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The Weavers Mill (Dundee)

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10 Reviews

Camperdown Leisure Park / Dayton Drive Kingsway / Dundee / DD2 3SQ / Tel: 01382 880170 / Fax: 01382 880172.

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    10 Reviews
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      06.09.2013 15:39
      Very helpful



      A place to avoid

      ===Inside and out===

      Recently, Allan and I went on a little jaunt out to an antiques centre with his Cousin Vicki and her partner Doug. Vicki hadn't eaten and the café at the antiques centre had become a "need a booking" affair since last she visited so by the end of our two hour trawl through the place, she was near falling over. We needed food and needed it fast. The closest place she could think of was The Weavers Mill, formerly called the Outside Inn. Off we drove as fast as we could. I got there first; it wasn't a race, but if it was, I would have won. Just saying.

      ===Getting there===

      This one is a bit of a pain to get to unless you live nearby, want to pay a load for taxis or drive yourself. It's situated in the Camperdown leisure park that houses a cinema and an ice rink amongst a few other things. Buses do go there but are quite infrequent. Usually if people are getting a bus, they'll jump on one into the St Marys area and then walk down from there. It's still quite a walk if you do it this way. Your best bet is to just drive. The car park takes up more room than all the other things there so you'll always be able to get a space and parking is free.

      ===The Weavers Mill===

      Situated on your left as you drive into the main complex, The Weavers Mill nestles right up next to The Premier Inn, both of which overlook KFC and McDonalds. What a view. It's owned by a company called All-Inns who own a few places here and there. It used to be called the Outside Inn which is where it gets it's décor from. Inside you'll find a very interesting layout, full of castle walls and picket fences with large looming trees (fake, of course) dotter here and there. When it was the Outside Inn, it was well looked after. Looking up to the roof you could see stars (lights) in the blackened roof. Now you can see black tiles and a square of lights that still work. It's a big place so it's unlikely you're going to need a reservation. Mostly it's on one level so those in wheelchairs or who have trouble with stairs won't have any bother unless they specifically wanted to dine in one of the raised or lower sections.

      It's a "seat yourself" deal when you go here, so no one will greet you at the door. There is a large sign telling you to find a seat and order at the bar (which is through to the left of the building). You'll need to keep your table number in mind and you'll pay for your food when you order.

      ===Down in the Dark Woods===

      We ended up sat under a large tree at our table for four. Being that it has quite a lot of foliage, it blocks out quite a bit of light. They had, rather sensibly, put lanterns in the tree to light the area but for some reason they weren't on meaning that it was actually quite dark where we sat. I felt a bit stupid but as I was in the darkest area of the table, I ended up having to use the torch function on my smartphone to be able to read the menu properly. Crazy. There are other areas in the place that are a touch on the Dark side so be careful about choosing where to sit if you want to come here. I'll have to take a star off for this as it really made me look around and notice how much the place has gone downhill.

      ===The Menu===

      The menu is quite large covering a lot of different kinds of food. There really should be something that everyone could feel happy ordering. That is, unless you are counting the calories. I did notice some of the meals were touting the fact that they were healthy because they were "Under 600 calories". That made me really wonder about exactly how many calories were in the stuff that wasn't marked as under 600. To put it into perspective, a takeaway has about 750 calories in it so 600 isn't exactly healthy. If you aren't too worried about your calorie intake, however, bash on!


      The bar area has a special section for ordering food with two tills at it. On a busy day, you'll need to queue to order your food. If you order any drinks you'll be given them at the bar so be prepared for that if you've got a big drinks order for your table. This part loses another star. The place is set up as a restaurant so I'm a little surprised at them running it more like a pub. The bar area is tiny for a start. That being said they do have a fully stocked bar so you'll more than likely be able to get a bit of your favourite tipple whatever it is. Mostly though it was the rudeness of some of the staff that got my heckles up. No less than three times did a girl behind the till, hidden slightly out of sight stop the guy taking my order to ask him questions as if I wasn't even there. Even more annoyingly, the guy started taking the order for the next person in the queue before I had even had a chance to pick my drinks up and start to leave. That's one aspect of service I really, really hate. You should never start dealing with the next customer till the one you've just dealt with has got their stuff and left.


