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TGI Friday's (Glasgow)

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5 Reviews

Address: Kings Inch Road Braehead / Glasgow / PA4 8XQ / Scotland

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    5 Reviews
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      24.10.2012 11:47
      Very helpful



      Family friendlt dining located in Glasgow city centre

      We decided to dine at TGI Fridays as it is conveniently located in the centre of the shopping area in Glasgow. You can reserve a table for a small fee, but we find if we turn up generally you are able to be seated straight away anyway. The evenings are a lot busier, and there is sometimes a little wait, but we were able to sit at the bar while we waited so it wasn't too much of a problem. The restaurant is open from 10.30 am - 11.30 pm each day, and because of the location easily accessible from public transport. We did not need to park a car as we travelled by train, but there are a number of car parks nearby. Our visit was at lunch time on a Thursday, which was fairly busy.

      **The food**

      There are a number of choices on the menu all American inspired; the menu is clearly laid out into different sections. There were vegetarian courses, but the main menu was all meat related. There are burgers, stakes, chicken strips, pizza and salads. Although there are a number of starters we decided on mains, and desert instead. The drinks menu is also very impressive; from soft drinks to cocktails they seem to have it all. You can choose to share main courses; however we choose separate meals despite choosing the same thing from the menu.

      My son chose the pizza children's meal, there was a decent amount of choice for children which we were pleased about. He also had a fruit shoot for a drink, and this was replaced automatically once he had finished his first one. My son's meal was the first to arrive at the table. We were impressed with his meal; there were four large pieces of pizza cut into large fingers. You could see it was fresh, and it was warm to touch without being too hot. In the middle of the plate was a small dish which had peppers, carrots and apple all cut into to strips. I was surprised to find the first thing my son reached for was a piece of the pepper. He happily finished the contents of this bowl, and then moved on to his pizza. The pizza was lovely, with fresh cheese covering it nicely, and the peppers cut into large slices it looked really appealing. My son only ate two of the finger pieces, as this was more than enough for him so it would be perfect for older children too.

      I choose the chicken fingers. It did take a while for us to choose, as I was just not sure what to have. It was served fairly quickly, and it looked great. I received around six chicken pieces, and a large serving of fries. I also received a small pot of tangy coleslaw, and a zingy mustard sauce to compliment the chicken. My friend decided that she didn't like any of the sauces, and requested a pot of mayonnaise which was brought to the table promptly. The chicken was perfectly cooked it was not too dry, and the breadcrumbs were perfect. Each chicken piece was rather large, and I had more than enough on my plate. I liked the chips; they were perfectly cooked managing to be crispy on the outside, without losing the potato on the inside. At first I was a little put off as some chips had the skin on them, but I found them to be delicious. The portion size was also perfect for the fries, not too much so that I would struggle to finish it, but perfect to fill anyone's appetite. The sauces complemented the chicken perfectly, and the chips were not overly salty. Everything was seasoned perfectly, and the chicken really was amazing, considering they are just pieces of chicken!

      After finishing our food, we decided to order desserts. My sons choose the children's mud pie which he loved. A small silver bowl was delivered to our table with a large scoop of ice cream inside, a topping of chocolate sauce, and little snake sweeties on the top. My son is two so he found there was a little too much in the bowl for him, but he did enjoy the part he ate. It is fun, and very tasty finish to my son's food. He was very impressed especially with his activity book.

      Hayley and I chose a pudding to share. We were split between two different desserts, but settled on the popcorn brownie sundae. It was presented in a large glass, and looked absolutely amazing. There were a number of popcorn pieces, brownie pieces, and chocolate sauce all mixed into one. It is an extremely sweet dish, with three of my favourite things mixed together we could not resist. The brownie pieces were still warm which just perfected this dessert perfectly. The glass was very large, and even with two of us trying to finish it we were unable too. We found all of the portion sizes to be generous enough. The menu choices start from anywhere between £9 up to around £20. It was all presented perfectly, and we found it to be very filling. It is a little more expensive than similar places, but the food is really nice for what it is. Both times I have been to this restaurant I have come away completely satisfied.

