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The Bangkok House (Oxford)

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3 Reviews

Address: 42a Hythe Bridge Street / Oxford / Oxfordshire / OX1 2EP

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    3 Reviews
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      20.09.2009 23:15
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      If you love your oriental food, you'll love it!

      The Bangkok House is a thai restaurant located in the Centre of Oxford, within a 5 minute walk of the railway station. Also a pay & display car park is virtually just opposite the venue.

      Although I've lived in Oxford for quite a few years, I had never visited this restaurant until very recently. Upon entry, you're greating with a very impressive decor which is inspired by the culture of Thailand. The staff are also dressed in traditional dress, so you almost feel as though you have left Oxford behind and have been transformed to the far east.

      So would the food be as equally as impressive as the interior? Well you're spoilt for choice when looking through the immense. There are selection of thai soups & started with a variety of main dishes. There are also a selection of more chinese oriented dishes available.

      The food itself was very tasty indeed and felt much lighter than if you were going to a chinese restaurant. The portions were also generous so you got good value for your money. I would say two people can have a nice meal here for around £25 which isn't bad at all. The service was also very impressive.

      Definetly worth a visit if you like your oriental cuisine!


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        18.04.2009 17:56
        Very helpful



        the best thai food I have eaten, and I have been to Thailand........

        Having just returned from my around the world trip, I was happy to re-visit this gem of a restaurant in Oxford. Bangkok house is my favourite Thai restaurant and only a few places in Thailand delivered food as good as this.

        We decided to go to the restaurant for lunch today. The reason we did this was simple - the restaurant has for the past 2 years offered a one plate lunch meal menu for £5.

        However, having not been here since been back in the UK I decided to go for the set menu of a starter and main for £9.95. So here is my experience.


        The restaurant is located in the historic university city of Oxford. The restaurant is located slightly out of the hustle and bustle of the city centre, just next to the canal and within a couple of minute walk to the castle site and the Universities. Immediately across the road is the comedy club Jongeluers and this restaurant is a great place to go before going to the comedy.


        Inside this place is a truly Thai experience. All of the tables are carved wooden delights, we little scenes in the middle of them. The tables have glass placed upon them and therefore you can admire the table whilst eating. This sounds something small, but it really adds to the atmosphere. The restaurant also has tables that can sit six people and these tables instead of having individual chairs have benches which have traditional pyramid shaped cushions.

        Also within the back of the restaurant the sides are shaped like a traditional Thai roof down the walls, which again adds to the atmosphere created. Further additions to this are various sculptures within the restaurant.

        By the bar you can also buy small cutlery pieces which are the same as the ones which the staff use within the restaurant. For example you can buy the small dishes used to server the various sauces in.

        The Food

        When you are shown to a table, a bowl of prawn crackers is placed on your table instantly. The evening prawn crackers are nicer as these are Thai spiced, however the ones you at given at lunch time are plain prawn crackers. Normally you can choose to upgrade for £1 which is worth it.

        As I said I went for the 2 course set menu. Today I opted for Thai fishcakes for the starter. These are the nicest Thai fishcakes I have had, and I always seem to get these. Within the fishcakes it is a nicely spiced combination of flaours and you do get the occasional piece of spring onion. The fishcakes come served with a cucumber sauce which I always leave as I don't like cucumbers but my girlfriend always enjoys this.

        My girlfriend ordered a mixed satay to start with. The mixed satay comes with three chicken and 3 beef satay. Getting this dish for a starter is quite an experience as this are served pre-cooked, but come with a burner for you to further cook the satay. This is great as when cooking them it leaves a char grilled effect on the satay. The satay are brilliant and the meat is really tender and the marinade that is on the meat really adds an immense amount of flavour. These come with a peanut dipping as well as a Thai chilli sauce. These are not on the lunch time menu but you can also ask for anything off the evening menu as well and as we know the menu pretty well we knew to ask for them.

        My main course I opted for a Thai green curry. As part of the set menu this comes with a big bowl of rice and a side portion of vegetables in soy sauce. The curry itself is filled with chicken, Thai aubergines, Peas and pieces of chilli. The sauce for this curry is beautiful in taste and the biggest compliment I can give it is that the curry gives just about the right amount of spice to it. Its certainly not to spicy, but it leaves a nice warming feeling on the back of your throat. Having not had this dish for the best part of a year I was delighted that the dish had not changed at all and tasted better then when I had it before.

        Pad Thai is another traditional Thai noodle dish and this is my girlfriends favourite dish, so she happily decided upon this for her main meal. Pad Thai is a noodle dish that can be served with chicken, prawns or pork, but we normally get the chicken option. In this dish is loads of noodles as well as Pak Choi and bean sprouts. The dish also comes with a portion of peanuts on the side to mix into the dish and then squeezing a lime over the top of the dish which really adds a nice flavour to it. I know some people find this dish to sweet, but we find it perfect.

        This was washed down by the usual cokes and the bill came in total £24.05, which included a standard 5% service charge.

        The menu for the evenings is far larger then the lunch time menu, many of the meals that can be ordered for lunch appear on the evening menu, but the price is usually about £8-10 instead of £5. However it is worth paying for even at a slightly higher price.

        Staff and service

        We have been to this place loads and have always found the staff very helpful and always help you get what you need.

        The service is always extremely quick. After ordering your drinks normally arrive within a minute of so and the food normally takes around 10-15mins. Also with the service you are also offered sauces and additional condiments if you require them.


        This is a great restaurant which is personally my favourite in Oxford. I have been back to this place many, many times and have recommended it to many friends who have all really enjoyed the experience and all love the satay for the starters


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          10.01.2009 19:07
          Very helpful



          You'll have a fantastic meal here.

          The Bangkok House is a wonderful Thai restaurant in Oxford. It is very easy to get to, as it's about a five minute walk from the city centre.

          It's a fairly expensive restaurant; it will cost somewhere around £20 a head including drinks, but it's worth it, as I can't fault anything about it. I've been many times over the years and it's always been consistently brilliant.

          The menu is extensive, offering a range of delicious Thai food. Last time I ate there, we had one of four set menus, which included starters and a main course. The set menus are shared, the minimum number of people is two for most of the menus. The starter was a platter of mixed starters, including chicken satays, beef satays, spring rolls, prawn rolls, prawn toast, and fishcakes. Each set menu has a different selection of these starters. The main course was a variety of dishes, served with rice. These include sweet and sour pork, Thai red/green curry, sweet and sour prawns, and various chicken and beef dishes. Again, each menu has a different selection of these dishes. You can also have any of these dishes individually in the main menu.

          The puddings are equally as fabulous. There is a large selection including bananas in hot coconut milk, sticky rice with mango, banana split, strawberry mouse, along with numerous others. When I've been, I've had the sticky rice with mango and the bananas in coconut milk. Both are delicious, and the nice thing about them is that they're small enough so you don't order them and then only eat half of them, as that often happens to me if they're too big, but they any little gap that may remain after the main course perfectly!

          The food is absolutely wonderful. It comes quickly and is always piping hot. The flavours are strong and there is a variety of spicy and mild foods so there is something for everyone. There is always plenty, if anything too much food, so you certainly won't still be hungry at the end.

          The service there is very good. We ordered very quickly and our first course arrived within 10 minutes. The staff were very friendly and attentive, but not constantly hovering over you, which I like.

          The atmosphere of the whole place is fabulous, and it's all decorated beautifully. There is quite a busy road outside but I've never found that a problem.

          Overall, a lovely restaurant, I think one of the best in oxford. I've never been disappointed by it.


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          Delicious authentic Thai food.

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