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The Cricketers (Grimsby, Lincolnshire)

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Address: Kirsty Tighe / Littlefield Lane / Grimsby DN34 4PS / Lincolnshire

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    1 Review
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      02.07.2012 14:40
      Very helpful



      one of my favourite restaurants

      First Impressions.
      The cricketers is a large 40 year old pub set in a quiet residential area of Grimsby and one of the many family restaurants Grimsby has to offer. Looking from outside this looks very quite and quaint perfect for a meal or a quite pint in the sun outside on their veranda they have set up with tables and shrubs for privacy. Going inside through the central doors it is very bright and well lit with plenty of windows and lights giving the place a lovely inviting atmosphere atmosphere. There is a central bar with plenty of staff which makes it appear easy to be served quickly and efficiently. Looking around there are several eating places set out around the restaurant.

      Getting seated.
      If the restaurant is busy they will ahve a member of staff seating people according to their numbers in their party however everytime I have been int here is has been quiet so we've been able to choose a table to our liking ourselves. I usually choose one next to a radiator because they are always on and I think it's lovely. There are a lot of larger tables compared to tables for four which makes it difficult to get past people already dinning or to actually sit at a table with the right amount of seats. This is a little frustrating when there are two of you sat at a six seater table.

      What to choose.
      When youa re actually seated the tables are presentable with a neat menu stand with salt and pepper in the front. This is great until you try to get a menu out and there are so many that they all fall out. This also makes it quite confusing because it makes the choice and offers difficult to follow. There is a main menu. childrens menu, drinks menu, offers menu and I've often found other leaflets in there too.This is fine but I think they could combine all of this into one menu rather than have lots of different ones. One of the menus that is extremely handy is the offers menu. Every night of the week they have a different offer on certain food. For example my favourite - curry night on wednesday, two curries for £6.99. I always buy the same meal in the Cricketers every time so I never look at the menu hwoever I did once choose something different and found that was a big mistake.

      Ordering the Food.
      In the Cricketers you have to go upto the bar to order your food, each table is numbered so you tell the staff members this so they know where to bring your food. They have a menu at the till so it's handy in case you forget what you wanted. This is where you will buy your drinks as well which they have a wide choice of soft drinks, spirits, beers and also a large selection of wines which you can buy by the glass or bottle. I always go for the coca-cola with ice and lemon and a straw, but every time I ask for a straw they always forget to give me one. Quite annoying because this is simple to remember. When I last went here I ordered a large coke and a pink of Carling and this came up to £4.50 roughly which si the price you expect to pay in most places.

      Behind the bar on a day time is too over staffed, having worked in a place like this before when you have nothing better to do everyone congragates around the bar area just because it's something to do and I go here in the day time so I always expect this and I'm never wrong. However a staff member is pretty speedyw henit comes to being greeted with a smile and being served which I cannot fault but because the bar is high sometimes I get missed out so I always go over the the smaller part of the bar because it seems easier to be served. with my experience the staff seem very informed of what goes onto the meals what you can swap or add in and are extremely helpful when it comes to deciding and recommending products. They also make the offers quite clear to help you save a little bit of money.Once orderingand sitting down again I've neevr waited more than 20 minutes for both meals to come out and they do come out at the same time unlike other restaurants. After round 10 minutes of eating someone comes over and asks about the food and will also quickly clear and clean the table once you have finished.

      Scrumptious food,
      When I go in I always have the chicken tikka masala banquit. In this meal you have a portion of rice and a pot of chicken tikka it also includes 2 narn bread, 2 popperdomsand 2 onion barges. The curry is always piping hot with plenty of large chicken chunks in it. The rice is always fluffy and cooked just right. I had never tried onion abrges before eating here and they are one of the best things about this meal. You also get a tiny pot of salad (and I do mean tiny, it coems in a 2 inch pot, pointless) along with 2 other dips. I don't like any of this so I don't try it. The food is always well presented and it looks very appaertising and this is extremely filling. My friend had one of their many burgers they have to offer. The burger was so large and it came with a side order of salad and chips which neither of us could finish our meals we were so stuffed.

      Prices and Offers
      Cricketers offer a bonus points card which is a brilliant idea and one I haven't seen in a restaurant before. Basically this works the same way as any other points card, You buy your food or drinks and they put points ont he card depending on hwo much you spend. I think it's apoint per pound but I am unsure. Every now and againt hey offer double bonus points which I used to like collecting but I'm sad to say that I have miss placed my acrd which makes me angry with ymself because I go in there often. Another big attractionw ith this pub/restaurant is that every meal is always two for one. You always get the cheaper meal free. the meal I always have it £10.35 so if there are two of us we only pay £5.20 each and then pay for our own drinks making it a very cheap place to eat with good quality food.

      I have never gone into the Cricketers and seen dirty tables or anything food, mess on the floor. It is always clean straight away by their excellent members of staffwhich i like because you don't want to sit and eat next to a messy table. There are two sets of toilets, one in the restaurant and one in the pub side. I ahve used both and they are exceptionally clean and always smell fresh. They are also well stocked up which is exactly what us ladies need.

      This has a lot more to offer than just cheap tasty food. It has a different section cut off from the restaurant completey that is just a bar which has 3D tvs fitted in. I have never seen anything in 3D there but it is still a brilliant idea nontheless. There is also a pool table in there which I love to hang out with friends after a meal and have a few games (I always lose of course) It's the standard 50p a go but it's great fun. One of the biggest attractions of this is they have "Fuzzy ed's fun house" this is a wacky warehouse for children. you can go take your children in ehre normally or you can even book a birthday party here. It is open Saturday until Thursday and you can see full details for thsi on their website.

      Location and details.
      This restaurant is located just outside of Grimsby town centre and is convieniant to get to. You can find full details about offers, food, location and fuzzy eds fun house on their website.

      Website: http://www.pub-explorer.com/lincs/pub/cricketersgrimsby.htm
      Address: Littlefield Lane, Grimsby, Lincolnshire DN34 4PS
      Phone: Kirsty Tighe 01472 343016
      Email: cricketers@orchidpubs.co.uk
      Opening times:
      Monday - Saturday 11.30am - 11pm.
      Sunday 11.30am - 10.30pm.


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