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Table Table Pub Restaurant

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16 Reviews

Numerous restaurant locations across the UK from Glasgow to Plymouth and Belfast to Norwich.

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    16 Reviews
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      22.09.2013 21:19
      Very helpful
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      Nice place for a casual meal

      Table Table was set up by Whitbread Plc in 2008, .and there are currently over 110 Table Table sites in the UK, mostly at Premier Inn sites. The particular branch that I will be reviewing is the Coleraine, Co Londonderry branch, although I have also visited the branch in Belfast.  The Coleraine branch is located in the Riverside Retail Park on the outskirts of the town.  I have been here many times, although not as frequently recently as I tend to frequent Frankie and Benny's which is just up the road. 
      The Coleraine branch is large with lots of tables, ranging from 2 seats to larger groups.  The restaurant is open plan, although there are some more secluded areas.  Wood seems to be a main design feature, with the entrance porch wall being entirely made of logs (although on my last visit I noticed someone had helped themselves to a few of the logs!).  The furniture is fashionably mismatched and the restaurant area with its huge windows is light and airy.  The bar area is darker, but as there are only a few lonely bar stools there for seating in this area, I'm guessing it was never designed for people to congregate there.  There is also limited outside seating available
      When you arrive, you just decide where you want to sit, depending on how busy it is.  All the menus are on the table although a member of staff does take your order.  Occasionally, there will be specials on offer, which is usually displayed at the bar area, but if this is the case, a member of staff will inform you of that day's specials. 

      There is special offers available from Monday - Saturday from 11:30 - 17:00 where you can have meals available from £4.99 for the main course. This menu includes Fish and Chips, burgers and lasagne and desserts and starters are available for £1.99 extra. There is also the evening menu available for £9.99 for 2 courses and £11.99 for 3 courses. The options include Gammon, lamb burgers and again, the Fish and Chips. Sunday lunch is also available at around £5.49 for 3 different roasts. The main menu has meals for around £7 - £11 each for a main course and includes an extensive grill menu and also lighter bites. The desserts are also nice, and these include a tasting plate of 3 different desserts, ideal if you're not sure what you want to have for dessert!

      I think that the kids menu is a good idea (even though I don't have any of my own). You can choose from kids favourites such as chicken gougons and fish fingers and 2 side dishes which include vegetables and chips/potatoes. There are also some kids versions of adults meals available. Kids meals are around £5.

      There is also a wide range of wines and spirits available, with special offers regularly available. There is also some cocktails available on the menu. I can't comment on the alcohol, as I have always been the driver when I've been at any Table Table.
      I am a fussy eater, and by my own admission, I'm sure I can be a bit of a nightmare when it comes to waiting staff taking my orders, but every request I have made has been acknowledged when I have been here, and I've never received any orders wrong.  It's never been anything major but when you ask for Caesar Salad with no Parmesan, it's annoying when you receive your order wrong. 
      My most recent visit was last weekend with my mum, as she loves the food there (and she had a buy one, get one free voucher).  Our drinks order was taken promptly and a few minutes later, the same waitress took our food order.  Even though we were using a voucher, we received excellent service (I'm always wary when using vouchers, but my wariness was unfounded here).  The food did take about 20 minutes to arrive, although this was understandable as the restaurant was busy. 
      Food is always fresh and well cooked.  The method of serving food is slightly theatrical - staff carry trays of food in the air, which is then served with a flourish.  I'm always concerned that they will drop something but it hasn't happened while I have been there yet!
      Usually when I am here for a meal, I order the same thing - the BBQ burger and chips.  It always arrives cooked medium, with plenty of toppings and sauce.  The chips are well cooked and crispy.  My mum always orders fish and chips, which she really likes.  She mentioned to a member of staff how much she liked the fish and he confirmed that this was a frequent comment. 
      The staff are always very welcoming and friendly and the restaurant is always clean. It's not the fanciest food ever, but I have had no complaints with this chain at both restaurants that I have visited. I would definitely recommend this place to a friend. The prices are similar to any other chain pub style restaurants.

      Check out http://www.tabletable.co.uk for locations or menus.


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        06.08.2013 09:46
        Very helpful



        A nice place to eat!

        Oswalds Cross is a Table Table pub restaurant located in the Shropshire town of Oswestry. It is located close to the Mile End roundabout and so is very easy to find.

        I first visited Oswalds Cross three years ago on father's day (specific memory I know - the reason I remember is because we had returned from our two-week cruise the night before, and so were feeling really 'flat' about the end of our holiday, and so decided to go out for something to eat - so we went to the Oswald's Cross. Whilst the food was lovely, our first experience of the place wasn't great - we were sat right in front of the door; so every time someone came through the door, the doors would 'whiz' wide open and we would be hit with a cold, gust of wind. It was very busy too and the service wasn't that good -we waited almost and hour for our food etc. However, working in the hospitality industry myself, I understand that when it is very, very busy, the service can be affected and so I didn't hold this against them as I could see that the place was absolutely 'heaving' with people etc.

        I always said I would go back, and yet it has taken me two years to do so. I was out shopping with a friend the other day and we decided to go somewhere different for lunch, as we always tend to go to the Highwayman (a similar kind of pub/restaurant - see my review), and so we went to the Oswalds Cross for a change.

        We arrived at around 1pm on a Friday; the place didn't look to busy and there were loads of parking spaces available which was good as it meant that it was easy to find a 'good parking space' which was close to the door.

        The Oswalds Cross building is very pretty to look at; very homely and welcoming looking with flower baskets hanging. It looks a 'perfect little place'. In fact it's so 'cosy' looking that it reminds me of an image on a jigsaw.

        I couldn't remember what the 'system' was here; I imagined that it was the same as all the other pub/restaurant type places, where you choose a table and go to the counter to order your food and drinks etc. Although when we walked in, it looked like a restaurant and so I wasn't sure whether we had to wait to be seated or if we were to sit anywhere and so I asked a member of staff. I found the member of staff I approached to be very helpful; she told us to choose any table, and she would be over in a couple of minutes to take our drinks order.

        We chose a table for two in a small section to the right of the door. There were around 6 or 7 tables in this little area consisting of tables of twos, fours and sixes. We chose a table of two in the middle - there was only another table of four people there.

        The menus and cutlery were already on the table which was good as it meant that we did not have to wait for the menus to be delivered to our table. I had already taken a sneaky peak of the menu online the night before and so I was pleased to see that what I had already chosen was actually on the menu.

        Studying the menu, I could see that there were plenty of choices available. I am a vegetarian and yet I was still able to find something that I really enjoyed. They also serve lots of classic dishes such as; fish and chips, gammon, burgers, curries etc. So there is definitely something for everyone. My only disappointment (it's only a little thing!) was that out of the side orders, there weren't any new potatoes on there (I love them with lasagne more than chips). I didn't ask either; although maybe they are available on request, I'm not sure.

        The waitress came to our table to take our drinks order. I ordered a coca cola and my friend ordered a pot of tea. They were delivered to our table within around 5 minutes and the bar person asked us if we were ready to order our food - which we were. I ordered a Mediterranean Vegetable Lasagne with chips and my friend ordered fish, chips and peas.

        Our food took around 20 minutes to arrive which I thought was great as it allowed us to 'absorb' the atmosphere and relax a little before the food arrived. The atmosphere was lovely and quire classy. It was dimly lit which meant that it was nice and relaxing. The chairs; nice comfortable leather ones were great. We felt right at home.

        The food came and there was plenty of it. The place were nice and hot which meant that the food stayed hot - I can't bear cold plates which leave the food cold within a couple of minutes. The food was really tasty; freshly prepared and very tasty. My lasagne, a large portion was lovely and cheesy with a delicious tomato sauce and vegetables; the vegetables tasted very fresh. I asked for tomato ketchup to go with my chips which came in a nice little pot; so much better and classier than sachets. My friend agreed that the fish, chips and peas were delicious.