      **The service**

      This for me was the best part of our visit; there is nothing at all I can fault them on. When we arrived we were instantly greeted by two members of staff, one went off to find us a high chair for my son, while the other showed us to our table. We were then left to get ourselves comfy, but a few minutes later our server came and introduced her to us. She was a lovely chatty lady who began making friends with my son straight away, asking if he would like an activity set, or a balloon to play with. She then took our drink orders, and gave us two adult menus with a child's menu to look at.

      A few minutes later she arrived at our table with a goody bag for my son including an activity book and crayons. She also had a balloon for him which she tied at the side of the chair until he was finished eating. My son loved that she took the time to speak to him asking him his name etc, and the activity bag is great for passing the time while waiting for our meal. She also brought our drinks across instantly, and left us to decide to what to have. We found the food came out very quickly. Just 10 minutes after ordering the waitress brought my sons meal out. Then around five minutes later she brought our dishes out. We were given a chance when we ordered whether we would like my sons brought out as soon as it was ready, or for it to be held back to come out with our meals.

      Anytime we needed anything all we needed to do is turn around, and we would find a member of staff. They seem to be everywhere which is great, as although we already had a server none of the other staff minded helping out. We were left to enjoy our meal, but we did find she kept passing by just to make sure we were ok. Once our main courses were eaten, she asked if we would like a dessert menu. We were provided with an adult menu each, and my son received a child's menu. Once we had ordered she was back within minutes with our dessert, and checked we still had refreshments.

      **Other bits**

      We were seated at a table for four, which was very roomy meaning there was enough space for us to eat our dinner in. The restaurant was lovely, we found the pictures all around the restaurant, and the general feel of the restaurant was great. The staff gave it a fantastic atmosphere with their cheery smiles, and nothing was too much to ask. It was rather busy on a Thursday afternoon, but this in no way affected our experience. I was actually really impressed, although the restaurant was bust the staff never let it show at all. The food arrived quickly to the table, drinks were delivered just before we had finished our last, and we were always able to find a member of staff if we needed help. The music was a little loud, but not overly so it bothered my son. I have been here on the weekend with my partner, and the music is even louder in the evening, which was a little too much as I found myself shouting a little while talking.

      Even when we visited in the evening, and it was absolutely packed out we received great service. We did have to wait for 10 minutes for a table, but we were able to get drinks at the bar while they kept us up to date. There is a lot of seating in the restaurant, but it is not too cramped, so that you feel like you are just fitted in. The toilets are located on the bottom floor of the building, which is always good to see as it separates it from the tables. We were placed next to the pathway to the stairs that lead down, but they have left enough space so that our table was not disturbed from the numerous people making their way to use the facilities. I found the toilets to be clean enough, which I always like to see anywhere I am eating.


      We loved our second visit to TGI Glasgow, and would be very happy to visit again. We paid £41 for 2 adult main courses, a child's main course, a dessert to share, and my son's ice cream desert. We also received two drinks that were refilled for free every time we had nearly finished the previous one. We were really pleased with the food; although we went for a safe choice from the menu we found it to be very tasty. The portion sizes were perfects, the food enjoyable, but overall it is the staffs that really carry it. Even though the prices are a little more expensive from similar chains, the service provided is really worth the little extra.


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        15.01.2012 22:11
        Very helpful



        we will return!

        Brief History...

        TGI Fridays is an American themed restaurant founded in 1965. There are many TGI restaurants within the UK and they are currently celebrating the 25th anniversary of their first UK restaurant.

        Location and Layout...

        There are two TGI restaurants in Glasgow. I will be basing my review on our visit to the City Centre restaurant on a Sunday afternoon.

