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The Fromeway Free House and Restaurant (Radstock)

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Address: Frome Road / Radstock / Bath / BA3 3LG / Telephone: (01761) 432 116

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      11.04.2008 14:00
      Very helpful



      Excellent food at reasonable prices, I highly recommend it!

      This pub is rather close to our hearts, when we were first living together we would stay in the bed and breakfast rooms they have when coming back to visit my mother and when we were dating we visited the pub several times. Friday was the first time we had visited the restaurant though.

      This pub is situated on the Frome side of Radstock, which is not far from Bath and Bristol. Although there is no train station in the town there are regular buses from the town centre to both cities so it is handy for those visiting any part of the area.

      Radstock is a small town and to be honest there isn't much there to occupy anyone who is holidaying but the surrounding towns offer plenty of attractions.

      The pub itself has only recently been refurbished, I can honestly say it wasn't really in need of a facelift and it was very nice before too. They have done it out in a rather modern, simple style but it still has a very homely, warm feel to it. With neutral walls and comfy seats the modern touches don't take away from its charm. There are funky lights offsetting the leather backed benches and detailed metal leg tables.

      This is a small pub with a tiny little bar. We have never seen it overcrowded although on Friday night it was quite busy, but not rowdy.

      We have not stayed there for almost two years and although they have redecorated these rooms as well as the pub, this doesn't change the experience we had there.

      They only have three bedrooms, two twin and a double. All three have en-suite bathrooms, tea and coffee making facilities, a colour television and a radio alarm clock.

      At least with there not being many rooms you know it will be relatively quiet and private with more attentive service. There is of course the negative side, which is of course that the rooms may not be available on your chosen date/s.

      The rooms themselves are accessed via a side door and the rooms aren't over the pub part of the building so when you are in them you do not hear any noise from downstairs.

      We mainly stayed during the week rather than at weekends because that was what was easier for us but on one of the few occasions when we wanted to stay at the weekend they were unfortunately fully booked and we had to find an alternative. Apart from that one time we have never had any problem with booking in.

      The Landlord always remembered my other half's name and it made the service seem very personal. I am hoping that he just has a very good memory rather than that he remembered us for being a pain, we aren't I assure you!

      Booking in was always very simple, go in and pay and the keys were handed over.

      The rooms were always very clean and well presented. We never had any complaints at all. If we ever needed extra pillows or teabags the staff were always more than happy to help us.

      The breakfasts were always asked about the day before and cannot be faulted in any way! They were always cooked to perfection and with very high quality ingredients. We would be really naughty and have an English breakfast, that we always really enjoyed. My other half would have a pot of tea and a glass of orange juice but I had coffee. The coffee was some of the best I have ever had, I enjoyed going there just for that! They would bring out one of the Bodum jugs, only a small one and a pot of hot milk. I always asked for some hot water, which always provided for me, I just like weak coffee.

      The breakfast was always served at the time we requested with no waiting around and was always served with a smile. It was a great way to start the day and really added to the experience of staying there.

      The restaurant area of the pub is where the breakfasts were served and from what we have remembered has not changed. There are a lot of windows, two of the four walls are windows from about half way up the walls, which make it a nice place to be when it is light out, when it is dark it doesn't really make much difference. They have a very pretty but small garden for the summer, this can been seen from the dinning room so it is a nice view.

      This is not a huge area so booking is advisable. There are a variety of different size tables.
      We booked a table about two hours before so it is possible to get a table on short notice at times.

      We arrived about half hour early so had a drink in the bar which was put on our tab without any fuss, that did make life a little easier for us.

      We were given menus and advised to take a look at the specials board that was by the entrance to the restaurant area.

      The menu was really good offering a wide variety of different choices, too many for my other half it seemed, it took him a while to decide.

      The main menu offered a great variety, although I can't remember them all I can remember some of them.
      Hand made faggots
      Handmade sausages
      Ham and eggs or pineapple
      These are all offered both at lunch time and in the evening, at lunchtime they also offer a snack menu of sandwiches and a few other things, to be honest we didn't look at it so I can't remember what else they served.

      The specials board had the more interesting prospects from my point of view anyway
      Pork medallions in a mustard, honey and cream sauce,
      Steak and Guinness pie,
      And the only other we can remember being ocean pie.

      At this point I should point out that the landlord as well as running a pub, restaurant and bed and breakfast also runs the butchers next door. So as you can imagine the meat products are all from there and good quality and very fresh. A very busy man indeed!

      After a while the waitress came over and asked if we were ready to order so we told her our selections. Both came with a choice of potatoes, chips, new or chefs special potatoes. The waitress explained what the chefs special was, sliced potatoes in a creamy garlic sauce. We both opted for the chefs special. Both our meals were served with a selection of vegetables, we weren't aware of what these would be but we could have asked easily enough.