        I always have to have a pudding and yet we were both too full to eat another thing. When I looked on the website the night before, I could see that a lot of the puddings were available for just £1.99 - although when I looked at the desert menu in the restaurant, the deserts were priced at around £4-6 and so whilst I was full, I didn't really want to spend that much (being a poor student and all that!) on a desert. Although, on that occasion, the price didn't really matter to me as I would have been too full to eat it anyway. However, next time, perhaps I would have a starter and a desert.

        We found the service to be great; friendly, polite and efficient. They were really helpful too. We were waited on which was great; they took our drinks and food order, brought us everything we wanted, brought us the bill etc. It made such a huge difference compared to other similar pub/restaurants where you have to order at the bar and pay at the time of ordering etc. So I would describe this pub/restaurant as being quite classy.

        Our bill came to £15.02 which I thought was good value for two mains, a coca cola and a pot of tea - so it cost us £7.51. We were really pleased with our experience; we thought that the food was lovely, staff were efficient, the prices were reasonable and the atmosphere was lovely and relaxing. We would definitely return.

        The toilets were upstairs; there were 6 toilets (I counted, sad I know, but it was for the purpose of this review) and they were all empty; great! The toilets were very clean and modern looking with a carpeted floor (there wasn't a carpet bit in the toilet cubicles though . The sinks and tables were sparking and there were hand dryers and a full length mirror. I actually felt as though I was in a hotel and was curious whether there were any guest rooms up stairs but there weren't.

        ~ * Extra Tips and Information * ~

        Table Table restaurants are joined with Premier Inns (like Little Chefs are always joined with the Travelodge)and so if you wanted to stay the night, the Premier Inn is right next door. So this would be great, say if you were out having a meal and a couple of drinks with some friends and wanted somewhere cheap to stay for the night.

        Children are welcome.
        There is disables access.

        They have lots of offers on regularly, so its worth checking their website before you visit.
        For more information (including menus and prices etc.) please see their website at:


        Whilst there is no dress code and it's quite casual. As I had been out shopping in the wind and rain I did feel a bit of a mess when I turned up, that when I walked in I thought 'oh my gosh, it's looks quite posh - like a classy restaurant' and so I felt a bit underdressed. Whilst it's quite classy looking it is casual. Although next time, I think I would dress smart, casual just so that I didn't feel underdressed. I mean, nobody said anything or there was no dress code, it was just the way I felt.

        I saw in the restaurant that if you went on their website and gave them some feedback on your experience, then you could claim a free starter next time which was great. When I went on their website when I got home, I was disappointed to see that we needed certain 'numbers' and 'codes' off our receipt. As we didn't have a receipt (we rushed off quite quickly after paying) and so I won't be able to claim my free starter next time which is a shame. So make sure you get a receipt if you go.
        **The stars and ratings are based on my most recent visit and not the first visit **

        I would definitely recommend the Oswalds Cross.

        Thanks for reading!
        August 2013
        xdonzx / xd-o-n-z-x


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          25.03.2013 12:43
          Very helpful



          Standard pub grub for families - if you want gourmet, this isn't your place.

          We have only used the one branch of the chain, Table Table pub restaurants, but we have eaten there now a few times, so I wanted to cover my experience of this particular restaurant. The one we have used is called Arena Square. It is based in Sheffield in close proximity to the Arena. It has quite a large car park, and is easy to get to by car as it is near the M1 J34 and the Meadowhall shopping centre.

          This is a pub as well as a restaurant. To get to the seated area for eating you need to enter through the bar. This was not really a problem when we went and it was quiet, however on one of our visits the pub was pretty packed as there was an ice hockey event on, and we felt a bit squashed waiting to be seated at a table with young children in our group. We weren't left waiting that long, but we were kind of in the way of people walking about.

          The restaurant is spread over different rooms which only have a few tables in each, so although the pub itself can be quite busy, you don't feel over crowded when you are eating. We ate at a burger restaurant in Bluewater at Christmas time which was an awful atmosphere because there were people queueing for a table right next to where we were eating, and it felt really rushed and as though we had no privacy. Here you are not packed in once you are seated, and you don't feel under any pressure to rush about.

          We have been seated in the conservatory area when we have gone. I don't know if this is where they seat families, but there have been other diners with and without children seated in this area when we went. It is an airy space, and there is a nice atmosphere when eating here. The children were provided with colouring supplies and an activity book, and were made to feel very welcome by the waiting staff who were very patient and liked to interact with the children as well as the adults. I like this sort of thing as I feel it encourages my kids to behave in a more grown up way when they are included like this.

          There is a fairly typical pub style menu to choose from. There is a range of childrens meals on the kids menu too, so there should be something to suit everyones taste at this chain. They have a large selection of burgers, alongside mixed grills, pies, fish dishes, lasagnas, sausage and mash. There are a couple of vegetarian options on the menu, but they are the pretty standard veggie lasagna and burger which I am sure people who are vegetarian get a bit sick of. There are also lighter meals like jacket potatoes and baguettes, as well as a selection of starters and traditional puddings like ice cream sundaes, and puddings and custard.

          The childrens menu is similar to the adults, though not quite as extensive, with a 3 choice system where kids pick a main alongside two accompaniments of a carbohydrate filler and a vegetable option. Our children were both more than happy with the choice they got, and the portions were large enough to suit their large appetites.

          Our first visit, we opted for the BBQ beef burgers which came with onion rings, ample chips and a bit of a side salad. My eldest went for the pizza which was choose your own toppings, and my youngest son opted for the chicken goujons. We all had a pudding that day - myself and the kids opting for sundaes, and my husband opting for sticky toffee pudding and custard.

          On this visit the restaurant was not that busy at all, and we had a small problem with the meal that the sticky toffee pudding arrived at the table still frozen in the middle. I always feel that it is acceptable if there are occaasional problems, as long as the staff are willing to resolve them to your satisfaction. My husband reported this problem, and our waitress went back to the kitchen and personally prepared him another fresh pudding which was served piping hot along with an apology, so we were happy with our overall meal. The bill on this day was around £40, which felt reasonable for a 2 course meal and a couple of drinks each for a family of 4. We normally spend about this much or slightly more when we eat at chain restaurants.

          My husband decided that we should take his parents to eat at this chain when they visited us. I was a bit reluctant as I had noticed a couple of problems with a larger party than ours on our first visit. When we realised our visit would co-incide with an ice hockey match I felt the pub would be really busy and they might struggle to get it right and spoil our meal out. However, my husband booked a table, and said it would be ok.

          We actually arrived at the pub about an hour before the time we had booked, and the staff hurried to prepare a table for us, which I have to say I thought was pretty impressive. We'd gone with the idea we may need to entertain ourselves in the bar till our booked time.

          This time we decided to all just have a main course and go home and eat dessert as I had stuff at home to use up. This visit co-incided with the horse meat scandal, and unfortunately, the menu was now very limited as the pub had removed all the lamb and beef burgers from the menu, along with the lasagna. You could get a chicken burger, but this was going to be a chicken breast in a bun which I didn't fancy, so I found I was not quite sure what I wanted off the menu.

          I opted for the chicken, ham and mushroom crumble, as did my mother in law. My husband had the mixed grill, and my father in law had the steak pie. The children went for the same choice as they had gone for before, pizza and chicken goujons.

          The food this time was served with no problems whatsoever. There seemed to be a lot of waiting staff working that day, and food was brought out fairly promptly, and was all hot and cooked nicely. The crumble I had didn't look as though there was much food there, but I was actually really full after eating the dish. My father in law said his pie was equally tasty, and my husband enjoyed his mixed grill. The kids were highly disappointed not to be repeating the sundae experience they had enjoyed before.

