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The New Ellington Leeds

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Address: 23 - 25 York Place, Leeds, LS1 2EY

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    1 Review
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      11.10.2011 12:29
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      see review x

      It was mine and my boyfriends 1st anniversary on Monday and we had our table booked for a meal here, unfortunately he was ill, all self inflicted as he was hungover from Sunday night. So we had to cancel and we re-booked it for Friday night instead. I will say this review is on the restaurant side and not the hotel side, as they do have both.

      Booking the restaurant

      Well this was really easy and it was all done online, I used the website toptable.com, and just entered my details and a contact number, and how many people it was for and a time and just clicked confirm it was as simple as that, then I got a confirmation email to say the booking had been made.

      When we had to cancel that was pretty easy too, you just had to log into toptable.com and go to the reservation and click on cancel or reschedule, It really was that simple and when we arrived at the restaurant the booking had been a success and they knew we were coming.

      Going into the restaurant

      On walking into the restaurant there is the small reception desk which is only manned by one member of staff, but they do not have to do much, they just ask if you have a booking and then tell you to take a seat and someone will come and take your order for a drink.

      On looking around the hotel lobby it was very clean and really tidy. There was not a lot of seating area though and not a right lot to notice about the hotel from the area we was in. You had some steps which we did not know where they led to until we went down them, nothing was signposted for where anything was, so if you did need to find something you would have to ask a member of staff.

      Service at the bar

      So we sat down in the not really comfortable bar seats, although I have sat on worse. We was brought out a drinks menu straight away, but then we had to wait about 15 minutes before the lady behind the bar served us, then we had to wait a further 5 minutes till she brought the drinks over to use.

      While we were sat up the top at the bar, they also brought our menu over for the food, which I did find very strange as normally they are brought over when you are sat in the restaurant, but at least this gave us plenty of time to look at what we would like. After wee had chose what we wanted the lady then took our food order informed us that she would find us a table and it should not be long. The staff were very polite, although a little slow with the drinks I would still give them 10 out of 10.

      Leading to the tables

      When our table was ready the lady came over and told us, she took our drinks on a tray for us and informed us that she would carry them down for us. She led the way down some may I say steep steps that I would not like to go down if I was drunk loll. But she always made sure we was right behind her until she sat us down at the table.

      The seats at the table were really comfortable, a lot better than the ones upstairs they had a sort of fluffy feel to them and were really nice to sit on. The tables were quite large and if I am honest it did not feel too romantic with the distance between me and my partner, as the tables did seem pretty long.
      Also there was plenty of tables and a lot of table space, but they sat us between other couples and if I am honest I would have rather have been placed in a quiet area while they did have the space. That's just me being petty so that's another thing I will not knock any marks off for. As it was really comfortable and a nice setting.

      Food waiting times

      These were actually pretty good, I think the fact they took your order while you were still upstairs was a good thing, as we only waited 10 minutes for our starter, 20 minutes for our main and 10 minutes for our dessert. So on all courses they were brilliant waiting times, I know they were not that busy but they still did very well.


      I did have 3 courses so I will comment on all of what I tried but all other food may vary I can only comment on what I tried myself.

      My Starter

      Well this was the only thing that I really fancied from the starters so I ordered the pigeon breast, this was a meat I had never tried before so I decided to give it a go. The pigeon came in 2 round moulds both wrapped in some sort of leaf, although I am not sure what it was. With a layer of some sort of sauce also on the side of a plate, which I did not like and I thought it had a burnt taste to it, however my boyfriend did like it.

      The pigeon came with a berry on each one, which to be honest I felt was strange for that to be on a started. Now one thing that was on my plate put me off, and that was the pigeons leg with its claw and everything still there. i did find that a little off putting maybe some others would not. I did put the claw to one side and just concentrated on eating the pigeon breast. The meat was cooked really well and the meat just cut up so easily, It is not something to be honest I would try again as it was not to my taste although I did eat it, but each person has different tastes so most will like it.

      My main

      For my main there was a lot of things on the menu I would not have because they either had veg on or sauces that I did not know if I would like or not, and to be honest when you are paying a lot of money you do not want to buy something you may not like.

      So I played it safe and went for the rump steak, this was served with onion rings and a so called salad. When I ordered the steak they did ask how I would like it cooked. So when it was brought out I was pretty shocked at the so called salad, it was basically water cress and that was it just put on top of the steak and onion rings, with the meal you got three onion rings, these were cooked perfectly and tasted just like they should, the onions were soft inside and crunchy on the outside and they went well with my steak.

      The steak was already sliced into neatly cut slices on my plate, and I only had to cut them into halves and they cut really easily, the steak was cooked just how I asked too, and was not at all chewy, I hate it when you get chewy steak, but this was perfect in every way, I would order this again any day it was lovely.

      With this I ordered a side order of chunky chips to share with my partner, I was a little shocked at how many chips we got for how much they cost, you got 6 chips, but they was quite large and chunky, and I do not think I would have been able to manage any more of them anyway.

      I was saying to my partner that chunky chips are so hard to cook, because if you get them perfect on the outside then they are raw on the inside, and if you get them perfect on the inside they will look burnt on the outside. But I was proven wrong this was not the case with these chips, they were a lovely golden brown and were really soft and well cooked on the inside. I would go as far as saying these are the best chunky chips I have ever eaten.


      Well I did get a lot more than I bargained for on this I just expected a piece of key lime pie, which I did get and can I say was very nice, it was a rather strong lime taste, but it was made milder with the blob of cream that was at the side of the pie, they call it a pie, but I found it more of a mousse that was out into a roll. It was really nice and soft and just glided down your throat. Then you also had some rum and raisin icecream with bananas at the bottom, this was a real nice surprise to it and it tasted nice, lets just say after all the food I was nice and full.

      Table service

      The service at the table was really good, they brought food over and took the plates away pretty sharpish, always asking to make sure we had finished, they would also come over and ask us if everything was good with the meal, and if we needed any drinks. They was always in constant contact with us to make sure that our visit with them was a memorable one.


      I will list all the prices of everything that we bought, as that is all I know the prices off. Don't forget though I have not reviewed all the food listed as I did not taste it all.

      Pigeon Breast - £6.50
      Rump steak - £16.95
      Venison haunch - £15.95
      Chunky Chips - £2.75
      Key lime pie - £5.50
      Pistachio cake - £5.95
      Estrella damm pint lager - £3.95
      Rekordalig pear cider - £4.20


      I only took one trip to these, and they were not signed at all as to where they were and I had to ask a member of staff, on finding the toilets they was very clean and quite spacious inside, they had four cubicles altogether, which seemed to be more than enough as they were pretty quiet. They were fully stocked up with toilet roll which is always a plus in my eyes.

      When i went to the sinks, after the toilet they had 3 posh like basin sinks, with a large mirror and 2 smaller mirrors at the side. The thing I like about in here was they had a hand pump soap for each sink, but then they also had 3 hand lotion pumps for each sink too, and all of them were full which is a plus and I have never been to any toilet who also supply hand lotion.

      Overall opinion

      I have been to a few restaurants and this one is by far the best, the food was great the staff were great, it was a very comfortable to sit down at the table, and the place was very clean. There is not much bad I can say about this restaurant apart from the small pointers in the review, but it somewhere I would go again and somewhere I would highly recommend.


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