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Address: 40-46 Union Street / Glasgow G1 3QX

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      24.08.2011 21:23
      Very helpful



      a decent pub/restaurant

      The Goose is a pub in Glasgow City Centre. It is conveniently located across from Central Station and a short walk from Argyle Street. The full address of the pub is :

      The Goose
      40 Union Street
      G1 3QX
      0141 229 6010


      The main entrance to the pub is straight off the main street. Inside, the pub is set over 2 floors. Downstairs, there are various seating options from regular brown tables and chairs to high seating areas. There is a long bar towards the back of the pub and also a male toilet and disabled toilet. Through a door and up a few stairs, leads you to the beer garden (open til 10pm). Out here you will find a large, enclosed space with benches and cigarette bins.

      The main dining area is located up a narrow set of stairs which splits 2 ways near the top. Upstairs, there is plenty of seating options including a few sofa seats, round/square tables and some more high tables near the windows (which look down onto the street). Another bar and the kitchen are located up a few stairs as well as toilets for both male and females. The pub can be accessed by wheelchairs and mobility scooters though the stairs may cause an issue.


      Ordering food is done at the bar where a few smartly dressed members of staff will ask for your table number and your order. You can order your drinks here too of course. You will be given a rough waiting time and your food and cuttlery will be brought to your table. Condiments are available in a small trolley in the main dining area. The Goose accepts cash and cards.


      The Goose is very much like Wetherspoons in terms of food available. A small menu is placed on each table showing the daily offers as well as the food available all the time. Offers include the usual burger options with chips and a drink for £4.99, They have a curry night and a steak night during the week which allows you to purchase the food and a drink for £5-6. Drinks in this offer were limited to one kind of lager, J20, vodka with mixer, water or a certain type of wine.

      The menu offers various light starters from potato wedges to soups and also sharing platters such as nachos. Prices are very reasonable with starters from around £2.49. There is a wide variety of main courses available from fish dishes to steaks, baked potatoes and the usual baguettes etc. There is a few vegetarians options available though none were sampled by our group so I cannot comment on them. Main courses varied in price from around £4.00 up to £10.00 depending on type of meal.

      Other special offers on meals included the likes of fish and chips, bangers and mash and a few other options on a 2 for £5.50 offer. Desserts were also available are reasonably priced at around £2.99. You could opt for sticky toffee pudding, ice cream, cheesecake or a few other options. Whilst children are welcome to dine at the Goose until 8pm (I think), we didn't spot any childrens menus on the tables.


      The Goose offers a wide range of drinks which can be purchased mainly downstairs with a limited selection upstairs. Beer is draught or bottle and includes the likes of Carling and Budweiser. I believe pints were around the £2.00-£3.00 mark. Other drinks include soft drinks from Irn Bru to Pepsi for around £1.00 upwards. It is possible to purchase cocktails for around £3.00 and pitchers of various drinks for around £7.00. A good selection of shots and alcopops are available. The Goose have posters around the pub with special offers and you discover a bottle of WKD Core is £1.35 whilst an Orange Bicardi Breezer is only £1.00.

      *~*My Thoughts*~*

      Saturday the 13th of August and a Woohoo bingo meet was planned for Glasgow. We had originally planned to dine at Crystal Palace but decided to try the Goose thanks to its ideal location on Union Street. I had previously had a few drinks in the Goose with some friends a last month. Any time we had tried to dine here before, it had been around 3pm and absolutely mobbed. Our meet this time was at 1pm and we found the pub to be busy but we could get some seats.

      From the outside, the pub looks decent enough though inside, the decor and lack of music playing, gives a rather drab feel to the place. Downstairs was filled to the brim but a quick check upstairs revealed that with a little alterations to tables, we could fit out party of 14 in. One in our party had a scooter and a friendly member of staff helped her find a place for it before assisting her upstairs. The restaurant is clean enough as are the tables and there is enough space between tables to avoid earwigging on the next tables occupents!

      Our party consistented of 14 from aged 23 to around 50. Please forgive my lack of knowledge on the menu as I was really hungry and eager to order. The menu was presented clear enough and the choice is really excellent considering its pub grub. I found it very much like Wetherspoons and that suited us all fine as there was something available for everyone. We went up in groups to order our food and were served in a quick manner.

      Myself and my sister paid for ours together opting for a cheeseburger each as part of the deal. I had a vodka with lemonade and lime and a seperate Bicardi Breezer whilst she ordered a Pepsi and a lager of some sort! For both meals and 4 drinks (2 were free with the meal deal), it came to just under £12.00 which is very affordable. We were given a waiting time of around 20mins which I believe to be acceptable considering how busy the pub was. Others in our group went up to order as well and paid for their own meal and drinks.

      *~*Quick Grub!*~*

      Whilst we chatted, the waitress visited our table a few times with food for other diners. My sister got annoyed and said next time she done it she was going to take the food! Anyway, our burgers were served within 10mins of ordering which was brilliant and in quick succession, the other meals were delivered to the table with cuttlery. Many of our group opted for special deals which I will discuss further in the review.

