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The Marmalade Pot (Dundee)

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Riverside Drive / Dundee / Tayside / Scotland / DD2 1UH / Tel. 01382 566864 / Fax. 01382 668549 / email 6594@greeneking.co.uk.

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      19.06.2006 18:36
      Very helpful



      Nice place to eat.

      OK – anyone who has children knows that every year when they check out their summer clothes, the inevitable happens – nothing fits and it’s time for them to drag you round the shops to kit them out for their holidays. This is what happened the other week and we decided to spend Sunday in Dundee shopping. As it is also my daughter’s 17th birthday this week we decided to build up our strength with a trip to The Marmalade Pot before descending on the shops for a girly day out.

      This pub is one of the Hungry Horse pubs, which is run by the Greene King Pub Co. They also have Old English Inns, Greene King Inns and Belhaven Pubs. The Hungry Horse pubs have a play barn attached too so they are great if you have small children but also have a large section that they tend to keep for more adult diners so you can still have a meal without children running all over the place.

      ***The Setting***

      The Marmalade Pot is set alongside Dundee’s small airport so if you get a window seat you can sit and watch the small planes and helicopters take off and land. It is on Riverside Drive and you also get a great view of the River Tay. There is a decent sized parking area outside and unlike some of these pubs there are no other food outlets beside it so there was no litter from MacDonalds etc. There were quite a few tables in case you wanted to eat outside but unfortunately the weather wasn’t too good the day we visited so we chose to eat inside.

      ***The Interior***

      When we walked in we were instantly greeted by a pleasant young lady who showed us to a quiet table and asked us if we had visited before. As we hadn’t, she explained that we could order our food at the bar but then there would be floor staff on hand to deal with drinks orders or if we needed any desserts etc later on.

      We sat down at the wooden table on the very comfortably padded wooden chairs and had a good look round. As part of a chain, we weren’t expecting this place to be so relevant to Dundee but all round there were references to things that Dundee was famous for such as the jute industry and the Beano. As well as this we could see a huge chef in a display area, which we found very warming.

      ***The Choice Of Food***

      There were enough menus at the table for us all to be able to have a look at them and instantly we saw that the prices were very reasonable and that there was a lot of choice. Danielle and I decided to have something from the main menu but my younger daughter decided to have a look at the kids’ menu as she didn’t think she would manage a larger meal and still have room for dessert. She thinks just like me sometimes.

      The main menu had a good range of starters including the usual delights of garlic bread and prawn cocktail but also had some more unusual treats of Sweet Chilli and Citrus Chicken Skewers and Beef Chilli Nachos. If there was a group of you who wanted a bit of everything then the Combo Sharer would be a good idea as you get a bit of everything including, onion bhajis, chicken wings, onion rings, naan bread and tortilla chips with peppers and salsa, all served with various dips. This was at a very reasonable £8.99. We decided to avoid the starters as we all felt we would prefer to have a dessert instead.

      The steak section of the menu is extensive with them all being served on a 17” big platter with chips, peas, mushroom, corn on the cob, onion rings and grilled tomato although if you wanted to be healthier you could substitute your chips for a jacket potato or new potatoes and your vegetable for a side salad. Steak prices started at only £5.99 for a 10oz rump steak and rose to a reasonable £9.99 for a 20oz rump steak. In between you could have a choice of Stilton Smothered Steak, Steak Diane or a Surf ‘n’ Turf n’n Cluck which included Cajun chicken breast, scampi as well as your 10oz rump steak. Alongside these you could order things like Chilli and Sour Cream Sauce or Two Fried Eggs for an extra £1.

      Next on the menu were the grills and pies. In this section you could have Cow Pie, which has beef, cooked in ale or the Mammoth Mixed Grill, which included rump steak, chicken breast, gammon steak, sausages and eggs along with the chips and such like. There is also the chance of an all day breakfast for only £4.99 with eggs, bacon, sausages, a steak burger, chips, tomato, mushrooms, baked beans and a roll.

      The burger section was quite small but it was the chicken in the bun, which attracted the attention of Danielle and I. I’ll go into more about that one later. The other burgers available were the Big H Cheeseburger and the Caerphilly Cheese and Leek Burger. If you wanted any extra toppings you could get them for only 30p each and as all three burgers already came with chips, salad, corn on the cob, onion rings and coleslaw we thought this was very reasonable. We chose to have a slice of bacon on each but other choices available were mushrooms, salso, sour cream or jalapeno peppers.

      The last section of the main meals was the Sunday lunch specials and you could choose from Roast Chicken, Pork or Beef all served with roast potatoes, parsnips, carrots, peas and seasonal vegetables along with 2 Yorkshire puddings. At £5.99 I thought this seemed pretty reasonable too.

      If you wanted a salad instead of a larger meal then you could choose from Tuna, Salmon Kebab, Prawn or Chicken and Caesar Salads. These are served with iceberg lettuce, radicchio, cucumber, tomato, peppers, red onion and carrot with a citrus vinaigrette and garlic croutons.

      Side orders available included onion rings, vegetable pakoras, mushroom, or a side salad amongst others.

      ***The Kids Menu***

      The starters available for the kiddies were simple but something that most kids would like and were at a very low price. There was a choice between Tomato Soup, Corn on the Cob and Garlic Bread. All are priced under £1.

      For the main course there is Lasagne or Spaghetti and Meatballs at only £2.99, for little pasta lovers or the choice of a smaller version of the Sunday Lunch for £3.49.