        TGI Fridays is conveniently located on the busy Buchannan Street within Glasgow City Centre. The entrance is at the corner of an old looking building and features a waiting area and replica motor bike display. This restaurant is a stones throw away from the main shopping area of Glasgow and is nearby Central Station, bus stops and also the Subway - it is very easy to reach.

        Inside, the restaurant is set across various levels. The seating includes stools, booths and regular tables to accommodate all sized parties. We were seated at a booth designed for 4 people and found there to be sufficient space to be able to spread out. The bar area is on a raised level in the centre and you can sit here to drink. The restaurant is easy to move around and prams can be stored (high chairs are provided on request). There isn't very much natural (or artificial) lighting unless you are placed at a window table which we were.

        The restaurant is decorated with some unusual objects including large, fake sharks, a terminator like statue and ten pin bowling objects. The toilets are located downstairs and the toilets were spacious, clean and easy to find once you reach the large lobby. I didn't notice disabled toilets or baby changing as they weren't required by us. A wheelchair user would have no issues in navigating the restaurant. The ambience in the restaurant is very diner like and quite loud but not deafening - they did have Sky Sports on the television and some music but nothing intrusive.

        The full address for this restaurant is 113 Buchannan Street, Glasgow, G1 3HF. If you would like to contact them then you can on 0141 221 6996. The restaurant is open 11.30am - 10.30pm each day.

        Service With A Smile...

        When we dined here, there were plenty of staff available. We arrived at a peak time but were seated right away. The restaurant is family friendly and the staff are happy to heat up bottles etc - I noticed this as the table near by had twin babies at it. My son was welcomed with a smile and received a little pack of pencils and books and a balloon so definintly family friendly. Tables are cleaned and cutlery replaced as soon as the previous diners have left and plates are cleared quickly.

        We were served my a lovely lady called Mary who was friendly and efficient. The staff wear pin badges on a strap which show their commitment and service to the restaurant - very Disney like! The staff aren't pushy and gave us enough time to allow us to decide what we wanted. Drinks were served within minutes, starters after 10 minutes (and ours sons meal), mains after 25minutes and desserts soon after requested. As soon as our glasses were looking empty, we were replenished with a fresh glass without needing to ask for one which I found excellent.

        The restaurant accepts cash and card - I paid by debit card and this was done on a device at the table.

        Food and Drink...

        We were dining here as a treat and found the choice to be excellent. The food is of course a bit more expensive than other chains such as Wetherspoons but you are paying for service and quality. If you wish to view the full menu, you can download it from www.tgifridays.co.uk. We were provided with the main menu and a childrens menu. The main menu is split into different types of dishes and everything is clearly detailed and priced. Vegetarian options are also clearly marked.


        The starters are quite varied and there are individual and sharer portions available. Starters start from around £3.99 up to £14.99. Options include chicken wings in various sauces, mozzarella dippers and loaded potato skins with various fillings. Sharing platters include nachos and various platters of chicken type bits for up to 4 people. The above dishes are suitable for vegetarians.

        Despite there being so many starter options, I was too excited about having my main course! My fiance was determined to have a starter and went for Mushroom Alfreddo. He received a big bowl of full mushrooms in a cheese and herb sauce. He also received two bits of garlic bread. I don't like mushrooms but he commented on how delicious they were. I did sneak a bit of garlic bread which was cooked to perfection. The sauce in this dish was thick and creamy and had a lovely flavouring which was perfect for dipping the garlic bread in to!


        There are so many main course options to choose from. The menu is split into different sections including fajitas, chicken, wraps, pasta, burgers and steaks. There is a lot of emphasis on meaty dishes but there are still a few options for vegetarians and some dishes could be altered to suit a vegetarian. Prices vary but are far from cheap. The burgers are priced from £10 and fajitas are from £12.00. The steak options include 'surf and turf' platters as well as standard steaks from £14ish up to £20. Various rack of ribs dishes were available. Sides can also be ordered including cheesy mash, chips and vegetables for £2ish.