          This time the bill was a bit higher due to our menu choices, and we payed £55 for a main meal only plus drinks for six people.

          My impression of this particular pub restaurant is that it has a nice atmosphere, and that it is a nice place to go for a meal as a family. I don't think I would pick it if I were going on a romantic meal with my husband, but it is on par with any other family restaurant we have been to for the quality and price of the food. There are small niggles with the food occasionally, but the staff do sort it out promptly. The thing I noticed in a larger group on our first visit was they had got one of the childrens meals wrong, but again, they did sort the problem out for that group fairly quickly. This would spoil my meal out though if they got one of our childrens orders wrong.

          I think if we visited again, I would try and avoid going when something was on at the Arena that we were not going to. It was clear that people were using the car park instead of paying to park at the Arena, and justifying this by popping into the pub for a quick drink. This meant finding a parking space was a bit hard on our second visit but not impossible. I felt the pub were aware it was going to be a busy day though as there were more staff working and the level of service remained high for us.

          Facilities at the pub were basic but clean and well stocked.

          The food is obviously not gourmet at these prices, but we were happy with it, and would not hesitate in checking out the chain in another area after sampling the menu.


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            03.02.2013 16:55
            Very helpful



            Just don't, seriously!

            Table Table is a chain pub with many branches across the country, but this review is only about the Rochdale pub, called the John Milne.

            I recently visited this pub for the first time for a meal with the extended family, with the venue chosen and arranged by another family member. They booked well in advance, and informed the staff of how many were in our party (fifteen, so not thousands!) and that four of them were children. There was no suggestion at all that they wouldn't be able to cope with the size of the group or that they didn't have the facilities to accommodate us.

            The restaurant/pub is easy to find, located on a main road very near a motorway junction, and there is ample car parking which is always handy. Unfortunately that's where the positives end!

            We were slightly surprised when we arrived to find that the space reserved for us was actually 3 separate small tables that couldn't be pushed together to create a bigger and more sociable space. I realise there were a lot of us but we've had many meals in other places in these numbers and have always been much better accommodated in the past. Its hard to catch up and chat when you're sat with your back to half the group and have to keep swapping seats and shuffling round to say hello to everybody! I feel that we should have been informed when booking that we'd be seated at separate tables.

            The service was pretty shocking. It took forever to even order drinks and the waitress who was looking after us seemed very inexperienced and flustered and utterly unable to cope with a party of 15. It took about two hours from our arrival for everybody to get their main meals, and they were so slow and erratic in the order they appeared that some of us had finished our main courses before others had even been brought out! This is after we'd waited as long as we reasonably could for them too! Several orders were incorrect and had to be sent back and swapped, and quite a lot of things on the menu were unavailable.

            Having waited so long for the food, we were getting slightly ravenous and were hoping that it would at least be tasty, even though the service was poor. Sadly, we were disappointed again! The food was pretty awful for the most part. The roast dinners looked rubbery and unappetising, the fish was burned and I had the most rubbery salad ever created. Even though we were starving by this point hardly anybody actually cleared their plate!

            At this point, the manager was called over. Credit where its due, he was polite and apologetic and offered everybody a free dessert. By that point though we all just wanted to go home, and possibly to the chippy on the way!

            You won't be shocked to hear that none of us will be going back to the John Milne, it was shambolic to the point of being quite funny but despite the amusement factor it was not worth paying for or wasting time on.


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              12.09.2011 15:27
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Would visit again.

              With three kids, between the ages of 6 and 10, our usual idea of a meal out is McDonalds! However, I was in the mood for something a little more filling than a Mcburger, and bravely suggested that the five of us go and try a meal at our local table Table restaurant in Walsall, as I had checked out the website and really liked the idea of the Sunday carvery. Drooling with anticipation, we headed off to the restaurant at about 5:00 on Sunday, reasoning that it should be pretty quiet at that time.

              The restaurant was really nicely decorated in warm colours with dimmed lighting and a selection of seating arrangements varying from soft sofas to high-backed dining chairs. We opted for a big round table surrounded by wicker chairs, which was in tucked away in a quiet corner, where we hoped the kids wouldn't be able to annoy anyone! After a couple of minutes, a friendly waitress came over and took our drinks order. The price of drinks varies, but most soft drinks cost around the £2 mark. The well-stocked bar also serves cocktails, a selection of wines, beers and spirits, as well as non alcoholic "Mocktails" for the kids, such as apple juice and pepsi (didn't really fancy that one, though!).

              Unfortunately, being tucked away in the corner meant that we had to wait a long time until the waitress came over again to take our order. The kids were getting a bit restless and had already guzzled their drinks down, which I presume is the idea. However, I had warned the kids that they were only allowed ONE drink! The waitress informed us that the only meat available on the carvery was turkey, which was a huge let down, as I had been looking forward to my beef dinner with all the trimmings. We had to decide on an alternative, so the kids had a chicken dinner, I had Wholemeal Pasta with Pesto and my husband had a huge mixed grill, which included steak, chicken, onion rings, gammon, mushroom, chips, tomato and peas, and was the most expensive iem at £13.99. The kids meals were about £3.99 each, which I thought was reasonable, as they were a lot more filling than a happy meal. The kids menu was very good with a great variety of options, but I found the adult menu a bit limited and there were not many choices that I really liked the look of. Usually when I go to a restaurant, it is hard to decide what to have because there is so much choice, whereas the opposite was true here.

              We then had to wait AGES to get our food. The kids were really bored, so I tried to amuse them by geting them to tell stories and play games. It was really hard work keeping their mind off the food, as they could see other people eating!

              When the food finally came, I had no complaints. It was really well presented and tasted delicious. The utensils were clean and it was obvious that the hygiene practices were good here. My hubby was moaning that they had forgotten his onion rings, and we didn't see the waitress again for a long time. I think that we should have sat in a busier spot! We all finished our meals and again, there was a big wait before we had our plates taken away. It was only then that my hubby got to ask for his onion rings! The waitress was really apologetic and brought them in on a small plate. We wanted pudding, and the dessert menu was pretty good. The kids all had different things: A chocolate fondue, a sundae and an ice cream, whereas I opted for the Eton Mess and my husband had a Vanilla Cheesecake. They came pretty quickly and we ate them even quicker! I can honestly say that the meal really filled me up and I was glad that I hadn't had a starter, as I would have been bursting!

              The bill for the 5 of us came to just under £55 with drinks, which I didn't think was too bad for a 2 course meal. We really enjoyed ourselves and it was definitely better than cooking.

              In summary the plus points were the lovely decor, attention to cleanliness and friendly staff, as well as the filling food and good kids and dessert menu. The downsides were the waiting times, limited adult menu, and the fact that most of the carvery was unavailable. It would have been nice if there had been some colouring sheets for the kids to do while they waited.

              Despite this, I would definitely go to Table Table for a meal again, as it was a really enjoyable experience, and the kids loved it too.


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                17.08.2011 18:18
                Very helpful



                Verdict; I can't wait to try the one in Newmarket, Suffolk- my local town!

                We recently came back from a short break (before we board our cruise ship!) in the Midlands to visit a zoo (my mums made on gorillas!!) We also went to Cadbury world as you do when you go near Birmingham!!! We decided to book in at the Premier Inn (which I am yet to review.) we decided to do this and as there was a Table Table next door we booked with the breakfast and dinner time meal deal- and what a pleasure it was!!!

