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The Wilfred Owen Wetherspoons (Oswestry)

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17 Willow Street / Oswestry SY11 1AJ / Shropshire / Tel: 01691 684910

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    1 Review
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      09.08.2011 00:49
      Very helpful



      A good place to hang out!

      The Wilfred Owen's Wetherspoons is set in the town centre, just across the road from one of the nightclubs. It is about a five minute walk from both of the carparks - however as the road is quite quiet and is a one way, you can get dropped off right by the door. There is also a bus stop right outside which is very handy.

      The majority of the time, I go to Wetherspoons when I'm out in town partying for the night. However, I do very occasionally go there for a meal if I am out for the day.

      ~ * In The Day * ~

      In the day the pub is quite busy, although I would say that it is a 'steady' kind of busy. I don't know what it is but I find that even though I tend to enjoy myself when I go for a meal there in the day, there isn't that much of an atmosphere - I usually take a magazine to read with me. They have televisions on which broadcast the news although they are always on silent with subtitles.

      The service is always quick and the staff are usually quite pleasant (different to the ones in some of the Wetherspoon's I have been to!). The staff are quite friendly.

      I am a very fussy eater and so I sometimes find that my options are limited; being a vegetarian as well as a fussy eater. However, I usually opt for items such as jacket potatoes and paninis or soup of the day. I also had a spicy veggie burger last time which was very nice. If you are a meat-eater then there is a lot of choice including special deals such as 'steaks' and 'curry and a pint!'. The portions are quite generous and I always end up feeling really full which is good as I have a large appetite!

      ~ * At Night * ~

      On a Saturday night, it does tend to get quite busy (and very, very busy on bank holidays!). There is always quite an 'excitable' atmosphere and can get one noisy.

      One thing which I find quite odd is the fact that there is never any music; all the other bars and clubs we go to on a Saturday night have music (whether it's loud or in the background!), although there is never music on here; all you can here is the 'crowd' talking and so it can get very noisy at times.

      Service is usually quite quick - although on busy nights the bar (despite being a long one) does get 'packed' and so it is hard to find a space, and so you can wait up to around 15 minutes at the time which can be annoying- however once you have got the attention of the bar person, the service is usually very quick.

      On the 'side' of the pub there is some nice 'cushioned' seats, although on a Saturday night these are very popular as they are quite cosy and so it is very hard to get one of these 'seats'. There is also a 'raised' part which has a fire place, as well as tables and chairs on the floor; it isn't very cosy though.

      I have been here on a Friday night; whilst it wasn't as busy as a Saturday night, it was quite full however there was a more 'relaxed' atmosphere. When you go there on a Saturday night it can be quite an 'excitable' place as everyone is meeting up with friends and bumping into people they know; there is always lots of people standing and walking about. On a Saturday night here tends to be more of a 'passing through' kind of place whereas on a Friday it seems that people have just come here for the night. Everyone is more relaxed and sat down and willing to talk to you.

      Despite there being loads of people on a Saturday night, I found that when I went there on a Friday night, I ended up meeting and talking to lots of new people and had a really good night.

      ~ * Value For Money * ~

      This place is always good value for money. They also tend to have lots of offers on. You could easily get a meal for two for less than £15. I am not a big alcoholic drinker as I am not really a fan of the taste, however I have found a 'jug' (as they call them - a fruit drink with alcohol such as vodka) called 'Purple Rain' which I love! A 1 litre jug usually costs around £6 which I do think is quite expensive if you have one just for yourself, however if you have one to share between two or three then I guess it works out ok; even if there is a lot of ice which 'fills' the jug up!

      ~ * Other Points! * ~

      They can be quite strict on I.D; sometimes you can get in without I.D whilst sometimes especially on busy nights you can't get in without I.D. Even though you have had to get past the doormen with I.D, they still sometimes ask you if you have got I.D when ordering at the bar.

      I remember one night I forgot my I.D and they wouldn't even serve me a coke which was annoying! Although, then again I suppose that it is a good thing that they are strict.

      The toilets are upstairs and there are plenty of toilets (about 10 ladies) although you do sometimes have to queue on busy nights which is annoying, although quite often, in the week you are the only one in there!

      There is a ramp for disabled access although it is quite steep to go down.

      You very rarely have to queue to get in (only on very very busy nights).

      They are very child-friendly in the day - no children are allowed at night though.

      There isn't a dress code - you see all types of 'outfits' from party clothes to work clothes to fancy dress!

      If you are looking for somewhere cheap to eat then I would definetely recommend here. It is also great for a night out!

      There is an outside terrace with lots of tables and chairs (and umbrellas) for smokers.

      Thanks for reading!
      August 2011
      xd-o-n-z-x (may also be posted under xdonzx on ciao).


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