        My fiance opted for the 'Double Stack Cheeseburger' which he very much enjoyed but couldn't finish after his big starter so I got to try it. The plate was full to the brim and included two thick and juicy burgers with cheese, pickle and tomato, 2 large onion rings and a good sized portion of fries. Very flavoursome without needing to add sauce and extremely filling. Burgers and wraps appeared to me favourites with many diners.

        I normally opt for whatever is cheapest on the menu but since we were treating ourselves, I ordered a steak. I believe my steak was a 8oz rib eye and I ordered it medium-well done as I hate seeing pink bits of meat! I was provided with a proper steak knife and was happy with the huge portion I was given. When ordering a steak, you are given the choice of 2 sides and 1 sauce. Sides include cheesy mash, chips, spicy rice and 2 other options. Sauces include a buttery sauce, peppercorn, Jack Daniels and another option which I can't quite remember.

        My steak was absolutely delicious and cooked just the way I wanted it. It was quite big, thick and so tender in the mouth. It was full of flavour and wasn't fatty. The fries were lovely and crisp but fluffy inside and some still had their skins on. They were slightly salted which added extra flavour. I opted for some Cajun spicy rice as my 2nd side and it was about the same amount as you get in a bag of Uncle Bens rice - very flavoursome and easy to eat. For my sauce I went for Jack Daniels sauce which was presented in a small dish and had a runny consistency. It was delicious and very smokey. I only need a drop across my steak and sides to add extra flavour. I was very satisfied with my steak and for £16.99, I should have been!

        The childrens menu was also quite varied.and offered smaller portions for small diners or larger portions for older children. There is the option of fish 'pirates', pasta, burgers and chicken strips. Dishes are served with fries and you can have a side of carrot, apple and cucumber sticks or beans. My son had a meal from the smaller menu which cost £2.99 and consistented of 4 big chicken strips and plenty of chips. The portion was really big and my son couldn't eat it all but excellent value for money. The chicken was lovely.

        Desserts and Drinks...

        The desserts section was very tempting with treats such as Apple Waffle, Mocha Mud Pie and brownies. Desserts were priced at around £4.99 (or £6.99 for a sharing sized portion). I had decided that I wanted a sundae type dessert which was presented in a tall glass. My sundae had lots of vanilla ice cream, toffee sauce, toffee popcorn and brownies. Oh my...heaven in a tall glass! This was quite an unusual dessert especially with the addition of popcorn but they didn't skimp on anything. It was delicious and the brownie pieces were still warm and deliciously chewy. My son had ice cream which was presented in a glass cup.

        The drinks on offer at TGI Fridays and there is something for everyone. I believe this is a popular place to drink in the evening and the drinks have their very own menu. TGI specialise in cocktails and they have every kind including vodka, whiskey and tequila based cocktails. They also do frozen cocktails for around £5.00. Non alcoholic cocktails and ice cream cocktails are available. They offer wine and beers including 660ml bottles of Budweiser. Prices are about average for this sort of restaurant. I plan on returning without my son for cocktails sometime soon as they all look so good!

        Anyway we opted for a glass of Coca-Cola each. The good thing about the glasses of Cola is that you can have as many refills as you want for a set price of £2.39 - we ended up having 5 glasses between us so got our monies worth. Our son had a Capri Sun but they had milkshakes and smoothies available.


        In total we spent £50 by dining at TGI Fridays in Glasgow - 1 starter, 2 main courses, 1 childrens meal, 1 dessert, 2 bottomless drinks and a kids drink. Not cheap but we were so stuffed we couldn't eat anything big for dinner! I was impressed with the food and service so was happy to pay that little bit more and I felt that we got our monies worth from our filling and flavoursome meals. We couldn't afford to dine he regularly but as a treat, it is perfect and ideal for a bite to eat whilst out shopping.

        Overall 4/5 and we will return soon!

        Thanks for reading x


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          24.05.2010 22:28
          Very helpful



          Jack Daniels Ribs are great!