                Value for Money; We booked the Table Table restaurant for 3 nights (3 breakfasts, 3 main meals for the family of 5) and worked out the total bill was £22 each for us 5 for all 3 nights- which is extremely good value in my opinion especially because of the amazing relaxed, friendly atmosphere of the staff and the building itself. The only thing is this. We normally go to Frankie and Benny's and are now accustomed to use there unlimited drinks refills offer with the lunch time offer- Table Table only offer one if one large drink with your meal which if 5 people have two adds £13 to the bill easily!
                Standard of the Menu; I was truly delighted with the menu in all- the staff were incredibly friendly and allowed us even to alter some of the dishes ourselves!!! (I will talk about that later in the quality section) On top of that they allowed us to alter the meal deal menu and swap some dishes from another menu not on the deal!!!) we tipped the waiter heavily for this please be aware!!!

                STARTERS; I was delighted to see a non Italian menu for a change (as much as I love Italian food it makes a change to see solid English pub food!!!) I shall now list what there was and give my opinion from the family and me.
                Garlic & Herb breaded mushrooms- This was my favorite starter by far the mushrooms were whole- juicy and succulent. The batter surrounded the mushrooms was in no way greasy, were very garlicy and herby. They were complemented with a smooth garlic mayonnaise. The only thing to fault they only gave you 10 (I could of done with 50!!!)

                Prawn Cocktail- This was my first time I tried a Prawn Cocktail- I am now very much afraid from trying another one- because I am sure I will be disappointed with anything other than the one Table Table made!!! It was FANTASTIC. the prawns were of a large size and were very delicate and soft as well as juicy. The salad was very crisp and light and the Marie rose sauce was very smooth and tasted very high quality- something Mr Jamie Olive(r) oil would make.
                Chicken Liver Pâté- None of us tried this out of my family- however we did here people complimenting on the smoothness of the pate and the fresh crisp salad.
                seasonal soups (v)

                Cajun battered Prawns- My mother once again had this dish and complimented on the size of the large prawns in the crispy batter and a gain the quality of the salad.
                The rest of my family had the gusts to ask the waiter to change a starter as they prefer to eat meat as apposed to fish and pates. They asked for the sticky chicken goujons- The chicken was in strips covered in a herby crispy batter. the chicken was not reformed (unlike birds eye) The sauce was a sweet sauce and was not to there taste and so was without hassle not topped on there chicken or crisp salad.

                MAIN MEALS; I was equally surprised and delighted with the main courses as I was with the starters. The variety of the main meal was very diverse and all the meals we sampled were wonderful! I shall now list all the mains with the meal deal and give mine and my family's opinion of them.
                10oz* 21 day matured rump steak- My dad is most certainly a steak man!!! he asked for a medium rare done steak (asked after ordering) Let me tell you it was done exactly how he asked for. That is slightly pink in the middle. It was served with golden brown chunky chips, which were crisp on the outside and fluffy in the middle. The flat mushroom and grilled tomato was also to be complimented.

                Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni (v)- None of us tried this dish because we are not vegetarians. It was described as Spinach & ricotta cannelloni served with rocket and cheese shavings- which would be believable because of the extremely high quality we received.
                Bacon & Cheese topped Chicken breast- Another great dish which I tried. The chicken breast was of a chicken, which obviously was well looked after before being slaughtered! It was extremely large and very tender. The bacon was nice and thick- and salty. It is also worth noting that the bacon was quite salty which is how I like it with thick mature melted cheese on top. It was served with there lovely chunky chips on the side with barbecue sauce- which I personally dislike.

                Gammon steak- Again none of us tried my dish- though my dad- especially was tempted because of the quality of the steak. It was described as- Gammon steak Served with your choice of fried eggs or grilled pineapple rings, half a grilled tomato, garden peas and chunky chips or a jacket potato.
                Hand-battered fish & Chips** This is something my youngest brother had- (8 years of age) He was also very contented in his child's size portion. The fish was nice and flakey from what I saw. He was also surprisingly happy to find they served it with garden peas, their chunky chips and tartar sauce.

                Chilli Con Carne- Again none of us tried this main dish- it was described as Chili Con Carne- Served with basmati rice, sour cream and nachos
                Spring Vegetable Risotto (v) Like the Chili Con Carne none of us tried this dish it was described as- Spring vegetable and thyme butter risotto served with rocket and cheese shavings

                Breaded Scampi & Chips- This was a dish that my mother tried. She was equally impressed as we were with our meals. The chips were up to standard like they were mentioned before. She received 11 pieces of good-sized scampi. The langoustine from what she told me was excellent and was hugged with subtle hints of lemon. It was served with garden peas and tartar sauce.
                6oz* beef burger- A highlight for me was the Big burger loaded with crisp salad. You could also choose your topping with your tender grilled beef burger. They were

                * BBQ Topping Battered onion rings and BBQ sauce
                * New Yorker Topping Two rashers of back bacon and grated Cheddar cheese
                * Swiss Topping Sautéed mushrooms and grated Cheddar cheese
                I tried they bottom two and they were both lovely- the bacon was soft and salty (you can ask for it to be crisped should you wish) and the cheese was melted and warm. The mushrooms too were large and succulent.

                Pear and Walnut salad; None of us tried this main meal it was described as- Mixed salad, pears, chopped walnuts and Blackstick Blue cheese drizzled with French dressing.
                DESERTS; It was lovely to see the variety they offered here- even though it was in a meal deal. I have stated what they offered here and one particularly good point of customer service- (Although it involves the deserts I shall mention it in the service section.)

                Caramel apple Crumble; This desert according to my mother was truly fantastic. The Apples used were soft but not mushy and because they were quite tart the caramel went very well with the desert. It could of been served with cream, Ice Cream or custard- she choose the Ice Cream which she stated was creamy and refreshing.
                Ice Cream; Made in the Chiltern Hills from a blend of milk from Jersey cows and double cream. Enjoy three scoops of either vanilla, strawberry & clotted cream or Belgian chocolate truffle. Topped with warm chocolate flavour fudge sauce or blackcurrant coulis. We all tried the Ice cream at some point during our stay. We were all impressed! The vanilla tasted very natural and clean. The strawberry and clotted cream was my favorite because of the swirled two flavours of the ice cream- and the creaminess consistency. It also had large sweet pieces of Strawberry inserted in ice cream. The Belgian Chocolate Truffle was also something to write home about- as there was large pieces of milk chocolate making it very rich. The Ice cream was served with a wafer and one of the following sauces- the Fudge sauce and the Blackcurrent coulis.

                Profiteroles; Another nice desert. I received around 6-7 warm rolls, which were smothered in a thick milk chocolate- complimented with thick fresh cream!!!
                Belgian Waffles- None of us tried this desert- because we soon found our favourites!!! It was described as Served with warm chocolate flavour fudge sauce and cream.

                Lemon frangipane tart (v) Like the Belgian Waffles- regretfully I did not try this desert- however now there is one in our local town- I certainly will one day so I will update the review as I try new dishes!! The tart was described as-A lemon & almond infused sponge topped with toasted almonds, served warm with cream.
                Drinks- You were allowed one complimentary drink from the list and thereafter had to pay for the 2nd drink onwards. (Following list copied from there menu.)

                Bottle of J20
                Please ask a team member for flavours available
                Large Pepsi, diet Pepsi or Lemonade, Pint of Carling lager
                (Tennent's in Scotland and Northern Ireland)

                Pint of Tetley's bitter
                (Belhaven Best in Scotland, Bass in Northern Ireland and Brains Bitter in Wales)
                175ml Glass of house white wine
                Pearly Bay. A good all rounder brimming with fruit flavours. Fresh, smooth and easy.

                175ml Glass of house red wine
                Vita. A soft, easy drinking, fruity blend of Merlot and Cabernet grapes
                Breakfast; I was very pleased to see that included with the set price we payed we always had a cooked breakfast each day which was lovely!