      Allan and I got starters and shared them with Vicki. After some confusion caused by a waiter asking if we all wanted our food at the same time (no, we'd like to eat one by one?!) Allan got nachos (£4.75) which, rather oddly, came served in two bowls. One bowl had everything in it, the other held the bowl with the nachos in it, almost as if someone had accidentally picked up two bowls instead of one and just couldn't be bothered putting it back. He and Vicki really enjoyed the nachos and were surprised by the strength of the cheese that had been used. It was real cheddar rather than flavourless milky cheese that you sometimes get elsewhere. We soon discovered that the second bowl was probably there due to the bowl with the nachos in being hotter than the surface of the sun. Not great if you don't want to burn yourself. Overall though the nachos scored high (despite how they looked, which was a little on the horrible side) so they can be forgiven.

      ===Duck, duck, inferno, goose===

      I decided to go with Duck Spring Rolls (£3.75) which I was quite surprised to see on the pub grub menu. They arrived looking rather lack-lustre with a few bits of lettuce randomly thrown on a plate and a little paper tub with a couple of millimetres of hoi-sin sauce in it. As I bit into them, I discovered that they too were about as hot as a well stoked furnace throughout. At least I knew it was cooked I guess. Other than this though, they were really tasty. Just enough to keep me satisfied and full of ducky goodness. The millimetre of sauce also turned out to be plenty so yay for them.

      === Say no to fish ===

      Vicki and Allan both went with a Mega Fish Dish for their main course. This included battered fish, breaded scampi and prawns alongside some chips, peas and tartar sauce all for £10.95 each. Allan swapped his prawns for extra scampi which seemed to be no trouble. Unfortunately neither of them were impressed with their meal. Vicki couldn't actually tell the difference between her prawns and scampi and the fish was soggy and unappetising. Allan found the same; the dish was bland and soggy. Not very appetising. As Allan had asked for no prawns, the kitchen decided to punish him by giving him less fish too. The only plus side is that the portions were actually quite big... but a big portion of flavourless soggy food maybe isn't much of an upside.

      Doug also went with fish in the slightly different guise of Fish and Chips. This was a hand battered fillet of undefined fish (strange!) chips, bread, butter, peas and tartar sauce for £9.45. Doug fared no better with his main course. The fish was flavourless and soggy. He also said it felt completely undercooked and a bit like it was just recently defrosted and no more. Another star off for the poorly cooked fishes on their dishes.

      ===Also say no to cows===

      Being that I hate fish I bucked the trend and went with an 8oz 21 day aged top rump steak and onion rings (£11.95). There was a little star next to the onion rings on the menu but what this means I couldn't figure out as nothing else on the menu gave any clue. I ordered it medium rare and out it came, with a steak knife on the plate with it. I picked the knife up and instantly dropped it again. Hotter. Than. The. Sun. Seems to be a theme. I don't know how they managed it, but I'm sure the place heated everything up on the plate with the knife on it. Most of the handle cooled down fairly quickly but the metal studs in it stayed burning hot to the point I had to wrap a napkin around the handle of the knife to be able to hold it. That's a star off right there. It's one thing to have hot food, but hot cutlery is unsafe.

      As for my meal, it was quite a task getting through it. The cut of meat was really quite terrible. The outside was charred, the inside was still red and running with blood. Usually medium rare has a little blood, but this was essentially well done on the outside and rare in the middle, leaving it far too chewey to actually enjoy. The flavour, at least, was still there. The onion rings were also quite bouncy to chew into and just didn't feel right. The chips were ok, but not the best I've ever had. It wasn't terrible, but it really was no-where near good enough.

      ===Carving the place up===

      The place does a carvery deal on a Sunday that a lot of people would probably be interested in. Personally I don't think I'd want to touch it with a barge pole. In the whole hour we were there, one person went up to the stand where they carve the stuff. In that hour I could see all the meat sitting in the open air on a hot plate waiting to be carved. All the extras were in covered pots but the meat itself was open to all sorts landing on it I can't say that they DON'T change the meat, but I'm also certain the meat that had been sitting for the entire time we had been there would be ridiculously dry if someone did decide to take a bash at it. The only time a chef is there to watch over the food is when someone has ordered it too, so there's no one turning the meat or warding off beasties. Gross.

      ===Deserting Dessert===

      The mains had certainly been interesting, Throw in that there was a family not far from us with a kid who persisted in screaming and running around annoying other tables much to the hilarity of the parents enjoying their dinner (since everyone else was looking after their brat for them) and we just weren't wanting to stay for dessert. Just as well really as the waitress simply couldn't wait to get the table clear, eyeing up my finished plate long before the others were finished, almost coming over to take it. If I weren't at the back of the table and harder to get to, she'd have been off with it leaving me with nothing to pick at while everyone else ate. When we were eventually finished she cleared the table asking if we wanted dessert, when we said no she replied with "....ok...so...is there anything else you want?" in a tone that said "well what are you still doing here?". Even as we left we were about to leave felt a little hurried out by her passing and saying "Ok, BYE!" even though we were quite clearly standing waiting on people getting their stuff from the table.

