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Snog Pure Frozen Yogurt ( London)

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Frozen Yogurt cafe/shops in London

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      21.10.2010 16:30
      Very helpful



      A wonderfully delicious frozen yogurt shop serving the healthiest and most tasty treats!

      It's not often that I get extremely excited about a shop that has been recommended to me, but after having a catch up a few months ago with an old friend I found myself mentally squealing with delight. Upon mentioning to said friend that I was going to be taking a trip to London, she recommended a frozen yogurt shop called 'Snog' that had my mind in complete meltdown. Now I do have a terribly sweet love of frozen yogurt, or 'froyo' as it is becoming more commonly known as! London always gets the best things! Nowhere near me does there live such a shop - and it's probably a good job too as I'd be bankrupt! I loooove frozen yogurt, so when my friend told me all about 'Snog', I knew there and then that I had to make a point of visiting the store on my London trip. And that I did!

      So what is 'Snog' then? Well, if you're a lover of frozen yogurt then you're certainly in for a sweet treat. 'Snog' is a shop which is soley dedicated to bringing delicious, fat free, frozen yogurt to the UK. The 'Snog' company was formed after the founders discovered their love of frozen yogurt overseas where it is popular in places like Japan. Upon their return, they found that nowhere here in the UK had frozen yogurt on their menu, so they took it upon themselves to rectify this problem and bring frozen yogurt to the people of the British Isles! Hooray! 'Snog' is also the name of the product which they sell - a delicious frozen yogurt available in 3 different flavours and when accompanied by a variety of your favourite toppings creates the most wonderously heavenly treat!

      Currently there are only 6 'Snog' shops in place, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for more stores soon! The first 5 of their stores are all located around London, UK. You will find 'Snog' stores in Soho, Covent Garden, South Kensington, Liberty store on Carnaby Street and the Westfield Shopping Centre. As you can see, the stores are dotted around quite widely so they cover a good proportion of London. The last of the 6 stores is located in Mirdif City Centre, Dubai - their first overseas store! Unless you're travelling there on holiday, I suggest you look closer to home for your frozen yogurt fix!

      Each 'Snog' store is open pretty much all day every day from early morning till late at night, but for specific opening times for your chosen store I suggest you visit www.ifancyasnog.com for more information. Whether you fancy a breakfast 'Snog' or a late night 'Snog', there's a store out there to suit your deliciously sweet froyo cravings!

      'Snog' frozen yogurt comes in three different flavours: natural, chocolate and green tea. The frozen yogurt is made from a mixture of fresh, non-fat organic yogurt with probiotics and organic skimmed milk. 'Snog' sweetens its frozen yogurt with Agave Nectar which is a natural plant extract with a high fructose level. Agave nectar offers the same sweetness as refined sugar but with almost half the amount of calories. Whoopie! A sweet treat that is zero in fat content and good for you! Who could ask for more?

      The range of toppings to add to your 'Snog' are pretty immense. I didn't think there would be half as many toppings available as there are, so it was a pleasant surprise to see a whole range of different additions available for my treat!

      Fruity toppings available for your frozen yogurt are as follows:
      Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, mango, watermelon, pineapple, kiwi and banana.

      Dry toppings available for your frozen yogurt include:
      Dates, pistachio nuts, granola, mochi, almonds, coconut shavings, red bean paste, super food (goji berries, nuts, seeds and raisins)

      If you're looking for a naughty frozen yogurt experience you may like to choose:
      Chocolate brownies, cookies, oreos, chocolate nibs, hot espresso shot.

      In my opinion, 'Snog' is really fairly priced, with there being a basic price for each individual size serving, and then a price listed for each size plus 1, 2 or 3 toppings. Snog comes in 3 different sizes, and there are a whole rang of toppings to choose from to create your perfect, dreamy 'Snog'.

      The prices for 'Snog' are as follows:
      Little (140g) - £2.85
      Little +1 - £3.55
      Little +2 - £4.20
      Little +3 - £4.80

      Classic (210g) - £3.25
      Classic +1 - £3.95
      Classic +2 - £4.60
      Classic +3 - £5.20

      Big (350g) - £3.40
      Big +1 - £4.90
      Big +2 - £5.55
      Big +3 - £6.15

      Extra Toppings - 60p each

      Snog Special: Classic Snog +3 toppings - £4.75

      Not really wanting to indulge in a tub of delicious froyo? 'Snog' also offers a Snog Smoothie which is frozen yogurt blended with a choice of 3 toppings for £4.25. Get an energy smoothie boost into your routine for maximum deliciousness! You can also opt for a healthy filling treat in the form of a Snog Parfait which is layers of frozen yogurt, granola and fruit for £4.25.

      Some of these prices may seem a little much, but I promise you the serving sizes are incredible, especially once you start adding the toppings. A 'Big' serving plus 3 toppings is more than enough for 2 people to share! If you're wanting to have the ultimate solo indulgence, I'd suggest going for the 'Snog Special' - a huge treat loaded with enough toppings to satisfy any rumbly tum!