                You could choose from an array of continental array with things like pastries such as croissants, panne au chocolate etc. There was also Kellogs cereals such as Special K and Crunchy Nut Cornflakes. Fresh juice and Costa Coffee was served free of charge throughout breakfast. Juices included Del Monte , Pomegranate Orange and Apple juice. There was also an array of yogurts. You could stop there... but I certainly didn't!!! It was worth noticing that using premium brands such as Kellogg's, Costa, Del Monte and Yeo Valley giving the breakfast a premium feel to make up the breakfast. I have listed the whole continental array below.
                Kellogg's Cereals Soya milk is available on request
                Granola Creations Granola cereal with your choice of yoghurt, dried fruit and fresh fruit salad toppings
                Porridge Please order from a member of our breakfast team
                Bread Thick sliced white and malted wheat
                Croissants Freshly baked
                Crumpets Light and fluffy
                Fresh Fruit Salad A refreshing mix of red and green sliced apples, Del Monte Gold® Extra Sweet pineapple, grapes and orange segments
                Mixed Berry Compôte
                YeoValley Organic Yoghurts Probiotic and suitable for vegetarians
                Muffins Deliciously moist muffins

                The Full English; The cooked breakfast was extremely good- you could have as much or as little as you wanted- I have listed the selection below. It was very impressive!
                Premium Pork Sausages Succulent and meaty
                Vegetarian Sausages Made with sautéed leek
                Back Bacon
                Eggs Freshly scrambled, fried, poached, boiled or a plain 2 egg omelette
                Button Mushrooms
                Heinz Baked Beans

                Atmosphere; I loved the old English pub feel to the restaurant it was very cosy and friendly. You could here the waiters saying what the customers had ordered and the pots and pans. It was a very nice experience in all.
                Standard of Service; Our dedicated waiter was excellent. She even let us swap certain meals from another menu even though they were slightly more expensive such as swapping the Waffles for the Eton Mess (which was up to high standards of the other deserts) Between courses we were quickly and efficiently asked to sit down and to have our order taken. We waited around 15 minutes for our cooked breakfast (while tucking into the Continental) We waited around 7 minutes for the starter, 15 minutes for the main course and 5 minutes or the desert.

                Cleanliness; I was very impressed with the cleanliness of the place. The toilets were frequently cleaned and therefore were immaculate. The waiter/waitress would clean the tables before and after the meal. the floors were also well washed and vacuumed.
                Family Friendly; We all want to go there again! we went to the one in Tyycross, Atherstone. The staff were extremely understanding to my youngest brother and changed the sauces of the food to make it more appealing to him.

                This review is also on Ciao by jjcross


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                  31.05.2010 20:41
                  1 Comment



                  Avoid it like the plague.

                  I took my family to this place today because the Harvester opposite had a wait for tables.

                  There is a reason why this Table Table is quiet. The service was terrible. The staff were huddled round the bar enjoying an in-joke whilst ignoring customers. We had to ask other customers whether we could seat ourselves or wait for a member of staff. When I tried to ask a member of staff, she ignored me and flounced off.

                  When we did evenutually seat ourselves a member of staff appeared after 5 minutes and said that the table we were at was prebooked...needless to say there wasn't a 'reserved' sign in sight........ and that we would have to move.

                  A humilitaing experience. I complained to the manager and have written to head office. Avoid this place like the plague. The service is terrible. In my opinion, there is a reason why it never seems busy - terrible staff.

                  I didnt get to try the food, and after today, I am not minded to try again.


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                    30.09.2009 21:52
                    Very helpful



                    Decent restaurant chain

                    Until recently, I had never heard of the 'Table Table' chain of restaurants, that is, until one opened up close to me in Newport on the Isle of Wight.

                    Table Table is affiliated with Premier Inn, and as such, many of the restaurants appear in close proximity (if not joined on) to one of the popular hotels. My local is situated in a fairly picturesque location next to the River Medina, and if you're lucky enough to be sitting in one of the window seats, you'll be able to get a decent view across the water. The building itself is fairly large and nice looking, with shrubs planted around the outside, and there is a carpark with an adequate number of spaces.

                    Upon walking into Table Table I was impressed - the interior was light and modern, and everything looked nice and clean. I had made a reservation, and was shown to my seat by a friendly waitress.

                    Table Table is quite an informal eatery, with the cutlery and menu's waiting for you on the tables (unlike the normal system of the waiter bringing them over to you). Also, the waiting staff aren't overly fussy, and generally let you get on with pouring your own wine etc - that's not to say they aren't attentive, as the pleasant and enthusiastic waiter kept coming back to check if everything was OK.

                    In terms of the food selection, the menu offers a decent range of options, from salad's to pasta's, and steaks to seafood. The prices are reasonable too - with the majority of the main courses ranging from around £6.99 to £9.99. The drinks are also quite cheap, and there are some good wines to choose from. In fact, the wines are especially good value, with the most expensive bottle only being around £12.99 - I got a tasty Pinot Noir for £10.99.

                    I opted for the chicken goujons as a starter, which were nice and tasty, and came with a barbecue dip. After that, I had a delicious chicken curry, with the chicken pieces beautifully cooked, and surrounded by a creamy and tomatoey sauce. The portion was of a good size, and came with naan bread, rice, and a mini chickpea type-thing.

                    The desserts menu probably has something for everyone - although if you can't decide, there is a 'taster plate', which allows you to have a smaller portion of three different desserts for £4.99.

                    Due to the popularity of this particular restaurant chain, it's probably best to book - and if you can't find the number (my local wasn't listed in the phonebook), there is a restaurant finder online at www.tabletable.co.uk.

                    All in all, I was very impressed with Table Table in terms of the food, atmosphere, and service, and I would certainly go there again.


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                      29.09.2009 12:27
                      Very helpful



                      I would not recommend it.

                      Recently a Harvester opened up in my town. It immediately became popular and filled up to the point of making people queue. A few months later a table table opened opposite and I was expecting it to have the same success. No such luck though and everytime I drive past it is dead. I gave it the benefit of the doubt and have since tried it three times, and will not be going back there ever again. In fact, this morning, I had to ring the head office and lodge my complaints.

                      First Ill start off with a good point, and trust me this is hard to find. The inside of the building is nice. It is a bit too dark, but the furniture is cosey, the decorations are warm and welcoming and fairly modern without being abstract. There are varieties of different sized tables in private alcoves so location and layout wise, it is good.

                      Now for the menu. The menu itself isnt bad, just the food is. Between me and my partner we have a had a burger that was too tough, a jacket potato that was burnt, and salad that was warm and brown, chips that were dripping in grease. We had never complained, we always gave them the benefit of the doubt, but our most recent visit was the worst and we just had to say something. A group of five of us went on Sunday afternoon about 3, we sat outside and basked in the last of the winter sunshine. We all ordered our meals at the same time and two came well beofre the others, half an hour in fact. After the half an hour I went in and enquired about our orders. The staff, in uniform were the wrong side of the bar drinking, chatting to those who were working and didnt serve me for ages. When I aksed about my food they went into the kitchen twice and then came back and said they were just serving it then. There was absolutely no apology. The staff members were throwing scrunched up pieces of paper at each other and talking about their crazy nights out drinking before.

                      Then minutes later two meals came out, then another five minutes later the last meal came out. They were obviously not serving it up there and then. There was still no mention of an apolgy and the meals came out incomplete. We were all so put off that none of us will be going there again. I phoned and complained this morning and it will be interesting to see what sort of response they give.

                      In this day and age restauarants should be clinging on to what little customers they have left.