      Pizza or burgers are also available and you can choose from cheese and pineapple or cheese and pepperoni for the pizza or chicken breast or 2 beef burgers in your child prefers a burger. Other choices on the menu are Cheese and Tomato Omelette or Chicken Curry if your child like something spicier. With the exception of the chicken curry your child can choose between chips, mashed potato or jacket potato and then between carrots, peas, salad or beans so there is no arguing about getting them to eat something they don’t particularly like.

      These additions are also available to choose between in the Pick ‘n’ Mix meal that costs £2.49. The main part of the meals consists of a choice between chicken or vegetable nuggets, beef burgers, chicken breast, fish sticks or sausages wrapped in a Yorkshire pudding.

      My younger daughter decided on the Chicken Breast in a bun served with chips and beans.

      ***Our Meals***

      We placed our order at the bar and it was only about a 10-minute wait before our food was brought to us. Whilst we were waiting a member of staff approached us to ask us if we needed any drinks and we ordered 2 large glasses of coke for my daughters and a glass of wine for myself. I was given the choice of a selection of wines and the girl who was serving us was very knowledgeable about them when I enquired what she could recommend.

      The Chicken Burgers in a Bun for Danielle and myself arrived on huge 17” diameter oval plates. This looked like a massive portion at first glance but we soon noticed that things weren’t all that heaped up and it wasn’t as big as we had first thought. In saying that there was plenty on the plate for £4.99 and it was a struggle a get through it all. The chicken breast in the burger was done to perfection and the bacon on top was delicious even though the melted cheese was only a cheese slice. The chips were lovely and hot and the corn on the cob was served with a knob of butter to melt over it. It was lovely although was a bit awkward to eat in public as I didn’t want everyone seeing me with butter dripping down my chin.

      Kariana’s kids’ meal came on a smaller plate but was packed full and she ate every last bit. She was pleased that she had just ordered from the kids’ selection though as she did feel quite full after it. She agreed that her chicken breast was also cooked just right and the only problem any of us had was actually biting into the large burgers.

      During the meal we had plenty of attention from our waitress who came and checked that our meals and drinks were as they should be and it was less than 5 minutes before our plates were cleared away when we had finished our main course.

      We had to have dessert of course and there was only one thing on the menu that appealed to all three of us – The Chocolate Sundae. I know, I know, calories galore and just before we were about to go shopping for clothes but none of us could resist the picture on the menu.

      The dessert was served in a tall sundae glass and the top layer consisted of squirty cream with chocolate sauce drizzled on top with a wafer sticking out too. Eating our way through it we found a layer of vanilla ice cream, which hid the bottom layer of chocolate cake, with chocolate chips, covered in more chocolate sauce. It was delicious and we felt completely fat after eating it but it was worth it. The cake at the bottom might have been a bit dry had the ice cream and chocolate sauce not melted into it, making it moist and tasty.

      ***Other Desserts***

      The other tasty looking desserts included Fresh Fruit Salad, Lemon Meringue Pie and Sticky Toffee Apple Crumbley, which I was quite tempted at having, if only I wasn’t such a chocoholic. The big dessert to share looked spectacular too. Called Candymania it is served in a large sundae glass and consists of brownie pieces with chocolate sauce, 3 scoops each of vanilla and chocolate ice cream, strawberries, white chocolate Maltesars, Milky Way Stars and topped off with a Milky Way Crispy Roll and a Wagon Wheel. The only reason we decided against this was that it may have caused fighting between us to see who got what. At £4.49 it again offered good value.

      ***The Price***

      Now for the totting up. The main meal burgers cost £4.99 each with an extra 30p each for the slice of bacon. The kids chicken burger was £2.99. The sundaes were £2.69 each and the cokes were £1.45 each. My glass of Blossom Hill white wine was £2.85 for a 250ml glass. So in total it came to a very reasonable £27.39.

      ***Final Thoughts***

      I loved this pub as did my girls. The service was fantastic and that’s something that really made the visit for us. We felt that they couldn’t do enough to help us and although it was reasonably quiet when we arrived, it did get pretty busy by the time we ordered our dessert so the staff could have been forgiven for a drop in the attentiveness level. There was no need though as everything including the credit card machine being brought to our table rather than us waiting at the bar, was taken care of.

      The food was delicious and despite the lower prices, the quality and quantity were equally good. The menu choices were really good and I would love to go back for a Sunday Lunch special at some point with the whole family. It was great too that although children are made very welcome, that they did try to keep the younger ones all at one side and that gave the older ones amongst us a chance to eat in peace, unlike some busy child friendly establishments where I’ve seen children running a riot between tables.

      The big plates were amusingly decorated with horseshoes all round the edge and comments such as “Who Ate All The Pies?” written on the centre.

      The décor was very tastefully done and the highlight of this was at the toilets – yes I know, it’s a strange comment but on the glass outer door of the gents was painted Dennis the Menace and on the ladies, was Minnie the Minx. Inside the ladies there were different female characters from the Beano on each of the stall doors and we thought these were fantastic. The toilets were spotless inside and there were no pools of water near the sinks or piles of toilet paper lying on the floor.

      This was the first time I had visited a Hungry Horse pub and I know that service and quality can depend very much on the individual pub, but if this visit was anything to go by I would certainly recommend anyone in the area to try it out.

      The address and telephone number are as follows:-

      The Marmalade Pot
      Riverside Drive
      DD2 1UH

      Tel: 01382 566864


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