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Shanghai Garden (Sheffield, South Yorkshire)

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Address: 1072 Warwick Road / Sheffield S6 3EB / South Yorkshire

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    1 Review
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      25.05.2012 21:54
      Very helpful



      A gorgeous takeaway.

      Shanghai Garden has become a firm favourite of my boyfriend and I since we moved to Sheffield just over a year ago. We were first introduced to it by some friends we were staying with at the time, and now we usually have a takeaway from there every week!

      It is really conveniently located, and I think it delivers to most Sheffield postcodes. We live in the S1 area, and they are usually very speedy in delivering our food - definitely faster than any of the other takeaways we have used. The food arrives piping hot in around 20 minutes from placing the order, which I think is excellent.

      You can order food directly from the Shanghai Garden website, or you can choose to place an order via Just Eat and Hungry House. We always tend to order through Hungry House, and we haven't had any problems so far, so I would definitely recommend using that service! You can pay with cash or card, but I believe you have to pay a surcharge if you do want to pay with a card.

      The menu offers up all the traditional Chinese dishes you would expect to find from a good takeaway. They even have a Thai menu to choose from (although we have yet to sample any of these dishes). They have everything from Sweet and Sour Chicken to Chow Meins and Satay Chicken. All in all I think there is something for everyone on the menu, even if there aren't many unusual or unique dishes.
      My boyfriend and I usually opt for the very delicious 'Crispy Shredded Chilli Chicken' which is priced at £4.40, for a very decent portion! It is very spicy, but the chicken is gorgeous and moreish, I'm absolutely addicted to this meal now! We also get a massive portion of Egg Fried Rice for £2.00, which is always cooked to perfection, and it isn't as greasy as the rice that I've tried from other Chinese restaurants. It's so filling, and just a great size for two people to share. We also have a bag of chips, which come in a plentiful portion, and are classic 'chippy' chips, which are always very hot and tasty. I'm sure that there are some other amazing dishes on the menu, but I'm slightly boring, so this has become our staple now! If it's good enough to keep me happy every week, then it must be high quality!

      Any problems?

      The only slight problem we have had is with some of the delivery drivers not being able to find out apartment, despite having delivered to us plenty of times before.
      A few weeks ago, it was slightly ridiculous, as the delivery driver phoned us and said he had arrived, but we couldn't find him. We tried to explain where the apartment was and he said okay, but unfortunately decided to drive all the way back to the takeaway! We rang them, and the lady on the phone said they were on their way back, sure enough around 15 minutes later the driver turned up alone with the manager of the takeaway! They knocked around £5.00 off the order because we had been waiting so long, and they were both very apologetic.
      It does seem to be a trend with their drivers that we have to spend an awful long time on the phone with them trying to describe where we live because they aren't coming to the correct place. It does get a little frustrating after the fifth time! Considering that you have to pay an extra £1.00 for delivery, I would expect them to be able to get it right without such a big fuss on many occasions. I would like to say that the drivers are reasonably friendly when they actually arrive, even if they are a little curt! The manager also seems like a lovely man, so if you did have any problems, I'm sure he would be able to sort it out for you.

      Opening time.

      Shanghai Garden is open every day except Tuesdays from 5.00pm until 00.00pm.


      You get a free bag of prawn crackers for orders over £15.00 - the bag is absolutely massive too! They are always extremely fresh and tasty.
      You also get a free bottle of coke for orders over £25.00.

      52 Upperthorpe Road, Upperthorpe, Sheffield S6 3EB.

      A typical meal of 2 x crispy chilli chicken, 2 x egg fried rice, and a bag of chips is £15.00 including delivery. I think this is extremely reasonable as the portion sizes really are very good. I usually can't manage all of mine, so I eat the leftovers the day after, and they are still just as tasty then!

      I would definitely recommend trying this Chinese out if you live in the Sheffield area, and I would have given it 5 stars if not for the delivery problems.


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