          TGI Fridays is one of my favourite restaurants. This is an American Chain of restaurants which appear throughout the UK. They have a wide variety of dishes on their menu. Most of their food has an American theme to it, burgers, ribs and steaks. But there are other options for you to choose.

          These come in at around £4.50 each and include potato skins, bruschetta, jack daniels sesame chicken strips.

          These range in price but average at around £10 and include chicken finger BLT, Jack Daniels Rack of ribs, Ceaser salad and Chicken alfredo.

          Cost on average £4 and include Chocolate fudge fixation and Apple waffle crunch.

          TGI's also do various offers including 2 courses for £9.99 on a selected menu, this is great for you to try out some new dishes that you haven't had before. Soft drinks cost around £2.50 but are refilled for free.

          The restaurants all have the same decorations inside, to resemble a sort of rock and roll american diner. The staff are always really eager to help. I have never had an experience in TGI's that would result in me not returning.

          A few months ago on a trip to a TGI restaurant I found a hair in my dinner. The manager had a fresh meal cooked for me and took the cost of this off of the bill. It is service like this that sees me coming back to TGI's again and again.

          They also do a great range of Cocktails, my favourite being summer peach! You'll find one to suit your taste. The restaurant can also cater for large groups. We went here for our department christmas night out and a friend had her hen night dinner here.

          Definitely worth a visit.


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            16.03.2010 17:56
            Very helpful
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            TGI's is tasty!

            Did you hear about the guy who got drunk eating Jack Daniels chicken wings? Nothing to do with the delicious JD coating, he had to many Hurricane cocktails...

            TGI Fridays is one of the those places that you know you will enjoy if you're looking for a little bit of atmosphere with your meal and cocktails. My local TGI's is in Glasgow but they are dotted all around the county waiting for you to sample their wares.

            ***How it looks***
            The concept of TGI's is similar to other American influenced restaurants and is clearly along the same lines as Planet Holywood and the Hard Rock Café. The walls are bedecked with music and movie memorabilia from the Rat Pack to Rick Astley, from Godzilla to the Godfather, its all there. I personally love the rock music references and I am also fond of the large Harley Davidson Motorcycle that greets you when you walk through the front door.

            The restaurant floor is filled with dark wood tables and chairs while the staff wander round in red and white striped shirts covered in badges. It s well lit without being overpowering and there is also usually some good but not too loud music on in the background.

            No matter how good somewhere looks, the proof of an establishment's success is ultimately the food.

            Again, TGI's very much draws on the American diner influence and the menu clearly reflects this.

            There are a reasonable selection of starters including Loaded Potato Skins (£4.29), Mushroom Alfredo (£4.49) and my personal favourite the Jack Daniels Sesame Chicken Strips (£4.99). These are tender little chicken strips covered in a sweet and sticky Jack Daniels glaze which is very tasty. There are also a selection of chicken wings and appetizers to share.

            The main courses are naturally heavy in meat dishes, focussing on their love of the mighty steak. A New York Strip will set you back around £13.99 however you have a fair choice of accompaniments and a choice of 5 sauces for the side which is really good. TGI's is actually one of the few places I know that can properly cook a steak. Personally I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would want a well done steak, but they do, and TGI's offer it up without cremating it. Unlike some restaurants, they know how to cook a rare steak. While some places serve up medium instead of rare, TGI's rare steak is succulent and melt in your mouth soft. Exactly how it should be.

            In addition to steaks you also have a selection of ribs, grills, burgers, chicken dishes, salads and pastas. Sandwiches are also on offer however at £8.99 for a grilled chicken sandwich, I think there are better value for money dishes on the menu. If you aren't a big meat eater, the Cajun-spiced vegetable Quesadilla is very tasty and is the same price as a sandwich while the Spicy Diablo Pasta (£7.99) is also pretty good.

            If you do venture into TGI's however I would stick to the steaks, grills and ribs. They really are very good at them.