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                      20.09.2009 00:10
                      Very helpful



                      Worth a visit

                      I am a fairly frequent visitor to our local Table Table restaurant, which a couple of years ago took over from Brewers Fayre.At the time I felt the change was a pity because Brewers Fayre did contain both an indoor and outdoor play area , which gave some hope of enjoying a fairly relaxed meal, whilst the younger family members worked off some of their energy, rather than sitting bored at the table.
                      I have now got used to the different surroundings though, and have grown to appreciate them. This week my brother and sister in law came to visit, and we went for a family meal, with my granddaughter and daughter.It has to be said that my granddaughter did complain about the lack of play area, which apparently she remembers well despite only being 3 at the time.That said we all enjoyed our visit.
                      Our Table Table lies only a few hundred yards from a Premier Inn. Apparently there is a full cooked beakfast available to order,with a choice of fruit, cereals, toast and fruit juice.
                      We enjoyed our evening meal, chosing from a reasonably varied selection. There is also a small specials board brought to the table,containing a fish selection (curried monkfish), and a meat selection.Everyone was happy with their meals which were averagely priced I would say.I had the duck and apples with seasonal veg and new potatoes, very nice, the duck was moist and tender priced at £9.99. must say though some of the meals do not include vegetables, I know not everybody agrees, but personally I find this off putting and would be disappointed to get a meal without veg or salad, though I know you can order a side dish at extra cost eg braised liver and mash with no veg?No thanks.
                      It is worth mentioning that Table Table offer a "2 dine for only £10" deal before 6 pm. The menu for this has a nice choice, for example Caesar Salad which I love with a large glass of dry white wine.
                      The decor at Table Table is very pleasant, there are a variety of different styles of table, also different sizes.The colour scheme tends to be orange and brick red , there is a pebble wall of greyish pebbles which I quite like looking at ,the pictures look a bit mass produced and colour coordinated,there are some modern looking gas fires behind perspex. All in all its a bit artificial, and mass produced, a bit like the food really, but none the less enjoyable for all that.,And it makes a nice venue for meeting friends and family, enjoying a birthday celebration or sharing a meal and a couple of glasses of wine with friends.
                      I think its unfair to judge a pub chain on the service as this can vary.On my most recent visit this was excellent, the waitress remembering everything, even late drinks orders, and pleasant. the only slight inaccuracy was the child meal, I remember from when my kids were young this is common, they often seem to end up with beans when they ordered peas for example not just at Table Table.
                      The Ladies toilets at our local Table Table are clean and well appointed, no problem there.
                      I have visited in summer and winter, winter evenings are nice and cosy, my favourite visits are on summer evenings, sitting at wooden tables on the well tended lawn.,lovelyafter a fraught day at work
                      I hope this revue has given you an idea of what to expect. I am lookig forward to my next visit.
                      PS: Forgot to mention you can get Nectar points too


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                        07.09.2009 09:35
                        Very helpful



                        a nice place to stop and eat

                        Yesterday saw the excuse to go out for a meal for my mother in law's birthday. We also had to visit a retail park to purchase something so we settled upon a Table Table restaurant which was nearby.
                        Table Table have been popping up next to Premier Inns recently. They appear to have taken over some of the old Brewers Fayer pubs that have been falling into extinction lately.
                        I knew roughly where we might end up so before we went I made sure I checked out the website of Table Table to have a look at their prices and menu options.

                        ** Menu **

                        There are a lot of pub style dishes on the menu from lasagne, through to the traditional steaks and burgers. There are also a lot of chicken dishes that comes with a variety of sauces.
                        Chunky chips feature quite heavily but this would be standard practice for quick and easy meals. There is also the option of different meals such as fajitas and sharing platters should you want something different.
                        The one thing I found lacking on the menu was the choice for vegetarian. There were a couple of fish choices, and then another fish dish sitting on the specials board that we were shown, but very limited.

                        The main menu waiting for you on the table also hosted a variety of starters and desserts and well as side dishes. All the items were reasonably priced and compared well with other major chains of pub restaurants.
                        I also noticed there were a few different options down the side of the menu which were available on a two for £10 deal if you ate between 12pm - 6pm Monday to Friday. Sadly we missed out on this deal as it was a weekend when we ate here. The food choice on this list was limited compared to the main menu and there were some choices that weren't available on the main menu which I found a bit odd.

                        ** Food **

                        We ordered four main meals, a chicken dish topped with bacon and served with side salad and chips, fish and chips, lasagne and fajitas.
                        First impressions when the food arrived were that the lasagne and fajitas were a very small serving, yet the other two were generous sizes.
                        I was a bit concerned for my daughter eating the lasagne that she would be left hungry, but on reflection I think she was served her meal in an oversized plate which was what made her meal look smaller than it was. She was left full up after her meal so that was ok. My fajitas provide me with five wraps and not a lot of chicken and onion / pepper mix. I would guess I was served one chicken breast cut up. By the time I made my wraps up to include the grated cheese and various sauces provided, thankfully I realised that five wraps were indeed enough despite looking like there wasn't enough on my plate.

                        Everyone commented highly of the food quality. I thought my fajitas were cooked well and the flavour had just enough spices to send my taste buds into a tingle.
                        Personally I would have been a bit disappointed with the lasagne as it seemed to contain more tomato base than it did meat, but my daughter assured me it tasted nice.

                        We all passed on desserts at the end as we were too full to cope with them, but the portions looked quite good from what I saw come out from the kitchen.

                        ** Decor / Cleanliness **

                        The decor in the pub was done quite well. Each area of the pub was done out slightly differently with a mix of furniture. This actually worked well, and made certain light areas of the pub look much brighter, whilst darker corners looked cosy. Seeing as you can choose where to sit (unless you book), this ambience could work to whichever your mood decided.
                        Of course I had to visit the bathroom purely for research purposes. There was nothing special about the ladies, and whilst on the small side it was clean and tidy which is the main thing when using public toilets.

                        ** Service **

                        The staff were very attentive, despite being quite busy. She didn't worry about leaving us to chat and choose for longer before hovering back over us again.
                        We found the whole meal a pleasure to endure, from choosing through to paying at the end.

                        ** Overall **

                        We would all go back to the pub again for a meal in the future and would be tempted to try eating during the week to take even better advantage of the price structure.
                        If you're passing you could do worse than stop off at one for a meal.


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                          19.08.2009 20:43
                          Very helpful



                          The two dine for £10 is a good offer, it runs Mon-Fri and ends at 6.30pm.

                          We are regular visitors to our local Table Table Pub Restaurant, it is within easy walking distance for us and during the week they run a good meal deal, two dine for £10. ( That deal is for two main meals)

                          Our Table Table Restaurant was refurbished about eighteen months ago and it has a pleasant and contemporary interior.
                          The restaurant is clean and comfortably furnished and it is a relaxing environment in which you are able to enjoy a meal and a drink.
                          The tables always look clean and the staff clear and wipe them as quickly as they can.
                          I have a thing about cutlery, marked cutlery can instantly spoil my appetite but to date the cutlery has always been clean and shiny.

                          More often than not we choose to visit during the week when we are able to make good use of the two dine for £10 offer.
                          The meals that are a part of that deal are listed on a separate section of the menu to avoid any confusion and they have carefully chosen food that will be suitable for everyone.
                          There are both meat and fish dishes and salad and vegetarian dishes.

                          I have eaten various dishes from this selection and I have enjoyed them all. Last week I ordered the warm Spinach and Nutmeg souffle tart which was served with new potatoes and garlic butter and a well presented side salad.
                          I was certainly surprised at the healthy portion on the plate and was only too happy to share some of my potatoes with the Better Half who was tucking into a hearty plateful of Fresh Ham, Egg and Chips.
                          The Ham looked really good, the eggs were sunny side up and the chips were plump and golden and it was declared to be delicious.