      After a little while we were lead into the restaurant and seated at a table for four even though we had booked for two. The waitress was fantastic, chatty, bubbly and helpful. She took away two place settings so it didn't seem like we were just using half a table.

      After just a few minutes our meals were in front of us. They looked absolutely gorgeous! The presentation was excellent.
      My other half's pork medallions were laid out on top of the sauce, which there was a lot of. They were both on very large white plates.

      My pie wasn't made as a pie, the 'filling' had been spooned onto the plate and then there was a triangle of pastry on the top. Our vegetables were in little dishes, carrots, Swede and peas.
      The potatoes also came individually in a small pot garnished with finely chopped parsley.
      My overall impression at this point could not have been improved upon.

      The pie was full of meat, I haven't had a pie anywhere and felt like I had got such good value from that point of view, it was extremely soft and was not fatty and there wasn't any sign of gristle. The flavour was brilliant it was easy to tell that there was Guinness in it but without it being strong and overpowering.
      The potatoes weren't over seasoned or overpowered by the garlic they contained and were cooked perfectly.
      Vegetables are vegetables, they were fine.
      My other half was very pleased with his meal too and said that the pork was beautifully cooked, succulent and tasty. He was pleased with his meal choice.

      We both ate the lot and couldn't fault it, the only comment that my other half had was that he had a little too much of the sauce but my answer was that nobody made him eat it all, which he did! It is better in my opinion to be provided with too much sauce than not enough, at least you have the choice to leave what you don't want.

      We decided that if the main meals were that nice that we had to have a sweet. When the landlord took our plates he left us with a sweet menu.

      The choice was almost too much for me, there were so many lovely things too pick from, some of which it is rare to see on pub menus in my opinion.
      Pancakes with ice cream and maple sauce
      Bread and butter pudding
      Lemon cheesecake with summer fruit coulis
      And a couple of others which escape my memory.
      We made our minds up pretty quickly, my other half opted for bread and butter pudding and I went for the cheesecake.

      The waitress took our orders quickly and within about five minutes we were looking at the most fantastic puddings.
      Mine was extremely pretty, the white plate was almost completely covered with deep berry coloured sauce, a pile of such berries on one side with a reasonably sized slice of baked cheesecake in the centre, on the other side, held in place with cream was a physalis. The physalis was a nice touch but unnecessary as it would have been more than pretty enough without it.

      My other half's was less impressive, just because of what it was not the presentation. It was a neatly cut slice of bread and butter pudding, which did look nice, just not all pretty like mine. He had been given a choice of cream, ice cream or custard when he ordered and a little jug of cream was brought out for him.
      We both tucked in and totally enjoyed them, he said it was very nice and finished it all with relish. Mine was unbelievable! I have never had anything like it before, it wasn't just your average cheesecake! It had a fantastic texture very crumbly and dry and tasted beautiful!

      To be honest I did something I have never done before, I asked the waitress how cheeky we were allowed to be and asked if she would ask if I could have the recipe. I assured her I wasn't expecting it to be forthcoming so not to worry if the answer was a no. I was of course right, the chef said she wanted to keep her secret just that. It was worth a try!

      We went up to the bar to pay after our meal and the poor barmaid was a bit rushed and had left our sweets off of the bill, we looked at each other and then decided to tell her, we are too honest for our own good at times but it was the right thing to do. She was very grateful.

      The only slightly negative point I can come up with is that the car park isn't huge so may well get a bit full up at times but most places are like that.

      There is another bar area with a television in as well as the main bar too. So if the football is on it can be watched down there.

      Our meal with two drinks as well came to about £35. Not the cheapest but we had excellent service and food, in a great atmosphere. We really have no complaints what so ever, in fact I would say it was good value for money as the ingredients were obviously excellent quality, as well as the cooking and the service could not have been improved upon.

      I highly recommend that anyone visit if they are in the area, this is a lovely pub and it is so friendly. As a pub it is great but as a restaurant it is even better. We will definitely visit again, as it is local I think it is safe to say we will eat there again and more than once, every time I will be ordering cheesecake!

      I have no other option but to give the Fromeway a full five star rating I think it is safe to say it is a diamond in the rough.

      They do have a website which is packed with information. www.thefromeway.co.uk on this site there is a contact us section.
      Hilary and John Denning
      The Fromeway
      Frome Road
      BA3 3LG.

      Fax number.
      (01761) 431 188.
      Phone number.
      01761 432 116.

      Room Rates
      Double £65.00
      Twin £60.00
      Single £40.00
      They accept Visa, MasterCard and Switch.


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      A varied menu offers homemade soup and sandwiches, fresh cut prime steak, vegetarian and fresh fish dishes, homemade sausages, burgers and home cooked ham, something for everyone.

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