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Tai Pan Oriental Buffet Restaurant (Uxbridge, Middlesex)

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2 Reviews

Address: Capital Court / No. 3 Windosor St / Uxbridge / Middlesex / England / UB8 1AB / Tel: 01895 553 283

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    2 Reviews
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      18.01.2013 19:37
      Very helpful



      Worth a visit if in the area

      If you were visiting Uxbridge the chances are that you would not know that this place existed primarily because of the location. Now this is not to say that this restaurant is remote or faraway as it is just a few minutes walk away from Uxbridge underground station and down Windsor street. There are offices next to Tai Pan Uxbridge but most visitors to Uxbridge would probably not know about this restaurant. I have visited this restaurant along with my parents many times over the past year and I think that this is a good value restaurant indeed.

      The main selling points of this restaurant are that it is good value for money and also that there is a good range of Oriental food available. I love trying Dim Sum amongst other dishes and the choices of food available is excellent for the money spent. Secondly I have found the service to be good and efficient and also I have found the food to be tasty and filling.


      Customers travelling by train from Uxbridge tube station will have to walk down Windsor Street which is past a church and a parade of shops and cross the road at a busy road. After you have crossed the road you then will see quite a tall office building and you will then see the Tai Pan restaurant. For motorists there is a good amount of car parks nearby the restaurant and also if you are lucky to find some available spaces you can park outside the restaurant for free.

      Ambiance and Decor

      Overall, I really like the ambiance of this restaurant as the place seems to be relaxed. The level of trade is quite busy from the times I have visited this place. You will hear pleasant Oriental music being played in the background and this allows customers to sit down and enjoy their food. The decor is interesting because there are Oriental pictures and logos around the restaurant, some parts of the restaurant have mirrors.

      From what I have experienced, you get to sit down at black glossy tables and chairs which look more modern, and not of any great character. You get to select food from the self service counter area which on the whole from my experience has been good as there are people over seeing the levels of food in the trays. I have visited the self service and found it to be quite empty at times.

      Food Available

      The range of food available is really good because the restaurant is a self service buffet range to choose from. The selection of foods include cooked prawns, small pieces of cod, sweet and sour pork, satay chicken placed on skewers, cuts of lamb with sauce, dim sum, egg fried rice. The restaurant also serves duck spring rolls, but have found from my experience that the restaurant only serves duck during the evenings. The duck is excellent if visiting the restaurant during the evening. The prices for the self service buffet is £10.50 per person during lunch times between the hours of 12:00-3pm, and in the evenings it costs around £15 per person. Children or people who are under a certain height can dine her for a slightly reduced price.

      Extra Information

      I would say that the toilets are slightly modern and clean. Also the disabled access is very good because there is a ramp area which is outside of the entrance area and the doors are also wheel chair accessible. When I have visited the restaurant there tends to be a member of staff not too far away from the entrance area which also helps. Customers can pay either by cash or via their cards. I also have discovered that this restaurant is good because it can cater even for people with certain food allergies.


      Tai Pan in my opinion is a good restaurant that is good value for customers as guests can choose to eat as much as you like. Every occasion that I have visited I have eaten a minimum of 2 fully loaded dishes and have felt full each time. I feel that the price paid of £10.50 per person is reasonable especially with the choice of food and considering the good atmosphere as well. From my experience of Chinese restaurants in my local areas of Ruislip and Uxbridge, this is the best and nicest restaurant of them all. I like the fact that they have dim sum and duck spring rolls during lunchtimes. The service is good and professional. I liked their focus and attention on keeping the self service buffet area adequately stocked and topped up. I think it is a good restaurant with freshly cooked food. To be honest, I am not sure if I will return to this restaurant despite the relatively low price, as it tends to appear quite greasy.

      Advantages Self Service, In the evening you get duck.

      Disadvantages Some of the desserts are quite nice, though some are a bit disappointing especially the chocolate and jelly which is basic.


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      15.05.2010 18:49
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Lovely buffet-style Chinese restaurant with food to die for!

      When I used to live in Ruislip, the best Chinese in town was Tai Pan. I left Ruislip in 2006 and now live in Essex and I still think Tai Pan is the best takeaway ... so when my sister started going on about this oriental buffet restaurant in Uxbridge that she liked with the same name, I wondered if they were connected and was delighted to discover they were. There was only one thing for it - I would have to visit her and take a trip to Tai Pan!!

      We visited on a Saturday evening which is probably their busiest evening, but we were able to book a table for 6.30 pm with ease (the week before), which was a bonus because a lot of places wont let you book for a Saturday night.

      It was busy when we arrived, but got even busier after 7pm. That said, they did take us straight to our table when we arrived and we weren't herded into the bar area first (which is what has happened with other buffet restaurants I have been to - presumably so you buy more drinks?).

      We paid £15.50 each for the buffet plus drinks (about £2 for a soft drink) which is the Saturday night price (lunch times and weekday evenings are cheaper for the buffet).

      The decor in the restaurant is very modern and welcoming, and the tables and chairs comfortable but stylish.

      The buffet foods are placed on a variety of hot plates in a kind of circle in the middle of the restaurant and there was a huge choice - lots of starters such as wontons, spring rolls, prawn toasts, satay sticks, soups etc then aromatic crispy duck and pancakes, then a huge array of mains (beef, chicken, pork, duck and vegetarian tofu dishes) as well as several types of rice and noodles (chow mein, singapore style etc). There was also a fridge area for desserts (not that we had room!) which had mini cheesecakes, cakes, ice-cream, jelly and fruit.

      Apparently (according to the menu) you can also order main dishes to be cooked freshly just for you in the evenings and this is included in the buffet price but we didn't do this as there was such a huge choice of dishes available anyway as part of the buffet.

      The staff were all very courteous and quick to replace cutlery, plates etc and the toilets were very nice (I always think you can tell a lot about a place from the toilets!)

      The food was absolutely gorgeous and we left absolutely stuffed (and keen to return one day!). I'm just glad I moved away as I'm trying to lose weight at the moment and if I lived near Tai Pan i'd have no chance!


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