      Talking of kids, the place is probably quite good for them with all the fun décor and they have a kids eat for a pound deal as well as a "fun club" in the place. Though I hear they aren't too fond of the food there; one kid was throwing up in the toilets when Allan went. If you don't have kids the atmosphere is quite dire. I can't even recall hearing any music playing. How strange.

      ===The Toilets===

      Usually I'm the first one to go to the toilets, mostly so I can inspect them for review purposes. On this occasion, I didn't make it due to simply wanting to get out of the place and go home. Doug and Allan both went though. Doug reported back that he got sprayed in the face by an automatic air freshener as he left the loos. Allan reported about the child retching and also that the cubicle door wouldn't lock. The both said it was quite clean which is a bonus at least. I'd be tempted to take a point off for the air freshener in the face, but since I didn't go in myself, I'd not feel right about that.

      ===The Price===

      Everything on the menu is on a two for one offer. We kept our orders separate from Vicki and Dougs so, doing the math, our order should have came to about £35 but the bill came in at just under £25. I can only assume, even though we didn't get the same meal, the two for one knocked Allan's meal (being the cheaper one) off of the price. I was still thinking that £25 was too much for what we were served but I guess it's much better than £35 each.

      ===The Verdict===

      A resounding "Don't eat here" from all four of us. Vicki and Doug actually ended up with an upset stomach later that evening and it was all they'd eaten that day. Allan and I felt fine, but we were completely underwhelmed by the food and the service. It was overpriced for what it was and I really do not see us going back there again. For the first time possibly ever, I'd recommend just going to the KFC or McDonalds across the car park because (and I'm having to swallow my revulsion at what I'm about to say) you will get better food from there. There. I said it. I'm off to wash now. That's one star out of five for those who weren't counting, and that's only because I don't feel right taking it off till I've been in the toilets myself. Not recommended.


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        30.01.2012 11:31



        Stay well clear!

        I would like to inform other people who want to pop into the bar area for a quiet drink or two to consider twice before doing so.

        Myself and my husband popped in for a drink before the Cinema on 28 January 2012, and were confronted by a drunk, psychotic man, dressed in camouflage gear, wandering about our table, speaking about fighting and murdering someone. My husban also thought he noticed the man had a knife in his back pocket which made us feel more uneasy.

        Other people were in the bar, having a drink with children, and they looked uneasy also. I got up and left a full drink and walked out with my husband in disgust. Bar staff didn't look bothered that this man was doing this. We didn't want to inform bar-staff at the time incase this man got violent.

        I have never felt so uneasy in a family pub/restaurant and felt I was in a pub in the middle of a bad housing scheme.

        We will never be back to this place again, for a meal or a drink!


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        28.03.2011 14:55



        I felt I just had to reply to this review as was astonished to read of bad service by a waitress called Louise. I have eaten here a few times, and while I must agree that the food is of the "cheap and cheerful " variety, I have to say I received excellent service from Louise( perhaps there are two Louises?)The Louise who served my family was friendly, cheerful and really made what could have been a mundane dining experience into a very pleasant, enjoyable meal so I would like to say a big thank you to her.


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        27.02.2011 19:20



        have just returned from ""the carvery " i have had a shower before i e mail this as not to put too fine a point on it ,the place was FILTHY.there was food ground into the floor,smudged unclean chairs and tables,sadly my partner had already ordered the food or i would have left immediatley,the mashed potatoes were in fact powdered smash the sprouts were like bullets and the meat itself i wouldnt eat,when i pointed out the ground in food on the floor the waitress {called louise ) told us to leave if we weren,t happy,we did and didnt wait for the paid for desserts,as we left another couple had walked in and then out again after seeing the attitude of waitress (my partner askedf them why thery had left ) it is a disgusting cess pit and should be welcoming people in this recession


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        18.01.2011 02:19



        After being persuaded by my wife to go back to this horrible, dirty, bottom of the barrel place, we arrived around 12ish to avoid the rush, we were met by the most miserable looking employee behind the bar where we were to order food. Scruffy looking lad with some ridiculous tattoo and bad teeth to match his bad attitude.. Anyway, long and short of it is food was very late in being served even though the place was almost empty, our orders were wrong, food was clearly microwavable meals and to top it all off on the way out we saw not one but 3 different rodents running across the floor under the tables!! wouldnt recommend it to my worst enemy! Have to give a star but give minus 10 if i could!