            Desserts, if you can stomach one, are quite chocolate based with the chocolate fudge fixation being a personal favourite (£4.99). However they also do desserts to share if you are not ready for a whole one, and the dessert minis is a great way to sample. You can choose three or five mini desserts for £5.49 and £6.99 and while they aren't huge, they are pretty good and will take the edge off if you have a bit of a sweet tooth.

            All the usual drinks are available but TGI's do a pretty fine selection of cocktails. All the traditional ones can be found including the Pina Colada, the Cosmopolitan and the Sex on the Beach, but they also have a great selection of more unusual cocktails including the Gremlin (Midori, Chambord, Vodka and citrus juice), the Barnamint Baileys (Oreo Cookies, Mint Liqueur, Baileys and Vanilla Ice Cream) or the Harlem Mugger (Rum, Tia Maria, Vodka, Gin, Champagne, Grand Marnier and citrus juice). Prices vary from £5.95 to around £10.

            Now I would not like to encourage drinking copious amounts of alcohol at all, but I would recommend giving some of them a try. Even if you don't want a sit down meal, you can enjoy a couple of drinks at the bar and bar snacks are available if you find yourself there longer than you expected!

            TGI's always has a fun and warm atmosphere and while this review may sound as though it is geared towards the older, cocktail drinking crowd, it is also a great place for families. There is a good kids menu with dishes ranging from £2.99 to £4.99 and the kids also receive an activity pack to keep them entertained.

            I have visited TGI's on various occasions and it was a good night out for us as a couple and also when we were with a group of friends. I have also visited a number of their restaurants and the staff have always been attentive and friendly, although I am a bit sick of the old "hi my name is Lauren and I'll be your waitress for the evening..." shtick... Imported from America.

            I would recommend TGI's to anyone looking for a typical American style meal where you eat till you burst and enjoy a few cocktail to go with it. it is definitely not a budget restaurant and once you have a couple of courses and some drinks, it doesn't amount to a cheap night out, but I think every once and a while its worth a visit.

            Go take a bite and thanks for reading!


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              03.12.2009 10:21
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Good food, would recommend to friends

              TGI Friday's in Glasgow is located in the city Centre amongst all the shops, on the popular road of Buchanan Street. I am not familiar with Glasgow as we were only there for the weekend to do some Christmas shopping as by boyfriend was currently working there for the week. However it is very easy to find as it is on the corner of one of the crossing streets, and has the large TGI Friday logo outside the building.

              We haven't been to TGI Friday's before so didn't know what it would be like, but we knew that the chain of restaurants where very popular and had an American influenced menu and also décor which can be seen in every TGI restaurant you go in with the bold red and white colours and the pictures and furnishings on the walls.

              We went on a Saturday night so expected the restaurant to be busy as it was also in a popular area, and we went at around 8pm when a lot of people had finished shopping and where looking for food and when people where beginning there Saturday night out.

              ~~queuing time~~

              When we went into the restaurant there was a little queue, when we got to the front we where greeted by two members of staff who where very friendly, they informed us that there was a wait of 30 minutes for a table for two. They said that if we wished to wait we could go through to the bar and have a drink; my partner asked if we could put our name down on a booking and come back in half and hour as he noticed that the bar in the restaurant was very busy. The staff took our name and said we were welcome to come back in half an hour; we disappeared for a drink in a local pub which was definitely cheaper than TGI Fridays bar and far less quiet.

              When we went back to TGI Fridays the queue was out the door, just showing what a great place it was to eat food. My boyfriend went to the front of the queue and informed the staff we had booked a table. Couple of minutes later we where being led through the doors and into the restaurant to our table, much to the disgust of the people in the queue, where the wait had now gone up to 40 - 50 minutes, lesson learnt on a Saturday night book in advance even if it is for TGI Fridays.


