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The Best Kebab And Pizza (Weston Super Mare)

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Address: 11a Richmond Street / Weston Supermare / BS23 1SX

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    1 Review
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      24.01.2013 10:17
      Very helpful



      A place to avoid!

      When it comes to takeaways I am one addicted person to them lol! I'm a lazy so and so and for one person usually can't see the point in going to loads of effort cooking wise and my mate is the same really so particulary at weekends she will come over and we get take out and watch a film and so on.

      I found this take away on Justeat.com and it appealed for two reasons. One that it had a huge choice of food on offer and the prices were great. You don't have to order from here you can go into the takeaway (which I haven't done) and place your order and wait or you can ring your order through and then go and collect it or on Justeat as I have done a couple of times and if you spend over a tenner delivery is free anyway.

      The Place:

      11a Richmond Street
      Weston Supermare
      BS23 1SX
      Telephone: 1934 628 692

      Opening Times:

      Every day of the week apart from Saturday 14.30pm - 2am, Saturday 14.30-3am.

      Whats On Offer:

      Ok there is so much to choose from here. Cans of pop of 70p through to £2.00 a large bottle. Pizzas from £4.50 - £8.80 in 9 inch and 12inch sizes with 15 to choose from including Farmhouse, a special, seafood, Vegetarian and Mexican. There are lots of kebabs and wraps to choose from with prices starting at £3.50 for a small lamb doner including salad and sauce through to a house special at a tenner with chicken kebab in pitta being £4.00 for a small one, a fiver for a large, a small lamb shish is £4.30, a large £5.80 and so on. You can buy portions of just the meat, chips in a wrap and even a hot dog at £2.50 and fish and chips!

      Southern fried chicken makes an appearance all served with chips and comes in a box with options from one piece to six pieces with one piece and chips costing £2.20 through to £7.70 and then there are burgers such as a quarter pounders with or without cheese, doner burger, chicken burger, half pounders starting at £2.20 each. There are a few extras like coleslaw £1.20, onion rings £2.00, chips £1.20-£1.80 and sauces you can buy tubs of like mayo (40p), curry for 60p and so on.

      So as I have already said I ordered from here a couple of times from justeat.com. It was simple as it always is with option to buy with cash or card. We waited about half an hour and had ordered a meal deal for one for my friend which consisted of a quarter pounder burger, chips, salad & a can of soft drink and cost just £4.00. For me I had a lamb doner wrap after spending ages on whether to go for fish and chips (£3.80) and deciding against it and that cost me £4.00. Another mate had a large chicken doner kebab for a fiver and chips and her partner had Southern fried chicken and chips. We were impressed by the amount of food that came for the amount we spent!

      The food on this occasion was ok. It was luke warm and we couldn't reheat anything really due to salad being involved but it was late and we were having a drink and hungry as hell!

      The meal deal was nice enough. My mate hated her skinny, soggy chips that were a bit bland but did enjoy her burger in a bun and it had plenty of salad on it. My lamb doner wrap was a bit too cold for my liking, my meat soggy but the salad was plentiful and they gave me plenty of garlic mayo which I had requested. I was told the chicken doner was cold, the pitta that came in a bit hard and the meat was greasy but it got eaten. The person having the chicken liked the fact that least that was warm but the coating was soggy and the chicken a wee bit stringy and he hated his cold chips and wouldn't eat them! The food was mediocre at best, not totally disgusting but I did make a decision to not order from here again when we have so many better places like this is Weston Super Mare.

      However I forgot this promise to myself late one night when me and my mate were starving and it was really late on a Saturday night. No where on Justeat.com was still serving apart from this place so I placed an order and oh my word....what a nightmare.

      I ordered 2 doner wraps, 2 lots of chips, a tub of coleslaw and a couple of cans a pop. Simple right? No! The doner wraps were cold, the salad a funny colour and slimy, the meat really greasy and the whole thing look slung together. I hate really cold food so I was picking at mine when my mate spotted a big black hair poking out of her wrap and she went mad. She called the takeaway and the person on the other end of the food couldn't speak very good English at all and had to get the delivery driver to take the call and relay back to him the jist of it The delivery driver apologised and said he would replace all the food and give a refund. We said no thank you just the money back please but in the meantime loads of shouting on the other end of the phone was going on and someone else, the manager took the phone and accused my mate of putting hairs in her own food! My mate has red hair so she was livid and all we had wanted was a meal in our bellies!

      In the end we were told to bag up all the uneaten food and to give it back and they would only replace the whole meal, no refund no nothing as well as that. After all the drama we got the food and it went in the bin and this place got a big black mark against its name and even when they replaced the food the order was wrong and it had things missing like the coleslaw but to be fair the bin didn't mind that!

      This is a shoddy excuse for a takeaway. Its proper rubbish, greasy food this best suited for people to eat when drunk....if they could stomach it. Its cheap and me, well I'll eat virtually anything but hairs in food I won't and even though it wasn't in mine I was so put off and worried about the hygiene of the place I couldn't eat it. Places can make mix ups and get things wrong but the way my mate was treated for complaining was just so wrong and the whole thing could have been made right easily enough!

      I don't like this place and advise people to avoid it like the plague!


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