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        22.12.2010 16:22



        HAS not improved since the last review, had the carvery it was very poor to say the least. Food must have been overcooked hours before as it was dry and cold, place is dark and dingy. I live local and was here a long time ago and it,s even worse now. Star rating minus ten


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        28.12.2009 10:31



        This is by far the worst restaurant I've ever been to in Scotland. It took an hour and a half for us to get our cold food. Then when we complained, the guy who was the floor manager and kept calling us 'love' started arguing with us. Now I know it's Dundee, and you don't expect good food or customer service, but this place was appalling. I wish I could give it a minus. No atmosphere. No service. Cold food. Bad food. EXPENSIVE. A bad experience all around.


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        01.11.2009 17:24



        We have just returned from The Weavers Mill , Dundee. The whole thing was an absolute disgrace. The table was sticky. When the meal arrived it was not what we had ordered so we had to wait ages for the correct order. When the meal arrived the two adult meals were cold. We asked for them to be heated up...big mistake we should have just left, but they were apparantly heated up but they came back no differant - still cold. The steak on the Surf and Turf and items on the Mixed Grill were tastless and the steak very very hard to chew. Other items were tastless and rubbery. We didnt wait for the puddings that we had ordered. Service was terrible.


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        21.08.2009 00:33



        Not worth the 2 for 1 deal, unless you're looking to be surrounded by kids

        This is perhaps one of the worst restaurants I've had the misfortune of attending in the last few years.

        I was further unfortunate enough to stumble across this website, with the one available review, and trust that it would be accurate, but the overwhelming positiveness of that particular review leaves me to only ponder whether or not it was left by a true customer.

        I'll get the positives out of the way first:

        The meals themselves are very cheap, and the perpetual 2 for 1 offer makes it very affordable and competitive, especially for those with children.

        Onto the negatvies:

        Upon entering the building, you feel as though you've stepped through the glass doors of the Dundee botanical gardens. Stuffy, sweaty, humid, odourous and covered in foliage.

        The interior is extremely dark and dimly lit, lending further to this strange idea that people enjoy the atmosphere of a boozy greasy rainforrest. The sad fact is, their aim was good; this could have been a great interior, but the odd scruffy table and betting machine with flashing lights detracts immediately - ergo, it was merely their accuracy that was off.

        This place obviously is aimed at families rather than couple's dining, but the servers would have you believe it would suit anyone for any occasion.

        You then have to crawl through the jungle and locate a table which is not partially encroached on by other patrons (unlikely due to their proximity).

        Onto the Service

        There is an extensive menu - lots to choose from, grill, currys, burgers, salads - anything you'd expect from a decent pub type menu.

        So, my wife decides on their spicy chicken burger, and I decide to try one of their currys.

        Its one of these places where you go to the reception and place your order with your table number, I don't mind that, so I went ahead.

        After waiting in the queue (to the one person on staff at the desk) for about ten minutes as people ask questions about what is and is not in the 2 for 1( its not all crystal clear), I finally place my order. I'm ready to order my drinks, but am told that that can only possibly be done at the bar, around the corner, through a fake partition, and under a jungle-esque door. Why can't they put the drinks through right there, as any similarly operated modern restaurant can? No idea, didn't stop to ask.

        So I pass the locals just their for a casual drink, meander through, and find myself in yet another queue, served yet again by one staff member. I stood behind approximately four customers, and waited twenty minutes (all the while, my wife stuck by herself in the restaurant, unattended by any staff the entire time). My own order took far longer to carry out than it should have, even taking into account that I ordered two sets of drinks to save the irritation of hanging around in queues again. I also heard customers behind me considering that they'd have to go back to the first queue when they were ready to order dessert (then presumably back to the pub to get their coffees or ending drinks).

        During this wait, a queue behind me had formed which wrapped right around the pub section and into the restaurant, and still only one staff member up front, who finally remarked at the long queue as I left.

        Basically, all service, bar actually giving you the food, is cut out - you don't feel relaxed, you don't feel tended to, you basically are forced into self service.

        So - the food itself:

        Best word - bland. Don't get me wrong, I didn't expect millionairre type quality, but I didn't expect the sort of quality you might find in the freezer section at your local frozen food store (or for that matter, worse).

