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The Jubilee Inn (Grimsby, Lincolnshire)

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Pub and restaurant in Grimsby, North Lincolnshire

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    1 Review
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      15.08.2012 23:36
      Very helpful



      a last resort restaurant for me

      ===First Impression===
      The jubilee Inn is Grimsby's second sizzling pub restaurant. Which is central to Great coates, laceby and scartho. With this being so close to these areas it means that it is competing with the other sizzling pub "bradley Inn" I live in Laceby and to me the bradley is closer but more busy so if it looks too full there we will go to the Jubilee Inn. This is a large building with a car park going around two sides of it making plenty of room to park and not be crampt. Going inside there are two sides to this, the restaurant side and the pub side neither are clearly marked but you can hear a lot of boystrious men in the pub side so it's clear where not to go. Going inside you pass the toilets which luckily are clearly sign posted. Walking inside the main room there is a large split bar, lots of larger tables, a few small tables and a raised area with seating available for smaller parties. The room is well lite but with the amount of decor on the walls and the floral out dated carpet this makes it a little too "busy" on the eyes.

      ===Getting seated===
      This is a place where you seat yourself at any table you fancy. A lot of the tables fit sizes six+ people so when there is only two of you it can be a bit awkward to have so much spare room. The tables in here to my dismay are full of menu's. It annoys me when they can't keep things simple in a place like this. It can often make it easy to miss current offers that staff members will not offer otherwise you have requested. I just pick up the main menu and have done with it.

      ===Ordering the food===
      Since this is a sizzling pub to me this only seems right to eat a mixed grill since it's one of my favorite meals in the local family restaurants. Again like more of the "restaurants" in grimsby we have to go up to the bar to order our drinks and food rather than being waited on. Here they have table numbers which you have to state where you are sat. The staff members fail to know which order their table numbers go around the room and actually have to ask us which table we are sat at and we have to point it out. The food and the prices in here are exactly the same as the bradley inn so they drinks of coke are roughly £1 - £2 and the mighty mixed grill is £6.95.

      ===Scrumptious food===
      The mixed grill comes with chicken breast, steak, gammon, two sausages a side order of chips, grilled tomato and friend onions. As always the chicken, sausages and gammon is cooked to perfections allowing them to be yummy and juicy however they are very tempermental with their steaks. Sometimes they are too well done and sometimes they are not done enough so I can never win with the beef and this is my favorite meat to have on this meal. It's the best meat I look forward too and most of the time it isn't great. After tucking into all the meat I finish it off nicely with light mayonnaise and chips. This is a really filling meal and despite the beef they don't fail to deliver a delicious well filling meal.

      Along with the beef the staff members can be tempermental too. Sometimes you won't get served at the bar for ages because they are in the pub side despite the restaurant side making more money from all the meals you'd of thought they'd either share out staff evenly amongst the bars or have people actually serving on the food side. Not always served with a smile isn't a big deal but in here the staff members seem to be miserable in the evenings but fine in they day time. Our table is never cleared promptly which is what we do want when ordering desserst as well but unfortunately the staff here are slow and bad tempered.

      Overall the only thing that makes me come here is if the bradley is too full to get seated at the time we are wanting to dine. I do use this restaurant if my urge to eat my mixed grill is too high and I can't get in anywhere else, unfortaunetly it is a last resort, the food is nice most of the time, but the rough roudy men in the pub is very off putting as well as the miserable staff members who can't even be bothered with their customers

      ===Location and details===
      address: 350 St. Nicholas Drive, Grimsby, DN37 9SF
      Tel: 01472 886035


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