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The Blackhouse Grill (Chester)

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    2 Reviews
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      25.08.2010 11:47



      If you can afford it, you won't be disappointed.

      The Blackhouse Grill is part of a small chain of 6 restaurants dotted around the North of England and Scotland. The Chester and Manchester restaurants have never been far from my consciousness since I started reviewing, showing up as they do in many local Top 10's all over the Internet. The Blackhouse Grill is located behind the Grosvenor shopping centre, set just far enough back from the main road to stop it suffering from poor views and excessive traffic noise.

      The Blackhouse Grill I would imagine would go down very well with tourists from the US, where the Steakhouse is king, there's a good selection of steaks here, including special featured steaks and you can guarantee it'll be cooked and sauced to your liking. The only thing we keep coming back to is the price. It's a good 10-15% too high, a 10oz Welsh Black Ribeye is £30, I'd be very surprised if the restaurant was paying more than £6 for that cut. The food is high quality, but the cost would restrict me from visiting on a regular basis, some midweek or early evening offers would help redress the balance but sadly they're not to be found. I'm happy to recommend The Blackhouse Grill, you will likely have a very enjoyable evening, well worth booking a table for that special celebration or occasional treat.

      Read the full review at <a href="http://www.chesterrestaurantreview.co.uk/2010/08/blackhouse-grill.html" target="_blank">www.ChesterRestaurantReview.co.uk</a>


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      21.11.2006 20:42
      Very helpful



      Great service with a smile!

      As a member of the Hi-life Dining Club this entitles me to numerous discounts at certain restaurants throughout the North West, so in desperate need of discussing wedding plans with my bridesmaid we decided to go out and treat ourselves for a meal at what was previously EST EST EST, now the BlackHouse Grill.

      For those of you familiar with Chester you will no doubt know where EST EST EST was located.
      Newgate House, Newgate Street, Chester, this is just before the City Walls in Chester and is just minutes away from the Grosvenor Precinct.
      Located directly opposite Habitat and Pepper Street Car Park.

      *~*The Restaurant*~*
      From the outside the building is white and looks extremely formal, as you open the huge double doors your are greeted with wooden floors and decor and staff are on hand to greet you immediately.
      You are then shown to your table where it is dimly lit and the sound of the chef's can be heard in the distance.

      As soon as we were seated we were provided with menus to browse before our waiter for the evening came over to introduce himself. The wine menu is pretty extensive and I opted for the very delivious Stonehaven Cellar Collection Limestone Coast Cabernet- Shiraz 2004 it was out of this world and considering I ordered a small glass at £4.75 I would hate to think how big the large glass was as this was a pretty generous serving!

      Choosing a starter was a demanding task as there was so much to choose from, I eventually opted for the Skewered Chicken with sweet chilli and ginger sop. The waiter kindly advised me this was really spicy, "Not a problem" I replied I wish I had l listened.
      My friend ordered the Garlic Rub Bread which was simply two halves of Ciabatta bread with half a garlic close and some olive oil, neither my friend or I had ever come across something like this before, so we opted to figure this out together using the olive oil to moisten the bread and vigourously rubbed the garlic clove along the top to provide the garlic flavour.
      I began to devour the Skewered Chicken before slowly starting to sweat as the intensity of the chilli was out of this world and thinking about it makes me start to sweat around the mouth, hot is not the word.

      For the main course the decision was even harder I was torn between seafood and a good piece of steak but also did not want to feed myself so full that I could not move. I opted for the Steak Sandwich at £8.50 and my friend opted for the Baby Back Ribs at £12.95 both were served with huge chunky chips.

      For pudding we both opted for the Chocolate Fudge Cake which was £4.75 each and boy was it huge it was served slightly warm with a small blob of ice cream.

      The service was superb and the restaurant had a great ambience there was no background music at the restaurant but the sound of people eating and drinking cheerfully in the restaurant was great.

      All of the staff are fairly young and engage in friendly conversation ensuring that you are served to the best of their ability. During our meal the manager also popped around each of the tables to ensure that our meal is more than satisfactory.

      Blackhouse Grill is a superb restaurant and is a little more upmarked to some other restaurants that are in the area and you could quite easily spend a few hours here without even noticing.

      A great deal of choice and cooked superbly, I cannot fault this restaurant at all and will be returning.


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