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Spud U Like is a chain of restaurants across the UK specialising in baked potatoes, with a variety of fillings.

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    2 Reviews
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      21.08.2012 21:28
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      Tuck into a tasty jacket spud next time your shopping and save your waistline and your health!

      Whilst out doing some serious retail therapy me and my mum got really peckish and fancied a healthier change from the usual McDonald's, KFC or subway option so we took a trip to Spud u like! Spud u like is a restaurant that serves jacket potatoes with various fillings as well as hot and cold drinks and desserts.

      ~ Spud u like history ~
      In June 1974 the first spudulike opened in Edinburgh as a takeaway outlet serving freshly baked potatoes with a wide choice of fillings. Whilst not a new product, the concept of a shop where one could buy ready baked potatoes with a vast selection of fillings was and still is unique. For generations the simple potato was seen as "peasant fare". But in this age of "organic food" and "health food" we now know the baked potato to be an excellent nutritious alternative to the other fast foods on the market today.

      ~ Service and staff ~
      On arrival at this particular spud U like franchise it looked very clean, all of the tables were cleared which is a rarity as most are left with empty cups. The staff have always been polite when I have visited Spud u like and have served me promptly with the correct order. The staff are always full of smiles and recommendations of what goes nice with what - probably to make you buy more toppings to get some extra cash! Overall I find the staff and service at spud u like to always be of a high standard.

      ~ The menu and food ~
      Spud U like's jacket potatoes are a decent size and are served with an extremely generous amount of filling. You can choose from a wide variety of toppings for your spud including; baked beans, grated cheese, chilli con carne, chicken tikka, cottage cheese, egg mayonnaise, prawn cocktail and tuna and sweetcorn. There is usually some sort of special topping depending on the time of year, for example at Christmas they had turkey and stuffing. The fillings always look and taste fresh and are always piping hot. The baked potatoes are cooked to perfection with a nice crispy skin and fluffy white potato inside. I like the fact that you can mix and match with toppings to suit you, you could have cheese and beans or chilli con carne and cheese if you wanted and they don't put butter on the jacket potato for you already, which is a bonus because I don't like it on mine anyway you can add it yourself if you wish, same goes for the salt and pepper. These spuds are perfect for people watching their calorie and/or fat intake or who just prefer a healthy option (like me) because the toppings are very low in calories, the potatoes only have 25 calories per ounce and the spuds are virtually fat free! They are also low in salt, contain about one third of the recommended daily dose of vitamin c and are high in fibre! There are also your usual hot and cold drinks on offer as well as desserts for you sweet toothed people, such as bakin' boys muffins, flapjacks, cake slices and Danish pastries.

      ~ Overall opinion ~
      Spud u like is one of my favourite restaurants to visit because it is so much more healthy than the other popular fast food places. I find a jacket spud from there very substantial and filling. I would definitely recommend spud u like to anybody who likes jacket potatoes and/or fancies a healthier more filling meal choice. They are also pretty good value, we bought two jacket potatoes, one with chilli and one with chilli and cheese and two cups of tea and it came to just over £10.00 which I don't think is bad at all!

      Why bother visiting anywhere else when you can get a nice, hot jacket potato topped with your favourite filling and made just the way you like it?


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        25.09.2011 16:09
        Very helpful



        A great place for a quick and healthy lunch

        Spud U Like is a chain of restaurants/café's which serve baked potatoes.. We go out for lunch a few times a week and as we live close to the Metro Centre, it's one of the places we eat at a lot. I'd say we go to Spud U Like between two and three times a month. You can either eat in or take-out although we always choose to eat in

        The branch in Gateshead's Metro Centre is located in the Blue Mall on the ground floor. If you are coming in from the bus station you need to turn right at Macdonalds and it will be there on the right hand side. If you're coming from any of the other malls you need to head for the blue mall and keep going straight ahead once you get to the big Burger Kind on the left and you will see it there.

        Spud U Like is bright and airy - much more so than the Newcastle branch which we also visit from time to time. It is also quite clean inside, again compared to the Newcastle branch which is often littered with trays.

        The tables have leather(ette?) padded seats down each side and then hard chairs opposite. My fiancé always lets me sit on the comfy seat - if he didn't there'd be no wedding! The tables are quite small, but just about adequate to fit everything on for two people. High chairs are also available at the front and the main aisle is wide for easy access with a pushchair.

        You need to go up and order from the counter - everything is displayed on a board behind the counter. Staff are friendly and it doesn't usually take long to be served.

        The menu, in my opinion is quite limited. There are nine different toppings and then one special which is usually advertised on a board hanging from the ceiling. The toppings are baked beans, chicken tikka, chilli con carne, grated cheese, coleslaw, cottage cheese, egg mayonnaise, prawn cocktail and tuna and mayonnaise. Personally I would like to see more than that, as there are only three toppings there that I will eat - possibly four, I'm a bit 'meh' about coleslaw, but I may try it one day. If you want more than one topping you can do so, and there is also a special meal deal whereby if you order a potato with cheese and beans you can get a garlic bread and a drink at a reduced price.

        Deserts are also available and include muffins, flapjacks, carrot cake and chocolate fudge cake. Despite the number of times we have eaten there, we've never tried the results. You can get a soft drink with your meal - all the usuals - coke, 7up, fanta etc... and a range of hot drinks such as tea, coffee and hot chocolate.

        The potatoes always come with a generous amount of topping and they are oven baked rather than microwaved. They come served in a blue polystyrene tray with a green plastic knife and spork (that's a spoon/fork in one!). I really wish they wouldn't use the little polystyrene trays, they drive me mad and make cutting the potato really difficult. I usually end up eating the middle of the potato and then the skin afterwards, as if I try to cut the potato skin whilst it still has filling in there is risk of filling flying out everywhere!

        The actual potatoes taste really good. They are always well cooked and fluffy inside. The toppings are also good - as I say I can only speak for three of them. The baked beans are really nice, they're actually weight watchers beans, so low calorie and although I've never bought a tin of weight watchers beans, I would in the future based on these. The cheese is a medium cheddar so not too strong, but still flavoursome and isn't rubbery in its texture. The chicken tikka is also nice, but the chicken is quite obviously processed. Still it's not too bad in taste and is not overly spicy. My fiancé always gets tuna and sweetcorn and cheese together (is it me or is that a disgusting combination?) and he also has no complaints with the food.

        Prices vary depending on toppings, but generally you will pay around £3-£4 per potato. I have our last receipt here and we spent £4.99 on the cheese and beans potato, which included a free garlic bread and drink. My fiancé had the tuna and mayo which cost £3.09 plus an extra 99p as he added cheese to it. His drink was 7-Up costing £1.19, taking the total bill to £10.26 for two people.

        If you want a quick and healthy lunch, then Spud-U-Like is definitely somewhere I would recommend. The only thing I would like to see improved is a larger choice of toppings...actually I wouldn't mind if they got rid of those blue polystyrene trays either!!


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