                          Although there is a selection of hot and cold desserts that range from steamed sponges and custard to a glass full of creamy Eton Mess we rarely have any room for dessert.

                          I feel that the drinks are a little expensive but then someone has to pay for the refurbishment !
                          We have been Table Table customers for a few years now and have never felt rushed or hurried in anyway, once the food is delivered to the table then you are made welcome to stay for as long as you choose. I have to say that we have never had to wait too long for our food to arrive and at least it is delivered to your table with a smile.

                          Sometimes the restaurant is well staffed and on those occasions a waitress will come and take your food order and also get you another drink if you want one.
                          But there have been many times that I have gone up to the bar and ordered the food myself.
                          The young waiting staff do try to make you feel welcome and we normally get asked if everything is fine with our food.
                          If the waiting staff are chatting away then they sometimes forget that they have customers to deal with but there is nothing that cannot be forgiven, we were all young once.

                          The restaurant has exceptionally busy periods, especially as we head towards the weekend but the staff seem to cope well enough.
                          I usually just pay with cash and always leave a small tip for the waiting staff but the restaurant does accept Debit and Credit cards.

                          The menu is far more extensive than I have covered in this review. There is a good selection on offer and that includes starters, main courses and desserts.
                          I have tried the Sunday Lunch and this is one meal that I may not choose again, I feel that at £7.99 a time that the two dine for £10 in the week offers far better value.
                          Maybe Table Table need to reassess their Sunday Lunch portions, I feel they are too small, especially for a hearty appetite.

                          You can dress as you wish, if you are celebrating then wear that dress and if you are just going for a snack then slip your jeans on, it really does not matter.
                          At teatime there will be people popping in from work to enjoy some food and often there will be young families enjoying an outing or a special occasion being celebrated.

                          The grounds of the Table Table restaurant have recently shrunk due to a large Premier Inn being constructed, of course the two go hand in hand and the Inn seems to be constantly busy.

                          Well, I think I have covered most of what I wanted to tell you but I do have one small negative left to include.
                          Outside the restaurant has a small decked area which is used as a beer garden and when the sun shines it is a lovely place to sit.
                          BUT...Why does the decked area seem to be used as rubbish bin and an ashtray ?
                          I like a cigarette but I also prefer to stub it out in an ashtray and would try to avoid just throwing it on the floor and trampling on it.
                          More often than not the decked area is dirty, messy and untidy and it seems to be getting worse.
                          Maybe more strategically placed ashtrays and waste bins might be a good idea.

                          Apart from my one gripe I am more than happy with my local Table Table restaurant and will hopefully continue to enjoy it in the future.
                          The cloakroom facilities are clean and are obviously inspected regularly.
                          If you are looking for a Cordon Bleu menu then a Table Table restaurant will not be your first port of call but on the other hand if you are looking for a respectable place to enjoy a friendly and relaxed everyday meal then you will find it at Table Table restaurant.

                          If you want to see where your local Table Table Restaurant is located then go to their website and use the restaurant finder.
                          The website also tells you about the food on offer and the meal deals.


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                            17.08.2009 10:17
                            Very helpful



                            Probably my favourite chain of restaurants

                            We're fairly regular visitors to the Table Table restaurant at Arena Square in Sheffield and we dined there on Saturday night as part of my birthday celebrations. I picked the restaurant as it's probably my favourite in the local area.

                            Arena Square is located out of the city centre, but close to the Sheffield Arena (hence the name) as well as Don Valley Stadium, Centertainment and the Meadowhall Retail Park. Being close to the Arena and Don Valley means that it can be pretty busy when there's an event on - we've been to the restaurant before and not been able to get into the car park because people were parking there for the Arena... which was pretty annoying as we could see that it wasn't particularly busy inside!

                            Anyway, there were no events on Saturday night and so we got parked and made our way inside without a problem.

                            Walking in, the first thing you'll see is the large bar area which has a range of beers on tap including Beck's, Stella, Carlsberg and the obligatory Carling. To the left of the bar are the nicely-kept toilets and drinking area, to the right you'll find the restaurant.

                            After ordering our drinks we were led to our table. For some reason, the restaurant was almost deserted (on a Saturday night), but even when busy you'll find that the tables are well spaced out and there's even some little "cubby hole" areas that are very private.

                            The menu offers traditional pub food - burgers, steaks, chicken, bangers and mash etc, which are all quite reasonably priced at around £7-£9 for a main course. In the week, they also offer 2 meals for £10 on a selection of dishes - which is pretty good value if you ask me. After perusing the menu for a nanosecond, I decided on my favourite - garlic bread for starter, followed by a good old fashioned beef burger!

                            Our order was taken at the table and our starters arrived within about 10 minutes. My garlic bread was lovely, if a bit big and thus a bit filling. Around 15 minutes after the starter, the main course arrived. My burger was fantastic, although to be honest, I can't remember the last time I had a bad burger... if I've ever had one! Looking around the table, there were 8 clean plates, so I can only assume that everyone else enjoyed their meal too!

                            Unfortunately, my garlic bread had left me a little too full for a pudding, but I can highly recommend the Belgian waffles with ice cream! I've had them on previous visits to Table Table and quite honestly, they're fantastic! If you can't decide what to pick, why not go for the trio of deserts which gives you a small taster of your chosen 3 puddings!

                            By the end of the night, we were the only people left in the restaurant and we'd found the service very good throughout throughout the evening. The final bill came to around £160 for 8 people, but this included starters, main courses, deserts and drinks (to give you a rough guide, a pint of Beck's is £2.75 which isn't cheap, but isn't too expensive either).

                            The restaurant itself is clean, nicely decorated and brightly-lit throughout. There's 2 toilet areas, both of which are clean and well-maintained.

                            A great meal was had by all, and I can't recommend Table Table enough.

                            Oh, and if you do go, remember your Nectar card as you can collect points there too!


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                              13.08.2009 23:00
                              Very helpful



                              2 stars!

                              Today was my sisters birthday, so we decided to celebrate at our local Table Table restaurant as it is close to motorway links and with some of our family travelling from Manchester to Bradford we thought it would make lives easier. To be honest, I wish we had chosen somewhere else. The meal was nice, but the service ruined it a little for me.

                              So, what was wrong with the service? For starters they didn't seem to know what to do with us (16 adults and 2 children) even though we had pre booked. Although the table was already set out for us there seemed to be no help with high chairs, drinks offered, etc. I also got the feeling that we were almost annoying them! Silly as that sounds! I just felt that they couldn't be bothered serving us, etc. I ordered a meal for my daughter who is just under one and asked if they could blend it for me, and the waitress turned round and said 'no, because its all pre cooked' - ok so why would that affect blending it?! There seemed to be no helpfulness or offer of an alternative. When I go somewhere to eat, I expect good service and friendly staff - here neither seemed to be on offer.

                              Table Table restaurants give the feel of a pub with a restaurant inside! Its hard to describe but the atmosphere is always nice and relaxed and easy to unwind in. The food is nice although I have been before and ordered something similar to tonight which tasted almost exactly the same, so I would hazard a guess that the food is not home cooked! They have a large choice with something to please everyone with salads, burgers, fajitas, chilli's, burgers, etc. Prices are roughly between £8 and £10 for a main meal and they have a 2 for £10 offer with a selective few mains on (although nothing I ever fancy!). They also have a good range of food for the children, with a whole section just for organic food.

                              Worth a try if you happen to be passing one, but I could think of a long list of other restaurants I would rather visit!


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                                11.07.2009 15:40
                                Very helpful



                                A lovely restaurant with a great atmosphere and prices, but not enough 'lighter' desserts.