              Once we where seated at our table, the waiter took our drink order and left us to read the menu. We then realised why the wait was so long the restaurant was incredibly busy with the staff all running around trying to take orders. The restaurant bar in particular was very busy with people waiting to be seated. The fact that the restaurant was so busy did not spoil our evening as people around us where nice and quiet and we were seated out of the way so that the only people walking past us were the waiter/waitress going to the larger table nearby. If you are after a romantic meal with your beloved this is not the place to go, TGI Fridays is a lively crowed, and often busy restaurant. By no means does mean that it is bad it just means it is very popular and they try and get as many people in for food as they can.

              ~~Decisions ~~

              One glance at the menu had my mouth watering all the delicious well known American influenced; typical restaurant food, burgers, ribs, nachos and steaks.

              Me and my boyfriend finally decided to have a shared platter of Chicken Fajita Nachos, for our starter, the menu description is Crisp tortillas topped with chunks of chargrilled chicken breast, red & green peppers, spicy jalapenos, onion and melted cheese, Served with guacamole, pico de gallo and sour cream. All I can say is that they certainly didn't last long they where lovely, we have never had chicken on nachos before and it was a lovely surprise it gave the nachos more depth, and different taste sensations, my boyfriend doesn't normally eat a lot of nachos as he feels that it doesn't fill him up but he devoured these it was a race to eat some before he scoffed them all. I would recommend choosing the chicken nachos and the dips as they are nice twist and a normal nacho dish.

              For my main course I had a rib eye steak with mushroom sauce and chips, where my boyfriend had a Rib eye surf and turf with Jack Daniels sauce both came with chips and two onion rings, a nice large plate full of lovely food. As usual the sauces; Wild Mushroom and jack Daniel's came in little pots along with the steaks. We both choose to have our steaks medium, I normally worry that they do it too pink but I was very happy with the steak, it had a lovely pinkish colour and was very nice and juicy with no blood in sight. This sometimes can happen with medium steaks that are just not cooked enough. Both steaks where a very good size and so was the portion on chips, for the price we paid I was happy with the portion size we roughly paid between 14.99 and 16.99 for our two main meals I am not sure but you can find a full menu specific to each restaurant on there website www.tgifridays.co.uk

              What sold me the most on the menu was my boyfriends Jack Daniel's sauce it was divine. It had a lovely sweet taste that went perfect with the steak and chips. I am very fond of sweet tasting sauces so my boyfriend happily swapped his jack Daniels sauce for my wild mushroom sauce. I will definitely be purchasing the jack Daniels Sauce separately when I next go shopping as it was the perfect accompaniment to my steak. However the sauce my not suit some tastes which is why we where happy that it came in a separate pot so that you could pour it over the steak.


              When we go out for a nice meal we tend to share a dessert as we are normally so full from the meal that we cannot eat all to ourselves. The menu at Glasgow has five different individual desserts and 3 desserts that you can share. As we where very full from the lovely food we decided to share an individual dessert, we had the lovely Cinnamon swirl cheesecake. It was the right size for us to share and not overpower our stomachs as we really enjoyed the unusual flavour of the cheesecake as normally they are vanilla, or fruit flavoured.

              The entire meal cost us about £53 including an alcohol drink each and a refillable soft drink. This can be on the expensive side for a meal for two but the food was lovely just what you would expect from a restaurant that is middle range, not too expensive but also not pub food.

              ~~overall opinion~~

              I would recommend the TGI Friday's restaurants to my friends and family particular the Glasgow city centre one as my experience with them was very pleasurable and I would definitely visit the restaurant again. The food was lovely and very well prepared with options available to suit many people's tastes. The Glasgow City restaurant has lovely staff; who where pleasant and polite and very attentive though out the service. As we went on a Saturday night at peak time the restaurant was loud and very busy but this did not spoil my evening as the staff appeared to be able to cope with the pressure. The meal was reasonably priced for a nice night out together, but too expensive to make it a regular outing. I will certainly be visiting other TGI Friday's in my home area to see if also offer the good standard of service that was present in the Glasgow city Centre.


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