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The Pasty Shop (Edinburgh)

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Address: Waverly Station / Edinburgh

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    1 Review
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      14.01.2013 11:07
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      I prefer Greggs

      Originally written for Ciao December 2012

      ~The Pasty Shop~

      Waverley Station

      The Pasty Shop is a chain of shops located in train stations around the UK. I will be discussing the one in Waverley Train Station which is in Edinburgh City Centre.

      The Pasty Shop originally opened in 2003 and they sell a range of hot pasties. The pasties are made in Cornwall for authenticity but are baked on-site on a daily basis. A pasty (for those that haven't seen one before) is a large pastry casing filled with different ingredients. The Pasty Shop do not use additives to prolong the life of the pasties so they need to be eaten quite quickly. They also try to use a range of locally sourced ingredients in their pasties.

      The Pasty Shop in Waverley Station is in a prime position near the large waiting area and Marks and Spencers. It is easily accessible by the public and those going for a train. The shop is like a little cabin with an open front. All the pasties are arranged by filling and there is also a drinks cabinet and coffee machine. The cabin is bright and normally serviced by one member of staff.

      ~Food On Offer~

      The Pasty Shop mainly sells pasties as you would expect and there is something for meat eaters and vegetarians. The ingredients list of each pasty can be found on www.thepastyshop.com so I won't discuss this too much. Fillings on offer include :

      *Meat - lamb and mint, giant steak, steak stilton, chicken and vegetables, mixed steak and traditional steak.
      *Vegetarian - cheese and onion, vegetable, cauliflower cheese and cheese, tomato and basil.
      *Other - Cheese and ham slice, sausage roll, cheese and asparagus slice and potato wedges.

      They also offer coffee, tea and soft drinks.

      ~My Thoughts~

      We go to Edinburgh quite often and my sister always insists on buying a pasty for the train home. I never really bothered but when faced with three train changes in November to get to Hartlepool, I decided that I could use a bite to eat. We arrived into Waverley with 10 minutes to spare until our train to Newcastle. Everywhere was really busy with it being a Saturday afternoon. The Pasty Shop isn't right next to the departure boards so doesn't get overcrowded by travellers and suitcases.

      I left my sister with the luggage whilst I popped over to order some pasties before heading for our train. The lady who served us was friendly and quick to serve. The cabin itself was very clean and everything was clearly labelled. My sister knew exactly what she wanted but being a newbie to The Pasty Shop, I was a little indecisive! The choice is quite good and the lady behind the counter was able to give recommendations base on my likes and dislikes. Anything without mushrooms or peas would be fine really.

      The pasties all looked delicious and came in paper bags. I expected the pasties to be expensive as they are quite large and it is a train station. We paid just under £11.00 for two pasties and a pot of potato wedges which I considered to be quite expensive. We didn't purchase any drinks on this occasion but my sister has told me they aren't the cheapest but if you are buying a pasty then you may aswell pick up a bottle there rather than wait in a queue in WH Smith or Boots to pay the same price anyway!

      We dashed for our train and got settled. The pasties were still warm which is essential given the meaty fillings. The pasties smelled absolutely gorgeous and fresh baked. The smell of the baked pasties is evident as you approach the cabin in the station - mouthwatering and hunger-inducing. Anyway, the pasties are huge and the pastry casing is thick, golden brown and neatly sealed around the edges to keep the filling in.

      I opted for Traditional Steak (pasty made with layered traditional fresh vegetables and chunks of prime steak'. I love the pastry as it tasted fresh and wasn't too messy to eat despite being very thick. The inside of the pasty was softened slightly from the filling. I was quite disappointed by the filling to be honest. There was plenty of it but far more vegetables than meat and I felt a little cheated to be honest. The bits of steak were okay but there was a few fatty bits which annoyed me given how much I paid for my pasty.There was a good selection of veg which was soft but not soggy and seasoned well. As far as I can remember, there was diced carrot and turnip as well as onion.

      I really couldn't finish my pasty as it was simply too big for just me (and I have a big appetite). It was nice enough but could have been doing with more steak and a little less vegetables given the price. I loved the potato wedges. These were served in a tall pot and there was a good amount. They were seasoned nicely and fluffy inside - very tasty.

      My sister opted for her favourite Chicken and Vegetable (pasty made with a mixture of vegetables and chunks of chicken breast with a white sauce enriched with double cream'. She enjoyed it but again couldn't finish it. I tried a small piece and found this one to be much nicer and of a higher quality.The chicken chunks were filling as were the veggies. The sauce was quite rich and creamy - a bit like chicken supreme or something similar which was favourable.


      I find the Pasty Shop to be very expensive and not overly special in my opinion. My sister loves buying pasties from here but I would rather something different. The pasties are incredibly filling and the choice is really good but it simply isn't really for me. The pasty I had kept me hunger free until we got to our destination.

      Thanks for reading :)


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