                                Yesterday was my dad's birthday, and for the evening we decided it would be a good idea to go out as a family to Table Table for our dinner. So after getting ready and changing into my Ark Clothing dress that I'd bought a couple of months ago, but hadn't got round to wearing, we made our way to the restaurant - at around 6:15.

                                When we got there it was around 6:30, and the six of us - My dad, my mom, my sister, my grandma, my grandad and me - made our way inside the restaurant to take our seats and wait for my auntie and uncle to arrive. The outside of the restaurant was very typical, but very nice looking. There were two, maybe three, benches outside for people to sit on in the nice weather if they decided to, and I pointed out to my mom that it looked like a restaurant you'd see abroad. I'm not actually sure why this is, because it looked like a usual, high-quality restaurant, but I think it might have been the cream-coloured stone bricks that the restaurant was built from. It made it have that holiday feel, and I liked it.

                                Inside, through the two double doors was the porch-area, and another set of double doors that led you inside to the restaurant. It was a little warmer indoors than outside, considering the breeze was quite cool outside and it had picked up a little. Because I'm so small it's very hard for me to get warm, so maybe it was me that it effected more than usual, but I wish it had been warmer inside to match the darker, cozy decor. It was painted a deep red/orange colour, and it all matched really well with the lovely dark brown wood that was on the ceiling and floors. It looked very posh inside. To the left were several tables with comfortable looking seats, and to the right were more tables and the bar. The bar was quite large, and looked very nice with it's lit up lights that made the alcohol in the back stand out more. Obviously the bar was quite large seeing as Table Table is a Pub Restaurant, instead of just a restaurant. We stood by the doors for a while, expecting a host or waiter to come to us and show us to a seat, but after realising that we needed to find a waiter ourselves to let them know we'd like a seat, we walked over to the bar where a blonde waitress informed us that we could wander round and decide on a table for ourselves. I liked this, because sometimes when you are shown to a table, you aren't always happy with where you're sat and would prefer somewhere else. But this way you could decide where you'd like to sit and know that you were the one that chose to sit there if you didn't like it - there's no one to blame!

                                So, the six of us looked around the restaurant, that was oddly quiet for the evening, and eventually decided on a lovely booth that was pretty secluded, but not too lonely, and took our seats. Although it appeared to be quiet, I think it is simply because of how huge the restaurant was. Trust me, the amount of tables is enormous! But despite this, there's a great amount of space between the tables, and are several secluded, larger tables for family or social gatherings. I remember from a previous evening at this restaurant over a year ago, we even got a table that was practically in its own room! I loved this, because we were still able to see other parts of the restaurant, so it wasn't too secluded, but it did make the meal seem more intimate. However, my dad really didn't like that. So when the waiter suggested that table yesterday evening, he declined.

                                Our waiter, Cemal, informed us in his Italian accent that we could either order our drinks from our table or at the bar. Once we all decided on our drinks, mine being a water, my dad made his way to the bar from our booth to order our drinks. After a while of waiting, he eventually arrived back with them, my auntie and uncle arriving with him too. After taking a few sips of our drinks and talking, the waiter arrived back at our table and asked us if we were ready to order. I already knew what I was having due to my eating problems. I always stick with the same thing at restaurants. A jacket potato with beans and no margarine. And everyone else was pretty sure they'd decided what they wanted. So we ordered - which was a little more difficult than usual, considering he had a very strong Italian accent and sometimes it was hard to know whether he had understood everything we had said, but it wasn't a big hassle.

                                While we waited for our food to arrive, I grew colder and colder. The main reason due to the fact that there was a huge air conditioning vent on the ceiling above, and it was turned on pretty high! So after a few while of shuffling uncomfortably in my seat, I asked my mom if she could ask a waiter if it was possible to turn the air conditioning down. Even my dad was feeling too cold, and he's really hot blooded! The waiter told us that he could switch the temperature to heat, but it would take around 10 minutes. We said that was fine. Anything to feel warmer again.

                                It was a while until our food arrived, but not too long. As a family we usually go to the same restaurant that is a little father away, but quite close by, and there the food arrives extremely quickly. So we had to put into consideration that not all restaurants would deliver your food the same. We thought maybe it was taking longer for our food to arrive because they were starting from fresh food instead of re-heating already made dishes. If this was the case, then I'm fine with the extra wait. Although like I said, the restaurant didn't seem very busy.

                                Eventually our food arrived on two wheeled-carts. Two Matured Rump Steaks served with watercress, roasted vine cherry tomatoes and chunky chips for my dad and uncle, Mediterranean Vegetable Lasagne for my auntie, Hand Battered Cod and Chips for my grandad, Breaded Wholetail Scampi and Chips served with garden peas for my grandma, Four Cheese Macaroni served with a seeded loaf for my mom, Chicken Makhani Curry served with basmati rice, naan bread and a side of sweet potato & chickpea curry for my sister and my side order of Jacket potato with beans and no margarine. Also as a side order, my dad ordered Garlic & Herb Breaded Mushrooms. On the menu, my mom's Four Cheese Macaroni was on the '2 Dine Out For £10' category, that was only avaliable Monday - Friday, 12 noon - 6:30pm. This was still avaliable after 6:30pm, but was a different price.

                                My jacket potato was cooked perfectly. The last time I ate out, my jacket potato was hard around the edges and in the middle, so was, as you can guess not edible. But this was cooked for just the right amount of time with the right amount of beans to serve with it. However my side order also came with coleslaw and salad with dressing - which wasn't on the menu beside Jacket Potato and also wasn't ordered. Although this is good if you would like to have this with your meal, I didn't and found it quite distressing due to my eating problems. I also think this is quite bad if you have an allergy to eggs, as the mayonaise in coleslaw is made from eggs. But maybe this is an unreasonable complaint because it was seperate from the Jacket Potato. My mom gladly accepted the extras, so it was okay anyway! My dad said the portion sizes were smaller than where we usually eat out, but of a much higher quality - but my mom and me find that the portion sizes were alot bigger than any other restaurant. For my grandma, there was too much food and she did have to leave some. But that's alot better than not having enough food, so I don't see a problem there.

                                I didn't eat dessert, but the rest of the table - except my uncle and grandad, who tend to steal the leftovers - did. My dad, auntie and grandma ordered their Eton Mess, which on the menu is described as 'Fresh strawberries, crumbled meringue and whipped double cream all folded in together with a sharp blackcurrant coulis.' When it arrived it was served with a mint leaf ontop. It was presented really well, and my dad added even more cream to his. My grandma was disappointed as when it was served, it didn't come with the 'sharp blackcurrant coulis', like described, as this was what made her want it, but she still enjoyed it. However they did comment that there was perhaps a little too much double cream and not enough meringue. My sister ordered the 'British Ice Cream at its Best!' strawberry & clotted cream ice cream. On the menu it does say to 'enjoy three scoops', however she only wanted one. When it arrived, she was surprised to see she recieved three scoops, but she managed to eat it after giving one scoop to my mom. She did point out that she wished there could've been more strawberry flavour, because the vanilla flavoured clotted cream seemed a little more overpowering, but I think she really enjoyed it. Lastly my mom's dessert. She ordered the Lemon Tart, which was described as 'A delicious light and tangy lemon filling in a sweet short crust pastry tart served with double cream', although she ordered it without the double cream. It was presented very well, on a square plate with a neatly cut piece of Lemon Tart. She had a scoop of my sister's strawberry & clotted cream ice cream with it, and said the two tastes together were delicious. Afterward she commented that it was the most perfect dessert she'd ever had. She really did enjoy it that much.

                                Overall, the total cost of the evening was £88.98. I think this is a good price considering there were eight of us dining out, the portion-size and quality of the food. I would definately recommend dining at Table Table, and we're definately going to again sometime soon when we want a family meal together.


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