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Address: 27 High Street / Rugby / CV21 3BW / England

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    1 Review
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      06.04.2009 15:02
      Very helpful



      Breathtaking, atmosheric, beautiful food, service absolutly everything

      Summersault is a unique vegetarian restaurant and coffee shop, and for rugby locals it's always been a sort of institution. It's been there since the late eighties and not once has its reputation changed for its excellent quality and beautiful food.
      It's a beautiful old building, and looks really classy in design with its black and gold decoration outside and the cast iron bistro tables outside for when we do have a hint of sunshine in rugby. It's in the centre of rugby town, near rugby schools main entrance and opposite Ask.

      Inside it is a very cosy and a calming restaurant and coffee house, all the furniture, is wickers, natural woods, distressed furniture etc. all the colours are earth tones which just make you feel so serene and relaxed.

      I find summersaults has a bohemian type feel to it, I think with some of the furniture and ladies clothing etc they have for sale also adds to the feel of it also, its just simply gorgeous.

      My favourite thing about summersaults was that I feel like when I go there its like I escape to another world, I know this sounds silly... "It's only a coffee shop" I hear you say, but there is something very unique about it. I used to go there for a big mug of hot chocolate and a big slice of carrot cake after my counselling sessions for my post natal/anxiety depression. I would sit on one of the wicker chairs with the lovely cushions on under the conservatory with a book, and I just tended to forget everything, and the world seemed to just disappear around me.

      The best books I have read in here were my Harry Potter books (yes I know I'm 28 years old but I love Harry!!!) and I can tell you exactly why that was, the place seems to be a favourite hang out spot for all the rugby school pupils, and looking at them in their uniforms and long scarf's reminds you of Hogwarts and then obviously you are going to get a lot of hippy/new age types there and some of them are quite unique in their dress styles so tend to look like a bunch of wizards, so as you can see its quite a quirky place.

      The funny thing is as well, is I'm not even a vegetarian, and I defiantly not a hippy or eco warrior etc, and yet I love it. Its not only be and the eco warriors of rugby though that love Summersaults, it tends to be a favourite of the older generations, and I put this down to the most fantastic cakes that I have ever tasted.

      Its does not just stop at the décor and the ambience though, the food is fantastic, everything is cooked fresh using organic and meat free ingredients. Summersault's has always had a excellent reputation for its good food but I feel its got better over the past few years, since people have realised more what they do provide instead of just thinking it was a posh coffee shop.

      They have a varied menu with some gorgeous vegan and vegetarian options, gorgeous cakes, homemade soups and breads, sandwiches, jacket potatoes, biscuits and loads more.

      It's not the cheapest of places, but I think every penny is worth it, I tend to spend about 7.50 for a light lunch of soup, cake and a drink, which I think is very reasonable considering you know that it's fresh, local and organic and the beautiful atmosphere to boot.

      The staff are also very friendly and efficient and really know what they are talking about, you could ask them anything about their menu or where the produce is from and they would know, they definatly have a edge on the market and their competitors when it comes to that side of things.

      I had not visited there in the evening before unfortunately, it was not really my hubby or children's cup of tea, but I have heard from my friends that it's just as good if not better during the evening. Anyway my hubby likes jazz music and recently we heard that they now tend to have live music at Summersaults quite often, I think its most Fridays and it has become a favourite hang out for the jazz goers in Rugby. I'm a complete novice to jazz and it's not really my thing, but my hubby loved it and I liked just sitting there relaxing with my drink and soaking in the atmosphere. There was a brilliant crowd and really great buzz was created.

      There website tells you a lot about the music events coming up and what they can offer, which they say they ...."have a wide range of musicians and bands from a lot of different jazz styles ranging from gypsy jazz through to stride and swing to interpretations of jazz standards!" I'm not sure what this entirely means, but if you are a jazz goer I hope this piece of info may help.

      Anyway I would recommend this to anybody really but especially for vegans or vegetarians, as I think you would be very hard pushed to find a better restaurant for this type of style food.


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