      My burger was presented well in a reasonably soft bun and most importantly, was hot. The burger itself was very tasty and meaty and the cheese on top complimented it perfectly. A large bit of crisp lettuce was offered but I don't like it so placed it to the side but did add the tomato pieces to my burger and some tomato sauce. The burger itself was very moreish but filling and cooked to perfection...much better than Wetherspoons! The chips were absolutely delicious and plentiful. Slightly crisp on the outside and fluffy and yummy on the inside. My meal overall was highly enjoyed. My drink however (the vodka with lemon and lime) tasted watered down which I wasn't impressed about.

      Other diners in our party also opted for burgers as it proved best value for money. A few selected the 2 for £5.50 fish and chips deal. The fish was a decent size and the batter looked amazing. They commented on how tasty and fresh it was and the good sized portion of chips and whole peas complimented the dish perfectly. Another in our party had the mixed grill (he has a big appetite) and it was well presented from what I could see (from other end of large table). It included various bits of meat and chips and I was told it was filling and everything cooked to his liking.

      I'm not sure what everyone else had as we were all engrossed in conversation and gossip but there wasn't a single complaint and every plate was polished off despite decent sized portions! I was adamant I was having a dessert as I had spotted one that sounded delicious. I had to go back up to the bar and within 10mins I had a Toffee Apple Meltdown in front of me. It wasn't really what I expected but delicious all the same. it was a cross between a sponge and pie with hot apple slices, toffee and a crumble top served with yellowy vanilla ice cream. It was pleasantly hot and went down a treat. The perfect end to my meal.

      Another in the group was thankfully as greedy as myself and opted for a Chocolate Fudge cake which was served with cream. The portion size was huge and I got to try a bit of it. It was lovely and moist but I felt it was lacking a little in fudge flavour and not a patch on my chocolate cakes I make! As everyone paid for their own meals, I cannot comment on the total bill but with some partaking in special offers, I doubt anyone paid more than £10.00 in total. Even with my own dessert, drinks and burger, I paid under £10.00 (not including my sisters meal).

      *~*Time To Relax*~*

      Once we had all finished, we went outside to the beer garden. The beer garden is clean though being behind a few Glasgow buildings, doesn't offer much in the way of views. There is plenty of seating and we secured a corner spot despite it being busy. Thankfully the weather had improved so we enjoyed a drink outside. I was once again, the only non smoker in our party but thankfully there was enough air space to avoid me spluttering!

      I went back inside to order some more drinks to have outside. My sister wasn't feeling her best and apparently a straight Jack Daniels was supposed to help. I ordered a Jack Daniels, a seperate Pepsi and another Orange Bacardi Breezer which came to around £6.50. I believe the JD alone was £4.00 and not being a JD sort of girl, I'm not sure if that is expensive or not. I did want to try a Jaggermeister bomb thingy but they only offered it with Monster energy drink (unlike Wetherspoons who offer it with various mixers) so I declined.

      I do feel some of the drinks are well priced though I'm sure The Goose make up for it with higher priced drinks. I could see orange Bicardi Breezers were very popular due to how cheap they were! Most importantly, the drinks were served in clean glasses and chilled the way they should be. A few in our party opted for various beers which looked decent enough and the non drinkers or those driving, opted for soft drinks which I believe were cheap enough. Some of our party stayed in the beer garden for several hours though myself and my sister had to head home for the kids!

      *~*Toilets, Ambience and Staff*~*

      The disabled toilet downstairs had certainly improved from my last visit. It was filthy the last time and that was during the day! Upstairs, there were plenty of toilets in the ladies which were all clean and well stocked with hot water, loo roll and soap and also working hand dryers.

      The staff were friendly enough in assisting with moving tables, serving us our food etc but were run off their feet due to how busy it actually was. They took used plates and glasses away regularly and outside, a guy came out to empty ashtrays etc. I do feel upstairs offers a decent ambience for eating food and chatting despite being a little loud with other diners. Downstairs is ideal for just a quick drink and I found it to be full of older people stinking of booze! I don't think I would feel comfortable having my son dine here with me especially at weekends when the pub is very busy.


      Overall I can recommend the Goose for decent, affordable food and reasonably priced drinks. I don't feel its the sort of place I'd go to on a pub crawl as its a little boring in that aspect (I like pool tables, strobe lights etc) but I enjoyed the food and of course the company. We are likely to return here at our next meet as there is something for even the fussiest of eaters.

      All in all a 4 star recommendation from me. Apologises for the lack of food photos, I was enjoying my meal too much but I will leave you with a photo of our party and a glimpse of the chocolate cake hehe!

      Thanks for reading :)


      Just remembered a few points to add. There is no actual car park for the pub being just off Union Street but Glasgow do offer various pay carparks. I didn't notice any highchairs but these may be through the back. I can't remember seeing a sign commenting on opening times though I may have missed it. It is open 7days a week and like most Glasgow pubs, is most likely to open til later on weekends.

      Thanks :)

      Initially posted on ciao Aug 2011 angelboouk123


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