told as we had been given a replacement and did not complain a second time there was nothing that could be done by the waitress. My husband spoke to the manager and explained if he visited our table he would see the meal sat untouched and see just how inedible it was.

      **Day time experience overall**

      It was a shame that my sons food was such a disaster I cannot understand how they managed to cook the same meal for my two eldest children who really enjoyed it but my youngest sons was cooked twice and was really a disaster. My Husband and I really enjoyed our food for a second time and the whole atmosphere was great until the trouble with my son's meal. It would not have been as bad if the waitress was a little more understanding but we felt the way it was dealt with was a huge hassle like we were trying to get something for nothing but they could clearly see the meal was untouched for the fact the chips were cold and pizza as hard as a rock, what happened to the customer always being right?


      I am a little umdecided on if I would recommend this restaurant it gets top marks for being child friendly and offering a number of activities to keep little one happy while they are dining. The food was fresh in the evening and although I am sure they microwave part of the food in the day meaning it was inedible this could have just been an off day as the rest of our meals were fine.
      Both my Husband and I really enjoyed the meals we had on both occasions, they were fresh and full of flavour even if my Husband found the portion sizes lacking. The staff on most occasions was very friendly and made sure we enjoyed our experience while there. The food is reasonably priced for what we had and £40 for three children and two adults really is cheap compared to some of the places we have dined and maybe this was the problem.
      I would recommend this restaurant for a simple bite to eat but if you are looking for fine dining this is not the place to go. I am sure we will return at some point but our bad experience has put us off slightly. It is close to the local retail parks and located in a great place so if you're in the area with your family give it a go.

      The practical stuff:
      Sunday to Thursday - 11 to 11pm (food served 11am to 9.30pm)
      Friday and Saturday - 9am to midnight (food served 9.30am* to 10pm)
      *Breakfast menu - 9.30am to 11.30am only

      The Scots Bonnet,
      Queens Drive,
      Ayrshire KA1 3XB


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