        The burger was brought in a pale white, dry bun. The burger itself was bland, greasy and tasteless, with little hint of spiciness. The onion rings literally had almost no taste whatsoever - we questioned if we were actually eating anything. My curry was similarly mundane. Clearly not freshly prepared, and a poor excuse for a meal. I opted to pay a little extra to add some side-dish extras - nan bread (dull and tasteless), pakora (charred and dry) and various other nibbles of similarly poor quality.

        We considered having a desert, but then recalled there was a macdonalds across the way, and a macflurry each for £1, than endure in the circus that is "the weaver's mill" any longer.


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        28.05.2006 19:41
        Very helpful



        great place to have lunch.

        My fiance and I were looking for a different pub/restaurant after a shopping trip and called into Weavers Mill, just outside Camperdown Park on the outskirts of Dundee, not sure what it would be like. It is also sometimes known as The Outside Inn in some listings as I think this was it's old name. It is one of the Wacky Warehouse establishments which have areas specifically for the needs of those with hyperactive children who love to run and play in their specially designed play areas, full of soft bouncy bits and slides with ball pools.

        This is only a review on the pub and restaurant side of this establishment.

        ***The Setting***

        Weavers Mill is set in an area alongside a Premier Inn, a cinema, an ice rink and a few other fast food outlets such as McDonalds. It has a reasonable amount of parking space, which it shares with Premier Inn, but of course there is plenty of parking nearby from the other entertainment establishments on site.

        As you approach it you can see there is a small area of outdoor seating and lots of hanging baskets etc to make the area look pretty - this was only spoiled by the amount of litter in the car park, mainly from the McDonalds across the road and obviously not the fault of the pub itself.

        ***The Interior***

        When we walked in we were instantly greeted by a pleasant ambience, as we looked around and saw that the restaurant and bar was designed to look like we were in the middle of a picturesque wood with cabins round the edges. To the left was the bar area and straight ahead of us was an order bar for food.

        All around were wooden tables and chairs set beneath big trees and foliage. The temperature was cool compared to outside that day but not so that you started to shiver as soon as you removed your jacket. Our initial impression was one of amazement that we had never thought to come here before.

        ***At the Bar***

        It was reasonably quiet as it was a weekday and with it being slightly out of town it wouldn't be easy to get to for a quick bite to eat on your lunch hour if you worked in the town centre. When a member of staff saw us approaching the bar, she immediately made her way over to us and was very chatty as she asked us what we would like.

        I decided on a glass of white wine and was given various options of medium or dry and large or small. I was also asked whether there was a specific type I wanted or if the house wine was sufficient. I opted for a small glass of medium house white, after all it was lunchtime and I don't do very well with alcohol in the middle of the day as it puts me to sleep.

        My bloke was driving so he had a Pepsi and was also given various choices of ice and fruit. They had the choice of lemon, orange or lime to add to their drinks, which I felt was quite a good selection, as you are lucky to get the option of lemon alone in some pubs.

        ***The Restaurant***

        After getting our drinks, we made our way back to the restaurant area and we were able to pick a nice little table for two. Oh the romance of it. Sitting under the shade of a tree we were able to have a look at the menu and make our choices before going up to the food bar to place the order. Now I quite liked this, as I find there is nothing worse than having a waiter/waitress hovering whilst you are trying to make your mind up, although I know some people like to have full table service.

        There was a wide selection of starters, main courses and side dishes available and we weren't sure whether to have a starter or not until we saw some of the desserts further on and decided against ruining our appetite with a starter.

        The starters included various things including selections of mushroom melt bruschetta, chicken goujons and the inevitable prawn cocktail as well as some platters for 2 or for the family if you wanted a bit of everything.

        The main meals had an offer of buy 2 get the cheapest one free which pleased us immensely. There was an amazing selection on offer though and we really were spoilt for choice.

        The first listing on the menu for main meals was under the heading Favourite Meals and this included things like Fish and Chips, Cottage Pie and Half a Chicken as well as some slightly more unusual dishes of Cheese and Asparagus Tart or BBQ Baby Back Ribs.

        The next section concentrated on Tastes From Around The World and has a wide selection on it of pasta, Indian and Chinese dishes including a couple of vegetarian specials of Roasted Vegetable Tagliatelle and Vegetable Curry.

        There are 2 varieties of Burger Stacks to choose from and these are the Cheese and Bacon Burger and the Chicken, Cheese and Bacon Burger. I will come back to the Chicken one later as this is the dish that I chose.