      If you still need reasons to go out there and 'Snog', here they are:
      No fat.
      No artificial sweeteners.
      Low calorific content.
      Low glycemic index (GI).
      No artificial colouring.
      High in calcium and protein.
      Health benefits of yogurt with live and active probiotic cultures.
      Fruit toppings are high in vitamins (part of your 5-a-day).

      My visit to 'Snog' took place at the Covent Garden store, which took a bit of finding for a tourist like me as it wasn't in a central part of Covent Garden itself (even with a map, I managed to go round in circles) but once I found it, I knew how to find it for repeat visits. The store is located next door to the Cyber Candy store - twice the sugar rush in only one trip, hooray!

      The Covent Garden 'Snog' store is pretty small in comparison to other stores, however this is pretty common in Covent Garden (lots of shops squished into a large area!). From the outside of the store you could see right in as the shop front is just one huge glass window. Inside the décor is running along a white and neon pink theme - with all the 'Snog' stores having the same colour scheme within. The 'Snog' stores are modern and artistic to look at with a wonderfully calming minimal set up. The service area is located at the very back of the shop, with the queuing area directly on the left side of the store as you walk in through the front door. The seating area for the store is to the right of the shop, with no space whatsoever between the queue, the service area and the seats. Very squishy and stuffy when the shop is busy indeed!

      Ordering your 'Snog' really couldn't be simpler. The store has great displays by the service counter showing the different flavours and sizes of frozen yogurts with their prices, and then additional prices for the individual sizes plus 1, 2 or 3toppings. The prices are very easy to read and are definitely not misleading in any way. 'Snog' also list their deals - in which you can order a specific size frozen yogurt with a certain amount of toppings for a reduced price. Look out for these deals to get the most out of your 'Snog'!

      The service area is pretty slick and is set up in a sort of production line way. First you are greeted by the employee at the till, where you place your order and pay for your purchase. Next you move along the counter and wait in front of the toppings cabinet. An employee will dispense the correct amount of your chosen flavour of frozen yogurt into the right size tub and pass it onto the toppings employee. You can then watch the frozen yogurt treats being put together as the toppings employee fills your tub with your chosen accompaniments. When your order is ready, it will be called out for you to collect. I suggest waiting here at the toppings counter to avoid losing your frozen treat to anyone that may have ordered the same thing after you!

      My one bug bear about the 'Snog' stores is that there really isn't enough seating space to accommodate everyone that wishes to visit. The Covent Garden store had a queue out of the door, and yet only enough seating space to accommodate half of the amount of people being served. The seating area within the store is made up of one large, oddly shaped, modern table and a whole bunch of chunky stools gathered around it. This looks wonderful, however it means that people take up much more space than they need to and there are far too many stools for the amount of people that can be seated. Not only that, but due to the fact that the stores are pretty small, the customers with prams (some had multiple prams grr) or suitcases were taking up huge amounts of space making it impossible for others to be seated. Myself and my girlfriend ended up sitting on 1 of the 3 stool/table set ups outside to eat our frozen yogurt as it was impossible to get a seat inside.

      I'd really recommend anyone with a like of frozen yogurt to visit a 'Snog' store as soon as possible. If like me you can only do so when visiting London, make sure you do as you're really missing out if you don't! I love frozen yogurt, so really this shop could do no wrong! 'Snog' is available in 3 different flavours, which I was surprised at as I figured it would only be available in a plain vanilla type flavour (as seen in all supermarkets or restaurants etc). The range of toppings is truelly superb for pretty much everyone, unless like me you can't eat chocolate/nuts and don't like fruit. I just had my 'Snog' plain with no toppings and thoroughly enjoyed it. Sometimes the simple things in life are the best! Those who are lucky enough to enjoy (and be able to eat) chocolate, nuts and fresh fruit - you're in for a treat! Stack 'em high and wolf 'em down! Omnomnom! Delicious. Now - when can I plan my next trip to London? I'm a complete and utter 'Snog' addict! Two thumbs up and a definite super positive 5 star rating from me.

      For more information about Snog and it's stores visit their website at:

      Nutritional Information per 100g:

      Kcal 89
      Energy 376kj
      Protein 3.27g
      Carbohydrate 18.4g
      of which sugars 14.0g
      Fat 0.2g
      of which saturates 0.11g
      mono-unsaturates 0.06g
      polyunsaturates 0.02g
      Fibre <0.5g
      Sodium 52.3mg

      Green Tea
      Kcal 89
      Energy 376kj
      Protein 3.27g
      Carbohydrate 18.4g
      of which sugars 14.0g
      Fat 0.2g
      of which saturates 0.11g
      mono-unsaturates 0.06g
      polyunsaturates 0.02g
      Fibre <0.5g
      Sodium 52.3mg

      Kcal 109
      Energy 459kj
      Protein 4.51g
      Carbohydrate 19.9g
      of which sugars 19.0g
      Fat 1.6g
      of which saturates 0.82g
      mono-unsaturates 0.65g
      polyunsaturates 0.06g
      Fibre <1.7g
      Sodium 96.4mg

      ** Also posted on Ciao under the username little_feets88 **


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