        The final section of main meals is the Great Grills selection. There are many differently done steaks on here including Sirloin Steak Diane and Stilton Smothered Sirloin as well as Gammon Steak and a Mixed Grill. Also included is the Peppered Sirloin, which is what my bloke chose for his main meal.

        The side dishes include items such as Garlic Bread, Onion Rings and Potato Wedges. We chose to have some garlic bread.

        There is also a section for light meals, which are ideal if you are not so hungry, or for kids. These include Gammon, Scampi and Cajun Chicken. The salads can be served with Poached Salmon, Chicken and Bacon or Rump Steak.

        The best thing about the menu though was that everything stated exactly what it was and what it was served with so you knew exactly what to expect without having to pester the staff with lots of questions.

        ***Our Meals***

        As I said earlier we had to place the orders at the food bar and we found this very easy and quick to do. The helpful lady behind the desk asked all the right questions such as how my bloke wanted his steak and when I asked if my salad that came with the burger could come without the coleslaw, I was told that was no problem.

        It took just over 15 minutes to be served, which guaranteed us that the food was being freshly prepared and not just re-heated as some places tend to do and we were served on large oval plates, which were warm to the touch but not too hot.

        My bloke's steak was served just as he ordered it and it came with a lovely hot pepper sauce, fried tomato and lots of chips just as advertised. He said it was really tasty and thoroughly enjoyed it. The chicken steak in my burger was done to perfection and the burger was about 5" in diameter and I must admit that even with my big mouth it was difficult to eat. It came with a salad of lettuce and tomato without the coleslaw as ordered and lots and lots of chips that were crisp and tasty although they could have done with being slightly warmer.

        After we had finished there was only one thing on the dessert menu that we both wanted and that was the Chocolate Monster. Now, I'm all for any kind of chocolate but this sounded especially nice. It stated on the menu that it included chocolate fudge cake, cream filled profiteroles, chocolate and vanilla ice cream, chocolate and strawberry sauces, lashings of cream, chocolate buttons, crunchie chocolate pieces and decorated with sugar curl wafers and flakes. All in one big sundae dish. We didn't really expect it to be such a huge sundae dish that must have been about 6" wide by 6" deep and we immediately doubted whether we would be able to finish it all.

        When we started eating it we found out there were no flakes but there was some strawberry ice cream instead which was very tasty. It was difficult to tackle the profiteroles to start with but after we had eaten some of the top fillings we managed to tuck into it. It took us around 15 minutes between us but we did eventually finish all of it although we both wished we had worn elasticated waist trousers as we did feel a bit stuffed after it.

        ***Other Desserts***

        There were a couple of other desserts that were available to share which included a platter of mini waffles, doughnuts and profiteroles which came with sticky sauces to dip into, and a big portion of profiteroles for 2 people.

        The other selection looked delicious too. There was a Hot Jaffa Pudding with chocolate sponge and topped with orange and custard, Caramel Apply Granny with cream or ice cream and Very Berry Sundae, which had a mixture of berries and meringue amongst other tasty delights.

        ***The Price***

        We felt that the prices were very reasonable considering you were getting 2 main meals for the price of 1. The price of the Peppered Sirloin was £11.75 and the Burger Stack should have been £8.25 but of course that was the one we got free. The side order of Garlic Bread was £1.95 for 4 big slices and the Chocolate Monster was only £5.25. Not bad considering it probably would have served 3 people or the 2 greedy ones like us. I think the sirloin that my bloke had was one of the most expensive on the menu and mine was about the cheapest for the main meals but this was good considering the helping

        The drinks bill was £1.36 for the Pepsi and £1.85 for the Wine so in total we spent £22.16. Pretty reasonable for 2 main meals, a side order, a dessert for 2 and 2 drinks.

        ***Final Thoughts***

        We went away absolutely stuffed full and could not move for the rest of the afternoon but we couldn't fault the cleanliness of the place, the staff or the food. The toilets were clean too and it was nice to see a cozy, fun alcove for people to eat with their children so that other diners wouldn't be disturbed if they preferred to have a quiet meal. The music playing in the background was just at the right level so that you could have a conversation without shouting but didn't need to whisper to prevent others from hearing you.

        What I liked best apart from the dessert of course was the way the place was decorated as it seemed quite fun to imagine ourselves in a little wood with log cabins and little cottages around us. It made for a really relaxing meal.

        And would we go back again? Most definitely.

        ***Address & Tel No.***

        Camperdown Leisure Park,
        Dayton Drive,

        01382 880170

        If you want to see a picture of me and my dessert then there is one on Ciao under the review of the same name.


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